[Summary] Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Mukami Azusa (Heaven Scenarios)


It’s been a while since I posted anything Diabolik Lovers related so I thought I would take a short break from ninkoi to bring you all this short summary of Azusa’s heaven scenarios. This kid is such a sweetheart he really deserves more love (/)3(\)

If I wasn’t so busy these days I would have done a full translation since these scenarios are seriously cute ;; Maybe i’ll do them some day?  [Edit: Full translations uploaded on tumblr] Anyway~ hope you all enjoy them! ♥

Heaven 01

Yui’s absorbed in her book, moved to tears she’s interrupted by Azusa who had been there for the past 30 minutes. Seeing how focused she was Azusa thought it would be best to sit there quietly and wait for her to finish but seeing her cry he became worried and asked if she was okay.

Having refrained from interrupting her for so long he asks Yui if he could hold her close. Holding her he doesn’t want to let go asking if he may kiss her too. Yui is startled but she consents. Kissing her he notices she still has tears. He asks her to sit still as he kisses them away. Azusa can’t help but find Yui cute, her heart races and she becomes embarrassed.

Although he finds her crying face cute he Azusa finds her smiling face the best. The two of them kiss goodnight falling asleep in each others arms.

Heaven 02

Yui returns home greeted by Azusa who had waited for her to return. Azusa seems excited about something and asks Yui to come with him. Hurrying after Azusa she finds him waiting in his room. Nothing appears out of the ordinary when suddenly Azusa approaches Yui slamming his hand against the wall beside her. Staring intensely at her Yui feels that something is wrong. Azusa backs away smiling asking if that sent her heart racing.

It turns out Kou had taught Azusa this trick to make a girl’s heart race. Azusa wanted Yui’s heart to race more when she’s with him so he gave it a go. He asks her if it worked. Rather than her heart racing she was surprised instead. Azusa feels down that it didn’t quite work, and decides to try again this time embracing her sending Yui’s heart racing. He asks her again and she tells him it’s worked this time making Azusa happy. It turns out he doesn’t have to do anything special and should do what he always does.

Kissing her he asks once again if it sends her heart racing. It does and he continues wanting to make her feel more and more excited when she’s with him.

Heaven 03

The two of them are in Azusa’s room. Yui notices Azusa looks troubled. He tells her he’s thinking about something important. Yui goes to leave not wanting to be in the way but Azusa asks her to stay because he wants her to be here. Yui doesn’t want to get in the way but Azusa tells her it’s okay because the thing he is thinking about is her.

Suddenly a good idea comes to mind. Azusa asks Yui to come to him. She stops short but Azusa tells her to come closer. If she comes any closer she’ll walk into Azusa but he says it’s fine. With Yui right in front of him Azusa smiles. Having her so close he can see her face properly. Their faces so close they could kiss makes Yui feel embarrassed. As if able to read her mind Azusa asks if she would kiss him.

Although embarrassed she loves Azusa so she agrees asking if Azusa could close his eyes, Azusa asks why. With his eyes fixed on her she feels too embarrassed to kiss him. Azusa wants to see her face as they kiss and asks if he really has to close his eyes. Yui eventually caves in and they kiss.

Afterwards Azusa asks to kiss her all over because he lovers her, and always will.


One thought on “[Summary] Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Mukami Azusa (Heaven Scenarios)

  1. Ohh, these are so cute and fluffy and UGH, I’m blushing. *squishes face*

    Thanks for sharing! I hope these will be translated into English someday, because they’re so lovely. ♥


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