[Blog] English Patch, Ninkoi & Summer Festivals?

Yaho-! Long time no speak to you all, I have been a mix of ill and busy over the past month. Rather than releasing some half assed summary or translation I thought I would make a blog post instead! That doesn’t mean I haven’t gotten anything done though, I have a few things that are ALMOST ready to post so wait a little longer kay? ^^;

In this blog post i’ll be talking about the Ayakashi Gohan patch, my thoughts on Shinobi koi utsutsu – Setsugen Kakkoi Emaki – (Tadahito’s route in particular, possible minor spoilers) and Majifo’s newest visuals. Expect fangirling, lots of it.

[Ninkoi can be found at the bottom of this post]

First up it’s a little long overdue but we’ve released an English patch for the Ayakashi Gohan demo! Whilst the team are working hard on the full patch feel free to check this out! The game demo is free to download from the official Ayakashi Gohan site but incase you can’t find it all details including the patch can be found here.

I’ve got 19 scripts to go then that’ll be Suou’s route done! It’s a lot of hard word but fun. I really cannot wait to bring this wonderful game to the English speaking fans. It’s one of my favourites and it needs more love. ;3;

Now before I get to the bulk of this blog…HAVE YOU ALL SEEN THE NEW MAJIFO VISUALS??? For those of you who don’t know I am a HUGE Marginal#4 fan (my tumblr url and wp being a possible giveaway >.>) that plus the track Hoshi Matsuri on their newest single has gotten me into the summer mood.

Uwa- I would love to go to a summer festival ;; Sadly we don’t have such things here in the UK //cries. Maybe a trip to the beach would be nice?

The pictures were released as a part of the upcoming Rejet 27 hour livestream event due to air 08/07. I can’t wait to hear what new announcements Rejet will have for us, fingers crossed on a possible Marginal#4 FD. I would love to know more about Unicorn Jr (Please also explain how that name came to be…).

I haven’t really been keeping up to date with Rejet’s recent drama CD releases but maybe something will spark my interest? A wasurenagusa game would be nice too //hint hint. A girl can dream….

Now on to the main part of this already long blog, sparkly ninjas fawning over you! I haven’t played Ninkoi prior to the port (I meant to preorder the PSP version then it dragged out and a port was announced OTL). I started off with Kuroudo’s route to get a grip on the plot of the first game since the general plot for the new characters carry on from then. Having absolutely fallen in love with Tadahito in Kuroudo’s route I went straight for the younger brother (/)3(\) Gosh he was cute. I do wish he would stop getting tricked by strangers though OTL

Unlike his older brother Tadahito isn’t a genius and one of his biggest problems is that he cannot perfom ninjutsu. All his life he was very much sheltered by his older brother who wanted to protect him from everything which led to him being like this now. With the help of Kaede he wants to change and they both train together for the exam. I won’t go into details but it’s not as simple as train > pass exam > happy times.

His route was just as cute as I thought it would be and I really wanted to protect him from…EVERYTHING. I had a lot of fun playing through it, it wasn’t so plot heavy that it became tedious but at the same time it wasn’t so mindless I got bored. I did however get SUPER annoyed at Tadahito’s normal ending. There was nothing wrong with it but….UURGH COME BACK HERE CHILD.

Highlight for me was probably the school festival. Garaiya planned a cafe and prepared costumes. He chose them base on what he thought would suit them…I practically flipped my vita when Tadahito came on screen TAT. Poor kids also had a difficult time trying to pronounce the names Garaiya gave to the dishes >.>;

Proper review will be up when i’ve completed the game ^^


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