[Summary] Hyakka Hyakurou: Kuroyuki

Compared to my usual summaries this is kind of rough and short because I really don’t have time but you should get the main idea x.x

To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything from this game because D3P has a bit of a bad reputation when it comes to otome games over the past year or so but I was pleasantly surprised (/)u(\)

The art is really nice and I love the ost plus I could listen to the OP and EDs on repeat (definitely getting the single)

Spoilers and CGs under the cut

On first impressions I went for Kuroyuki since Choujirou and Gekkamaru didn’t really appeal to me that much. When I met Hanzou and Goemon later though I was so torn OTL

The general story is our heroine Enju and crew get sent to gather information to help capture Ishikawa Goemon. Along the way they pick up Kuroyuki, various things happen and Goemon gets captured. Toyotomi Hideyoshi takes an interest in Enju having seen her fight with Goemon and wishes to see her in order to reward her for her hardwork.

Enju goes alone and Hideyoshi steps out of the room for a moment where he’s assassinated. With no one else in sight Enju is arrested for killing Hideyoshi although no one quite believes she did it.

Kuroyuki steps in to break her out of prison and the two of them go on the run.

Having heard the news Enju’s father Kandou (head of the Kaga clan) cuts ties with her and pretty much leaves her to die. The remaining five elders all fight to succeed Hideyoshi after his son settling on the person who can bring down Enju getting the place.

Kuroyuki convinces Enju to go with him and to turn her back on her previous life because all her friends are under Kandou’s orders and will most likely capture rather than help her.

While on the run quite a few guys appear to capture Enju but Kuroyuki pretty much kills them all with his jitsu that allows him to manipulate shadows in order to control people.


As time goes on however something doesn’t seem right. The more Kuroyuki uses his jitsu the more out of it he gets and it’s later revealed that he finds it harder and harder to distinguish fiction from reality as his jitsu eats away at his memories the more he uses it. 8 years ago he left to train with the Koga clan where he was locked up in absolute darkness for long periods of time. During these periods it was through thoughts and memories of Enju he was able to endure it all. Forward to present day he still wants to be with Enju always and swears to protect her.


Enju’s friends eventually catch up with her although she resists to begin with convinced by Kuroyuki’s words and the truth is slowly revealed. Kuroyuki had returned late the day of Hideyoshi’s murder and was first to leave shortly after hearing Enju was captured. It turns out he had killed Hideyoshi unaware Enju was in the other room.

Kuroyuki goes on the run after this and Enju tries to convince everyone to forgive Kuroyuki for all his wrong doing. Even after lying to her she insists he’s not a bad person, he had protected her up until now.

Things continues to unravel and the whole truth behind Hideyoshi’s assassination comes to light. It was a joint ploy between the Koga and Kaga clan. Kuroyuki goes to settle things returning to the village to kill Kandou. He wants to make a better world for Enju and that would be one without him or her father. Kandou knew the truth but still threw his own daughter away disowning her. During the fight Enju turns up with Hanzou to assist Kuroyuki.

Good ending: Everything gets cleared up, Kuroyuki apologizes to everyone and with Enju the two of them leave to live a life together as they had promised this time under the watch of the Tokugawa clan .


Bad ending: Enju is injured during the fight, the two get away and Kuroyuki uses his abilities to paint a fake reality so Enju can die in a peaceful illusion.



IM SO GLAD KANDOU IS DEAD. Man he was a terrible father.

I thought Kuroyuki was really sweet and mischievous to begin with then he became kind of obsessive and wow why do i always end up going for these guys orz

As I was playing through I had to try SO HARD to resist Goemon and Hanzou ;^; Tsudaken spoke and I could feel myself about to throw Kuroyuki away >.>; I’m not sure where my love for Goemon came from though…I don’t usually like his type but for some reason I just really fell for him..

Length wise it’s not the longest game in the world but I feel the length is nice. The story is also really straightforward but not in a bad way. The last D3P game I played was Gyakuten Yoshiwara, everything after that i’ve heard have been pretty bad so i’m really happy Hyakka turned out so nicely. I really enjoyed the game and from first impressions I like all the characters too.

Also thought I should mention Enju has a full sprite that shows up with the other characters a lot of the time which is pretty nice. It caught me off guard to begin with but I prefer it. Plus if you keep her name they say it~

I can’t really think of much else to say apart from Shimono’s voice acting was really well done, it broke me so hard further on in Kuroyuki’s route (/)u(\)

Hopefully the other routes will be just as good…

More screenshots: 


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