[Summary] Prince of Stride: Common Route (Part 1)


I ended up enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I would so i’ve decided to write a summary of the game.

This part covers up until the Nagamine race and a lot of this is from memory so I may have missed a few parts out, apologies in advance. Spoilers and picture heavy under the cut.

Please note I have not read any of the novels so I do not know how close the two are. Also, I played this game in Japanese and there is no sort of English version to date so please do not ask.

The game starts with Sakurai Nana the game’s heroine. 2 years ago she watched a Stride event on TV featuring Honan high school where she fell in love with the sport.

Present day Nana moves from her home in Hokkaido to live with family friends in the city so she can enrol at Honan. Hoping to become part of the stride club she finds it no longer active and that the two members who had made her fall in love with the sport no longer there.

On her first day she meets Yagami Riku jumping the school gates, having missed the bus he runs barely making it on time. Riku gets hurt and Nana offers her handkerchief to him.

With the school day over she heads to the stride club room coming across a fellow classmate who is also interested in the Stide club, Fujiwara Takeru. The two of them enter to find the Shogi club. Confused it turns out they don’t have enough members to participate in Stride and so they somehow integrated into the shogi club.

Determined to bring the club back Takeru and Nana go on the search for potential members where Nana runs into Kuga Kyosuke she tries to recruit him but fails he seems somewhat fond of her when he finds out she’s part of the stride club trying to bring it back.

Riku runs into Nana some point later on hearing that she’s lookiig for club members. He offers to join as thanks for her lending him her handkerchief and with finally enough members Nana brings Riku along. When he realizes what club it is he doesn’t seem to eager but keeps his word and stays.

Third year and team captain Heath then decides it’s time to bring the stride club back challenging the first years to a welcome race. They split off into teams of 3 with Heath suggesting Nana does relation for Riku and Takeru (Relationers act as guidance timing switch overs, deciding race order and keeing an eye on everything going on). The three first years go up again second year Kohinata Hozumi and captain Hasekura Heath with second year Kadowaki Ayumu acting as relationer.

At the change over Takeru and Riku mess up crashing into each other having gotten the timing wrong. Coah Dan appears to see what the commotion is and offers advance to Nana on the switch over as the first years try again. This time round everything goes smoothly and the race finishes without a hitch


With enough members to participate in their attention turns to competing at the EOS (End of Summer). It’s a nation wide tournament with the best of each region participating for the crown. The first thing they need to do though is find a sponsor. Stride isn’t cheap and with the drop in their team over the years they had lost their sponsor.

Hozumi suggests Heath asks his older sister Dianne to sponsor them. As the owner of her own clothing brand she would be in a position where she could sponsor them. Heath reluctantly asks Dianne who agrees to be their sponsor providing they act as models for her company.

At the day of the photoshoot all the members are brought along to model and during a short break Hozumi gets dragged out in a dress


He absolutely refuses to be photographed in it but Dianne assures him it’ll only be a test shot and that no one will ever see them.

The shoot ends and as they’re Nana notices she’s misplaced her phone. She goes off to find it running into two guys (Saisei’s Suwa Reiji and Mayuzumi Shizuma)   who had found her phone. The three of them start talking about her phone strap and generally getting along before the guys have to leave for their shoot.

Honan Vs Mihashi


Everything sorted they start training for their first competition. On the day Hozumi notices posters of him in the dress all over the place and attempts to go into hiding having being tricked by Dianne.

Mihashi’s relationer Kamoda Yu is first to greet them having not seen Honan compete in a while. He’s surprised to hear that Honan’s realtioner is a girl pointing out they’re very uncommon. His brother Kei comes to hurry him along for the race accompanied by the rest of the Mihashi team.

In turn they all seem surprised to see Nana and don’t expect much of a challenge against them. Shima even goes as far as to trash them laughing at their school sports unifrom having not acquired professional attire due to the lack of sponsor.

The race is about to start and Dan sensei checks over Nana’s race order asking her if she’s really okay with the line up. After looking it over once again she changes and Dan sensei approves her new line up as they all take their places.


Everyone in position and having seen the posters of Hozumi, Shima insists Hozumi gives him his sister’s mail address if Mihashi win not knowing it’s actually Hozumi in a dress.

The race begins with Ayumu running first for Honan. Coming across a guard rail Ayumu manoeuvres it by jumping over giving them a bit of a lead


Everything goes smoothly with the pass over to Hozumi and then to Heath. Heath passes over to Riku who had spent a lot of time practicing his pass over with Takeru. The pass over between Riku and Takeru goes perfectly as Takeru heads for the finish line earning Honan their first win as their newly formed team.

Dianne is there to congratulate them with new unifoms in hand and the announcement of a sports label for her company called Runruly specifically created due to the Stride team.

(Nana also runs into Reiji and Shizuma at some point during the event but I honestly can’t remember when x.x

They also run into Saisei’s Mayuzumi Asuma after the race who shows interest in Riku though they don’t know who he is at the time)

After the success of their first race together the team get back to practising. Nana runs into Kuga and tells him about their win, he’s happy to hear but shows no interest in returning.

Dan sensei reminds them to keep their studies up or else they won’t be able to compete and the group arrange a study date at the cafe where Nana stays.


The first years start on English as Takeru says it’s important for a sportsman to know English. Soon after the other members arrive and Takeru falls asleep.

The EOS qualifiers are starting soon and Dan sensei is pleased to announce everyone passed their exams.

They all get the train to their next race against Nagamine along with Nana’s friend Riko (part of Honan’s editorial club) and Heath’s other big sister Shauna appearing on Dianne’s behalf as she’s busy with work. Coincidently they’re on the same train as Saisei academy’s stride team also on the way to the qualifiers. Both teams seem to get on pretty well exchanging greetings until Saisei’s manager comes looking for them.


At the EOS opening ceremony the Saisei members take to the stage as the idol group Galaxy Standard. In order to pay for their stride gear they act as their own sponsors making money through idol activities. The group open the ceremony with a performance to which Riku and Nana’s school reporter friend Riko end up becoming huge fans

Honan Vs Nagamine


The running order starts off with Riku then to Takeru then Ayumu, Hozumi and finally Heath. By the time they get to Hozumi Honan are falling behind. To make up for lost time Hozumi makes the haste decision to jump the stairs.


The other team calls foul but the referee allows it as he didn’t deviate from the course. At the final swap over Honan have managed to catch up thanks to Hozumi’s move and Heath sprints the last dash catching Nagamine’s anchor and winning the race.


That night at the hotel the Honan club find themselves at the same place as the Saisei members. After everyone’s bath Saisei suggest they all hang out together. Nana gets a call from her father telling everyone to go ahead. It turns out he’s back in Japan having supposed to be in America and he’s coaching for a school. She tells him she’s doing well and being he can say something else she says goodbye in a hurry to catch up with the others.

On the other line Nana’s father Sakurai Joe is sitting with Yagami Tomoe. Tomoe is Riku’s older brother and had raced for Honan along side Kuga and Heath (It was because of him and Kuga that Nana fell in love with Stride). He had left for America and returned to Japan recently.


With eveyone relaxing they decide to have a ping pong tournament with the losing team having to perform something to make everyone laugh as a punishment.

Hozumi, Ayumu and Ban-chan end up being really good friends running off whilst the fight takes place. Saisei end up winning and as punishment Nana has to perform. She chooses an old Hokkaido folk song putting everyone in a good mood.


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  1. I’ve not played the game. But I’ve seen the anime. It’s one of my favourite anime ever. Also, thanks for the wonderful review. 🙂


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