[Summary] Bad Apple Wars: Satoru

This kid…at first I referred to him as a more mellow Kanato but GDI I CRIED SO MUCH.

Satoru’s route is part of the ‘Good kid’ route and to be honest I was a little worried I wouldn’t get to see the bad kids much in this route but I worried for nothing thank you Naraka (/)u(\)

…I can’t really say anything else that isn’t super spoilers so under the cut I guess? Somehow it turned into a summary of Satoru’s route >.>;

Satoru is obsessed with studying to the point where everything else goes out the window. To start with when Rinka tried to talk to him he would ignore her or get annoyed but he gradually warms up.

On the first day Rinka and Satoru gets called to the teacher’s office where bucket sensei suggests Rinka joins the discipline committee because she’s an interesting kid. Rinka joins though she’s reluctant to punish ‘bad kids’.

Fast forward a little and at the shinigami game while everyone is searching for the key the bad apples come out claiming to have the key appearing at the finish point each of them with a key. All of them are actually fakes to trick the discipline committee and it turns out that the real key has been on Satoru all along without him knowing. With everyone pretty much screaming at him for the key disturbing his precious study time he gets irritated, he’s asked he would rather dropout instead and flips like crazy flinging the key which by chance lands in the basket giving the bad apples their first ever win of the shinigami game.

After that Naraka takes an interest in Rinka and the two become friends. Naraka brings Rinka back to Bad apple HQ where Rinka becomes acquainted with the other bad apples forming an unlikely friendship.

Rinka continues to watch over Satoru and test day arrives. On one of the few occasions where Satoru actually listens to Rinka he discovers there’s a test coming up and goes even crazier into study mode. The day of the test arrives and everyone sits down with Rinka acting as one of the discipline committee members watching over Satoru’s class. During the test Satoru flips out at how ridiculous and impossible one of the questions is. Unwilling to calm down the other discipline committee member present ‘disciplines’ him making him idle. His test is declared invalid and he’s given an automatic 0.

Satoru goes into shock when he sees someone had gotten 100 marks where as he himself had gotten 0. Once again he goes into crazy study mode because he has to study otherwise it’s no good.

With the school festival coming up Satoru has since become easier to talk to and Rinka suggests he takes a day off to go with her. Thinking about it a something breaks the glass of the classroom window and there’s a ticket for the festival for them from the bad apples. Satoru says he’ll consider it but to make up for it he has to study like crazy now.

Come festival day Rinka and Satoru encounter Naraka who does a fashion check, Naraka gives Satoru 100 points for fashion making him happy. They’re caught by a discipline committee member before Naraka can rate Rinka and they all run away. Next up they get choco bananas together as it’s something that Satoru remembers liking and they head to watch Enishi’s play where the bad apples struggle to remember their lines (due to a ban by the school) and somehow the enemy becomes a turtle instead but Satoru has a lot of fun. Getting chased out again by the discipline committee they head to Naraka’s fashion show with a very uncooperative Higa as model. Getting chased out once more the pair run for it and rest up enjoying their choco bananas before it’s time for You and Sanzu’s live.

The live moves the hearts of the students that hear the song and an apple appears before Sanzu. She reaches out to You and before he can grab her hand she vanishes having earned herself an auto graduation. This throws You into despair as he becomes a good kid in order to graduate and forget all about Sanzu.

Satoru can’t get his head around Sanzu disappearing like that and bucket sensei comes along telling Satoru he’s already dead. The truth hits him hard having not reailzed until now because he’s blocked everything out to study.

He has vague memories and he begins to recall the last moments before he ended up here. He remembered his head hurting then everything went black. He hadn’t thought much having never paid attention to those around him or his school but on closer inspection he realizes this isn’t his school, he really is dead.

Satoru’s father had died and his mother had stopped smiling. Whenever he got 100 points in tests his mother would smile so in order to bring back that smile he gave up everything from friends, hobbies, fun in general and focused solely on studying to make his mother smile. He promised her it would be alright because he was with her but he could no longer keep that promise having died leaving his mother all alone.

Satoru becomes exhausted by all of this giving up on studying seeing it as useless because they’re already dead. He plans to follow the good kids and graduate.

Rinka doesn’t want that and tries to bring him back. She comes across Satoru in the entrance way of the school dressed as one of the good kids a while after and whilst talking to him about trying to live once more the head of the discipline committee catches them. Rinka tells him she quits and he’s left with no choice but to punish her. Just as his blade is about to strike Satoru jumps in shielding her. He isn’t sure why but just the thought of Rinka getting hurt is something he doesn’t want and although they’re dead they can still feel pain.

By chance Higa, Naraka and a few of the bad apples are passing by checking up on others that have decided to become good kids. They grab Rinka and run. Rinka tells them how she quit and how Satoru had tried to protect her. It’s then decided they need to crash the graduation ceremony and save Satoru. Since Aruma isn’t around having fallen deep into thought after Sanzu’s disappearance Rinka and Higa take charge.

At graduation the bad apples break in and hold off the discipline committee while Rinka searches amongst the masked kids for Satoru. She eventually finds him and brings him back to his senses causing his mask to break.

A discipline committee member strikes at them but Aruma shows up in time to protect them. Soon after You appears his mask breaking too as he comes to his senses.

Before their eyes a dark looking apple appears asking them if they will or won’t take a bite. All the bad apples are hesitant but Satoru reveals that Rinka taught him something during his time here and it was that he wanted to live.

He’s not afraid and together the two of them reach out for the apple which then turns into many apples for all of them granting them the ability to return to their lives.

Outside Rinka and Satoru promise to meet up again taking a bite from their apples.

Satoru wakes up with his mother crying by his side. She’s just so happy he’s alive apologizing for not having noticed up until now. Along with that there’s messages written by his classmates telling him to wake up soon so they can all go play. Satoru starts crying too and promises to value his life more from here on.

It’s time for the entrance ceremony at Rinka’s school and amongst the new students that appear is Satoru. He finally got to see her again.

One day Satoru gets a love letter but unfortunately he has to turn the girl down because there’s already someone he likes, Rinka.

A few other misc bits

  • Satoru drank coffee like crazy to stay awake so he can study
  • Being called a dropout or potential dropout triggers him like crazy
  • You and Sanzu died together in a bus accident on the way to their final live. You and the band felt they were holding Sanzu back because she was talented so after the live they planned to let her go. You had wished for the bus journey never to end and because of that he believes it’s his fault they both died.
  • Sanzu was originally a quiet and lonely kid who You by chance got close to wanting to hear her talk. They eventually became friends and t was You who introduced her to music also making the band for her. Sanzu didn’t want to go solo because standing on that stage alone felt like she was all alone like she used to be before she met You.

I cried so much when Satoru woke up in the end especially when he read the messages his classmates left him. I didn’t feel as overwhelmed seeing him again as I did with Aruma but that may be because i’m biased OTL.

Hanae’s voice acting is really nice and I loved hearing his English. Whenever I heard him cry I died a little inside he just did so well (/)u(\)


No but really Satoru is precious and I loved him a lot more than I thought I would ;;

Have a sleeping little pup to end it all~


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