[Summary] Hyakka Hyakurou: Kuroyuki

Compared to my usual summaries this is kind of rough and short because I really don’t have time but you should get the main idea x.x

To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything from this game because D3P has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to otome games over the past year or so but I was pleasantly surprised (/)u(\)

The art is really nice and I love the ost plus I could listen to the OP and EDs on repeat (definitely getting the single)

Spoilers and CGs under the cut

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[Summary] Bad Apple Wars: Satoru

This kid…at first I referred to him as a more mellow Kanato but GDI I CRIED SO MUCH.

Satoru’s route is part of the ‘Good kid’ route and to be honest I was a little worried I wouldn’t get to see the bad kids much in this route but I worried for nothing thank you Naraka (/)u(\)

…I can’t really say anything else that isn’t super spoilers so under the cut I guess? Somehow it turned into a summary of Satoru’s route >.>;

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[Blog] Happy Holidays & A Small Change


Hello, it’s been a while so I thought I would write a little something up.

First of all I hope you’re all having some well deserved time off, I myself have spent most of it working but it’s not all bad! I got Reine Des Fleurs, Bad Apple Wars and Sweet Clown for Christmas so i’m pretty happy ^^

Recently all my free time has been spent playing the Ayakashi Gohan FD (which is absolutely adorable and just as tear jerking as the first game) and most recently Bad Apple wars (also tear jerking OTL).

Having found that I don’t have as much time to actually play otome games these days, i’ve noticed I have even less time to write proper summaries or complete games in order to write reviews. So i’ve come up with a new category which i’ve labelled ‘Thoughts’. These posts are like brief summaries with my running commentary and well…thoughts mixed in to it. So think of them like a casual review/summary mix?

I thought about this for a while and this was the only solution I could think of, rather than letting this blog  go empty for long periods of time. Hopefully people will like them because as it is they’re the only way I can really keep posting content to this blog ^^;

Since I probably won’t have time to update again before the end of the year, I wish you all a happy new year and may 2016 bring many wonderful things for each and every one of you!

[Thoughts] Bad Apple Wars: Aruma


[CG can be found on the official site so I don’t count it as a spoiler ^^;]

So I finished Aruma’s route last night and aaaaaaaaaaah. I CRIED SO MUCH…BECAUSE OF A SUB CHARA OTL.

The OST is really nice and over all the presentation was well done. I did find the story telling screens (not really sure how to put it) a bit ??? to begin with but I got used to them.

When it comes to making choices in this game there’s little to none. You just pick where to go and play around with the touch mini game thing. It was kind of nice not having to pick dialogue options.

Character wise I actually really like them all from my first impression ;; The sensei trio though OH MAN. Usagi sensei can be a bit creepy but he’s so well done I wish there was more of him. Bucket sensei is probably your most sane and the nicest of them and then there’s gas mask sensei…I like to imagine him as an S ice cream (because he’s a self proclaimed soft S)


The ‘bad kids’ aaaaaaah Im not going to say any more until under the cut OTL

(CGs and Spoilers below)

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[Summary] Prince of Stride: Common Route (Part 3)


Hi hi, this will be the last Prince of Stride summary. After thinking about it (for far longer than I should have >.>;) i’ve decided to cut this series short.

I didn’t expect much when I picked up POS but it’s really surprised me with how much i’ve enjoyed it. These summaries were great fun to do and I really wish I could continue doing them. However the common route is pretty long and sadly I don’t have as much free time as I used to. As a result of this I have had to drop a few things, this being one of them. If people still want these I may continue in the future but for now this is pretty much it ^^;

In part 3 we find out why Kuga’s no longer part of Honan stride club. It also covers the Honan vs Ichiba race. (There’s a few details i’m a little hazy about since it’s been a while but hopefully you get the jist (/)u(\) )

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[Summary] Prince of Stride: Common Route (Part 1)


I ended up enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I would so i’ve decided to write a summary of the game.

This part covers up until the Nagamine race and a lot of this is from memory so I may have missed a few parts out, apologies in advance. Spoilers and picture heavy under the cut.

Please note I have not read any of the novels so I do not know how close the two are. Also, I played this game in Japanese and there is no sort of English version to date so please do not ask.

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