[Summary] Marginal#4 Idol of Supernova: Aiba Rui

Finally finished Rui’s route~! Rui’s an absolute qt pie he’s adorable >3< This summary is considerably longer than my Eru one for some reason OTL (All routes have the same number of CGs but i’ve included more in this summary to try and balance out the text to CG ratio x.x)

The general and M4 route are exactly the same as Eru’s so feel free to skip them if you’ve read my other summary ^^. Like always major spoilers and CGs under the cut.

General Route

The game starts with Yue a worker at Pythagoras entertainment being called in to see the boss lady. She tells Yue that she’s been chosen to manage an idol group and asks her to choose between a new interesting group of boys or the already well established Lagrange point, depending on who you choose depends on which routes you play. Whichever group you do not pick get managed by a senior of yours in the company called Satsuki Chang

M4 Route

The time finally comes to meet the group and boss lady calls the 4 boys in telling them they’ve been chosen to form an idol group. Rui and Atom are REALLY against this, wishing to debut as a solo artist instead whereas the twins act as a duo unit. Aru is less vocal about his displeasure whilst Eru seems to just go along with it. Boss lady tells them this is their last chance to debut and if they don’t take it they get nothing making them reluctantly accept the offer. They’re then told that their debut date, stage and name have already been set thus starting the game.

After this scene you’ll be directed to individual character choices between the four M4 members. Each member has a private and idol route which depend on your choices. There are 4 endings in total, a good and normal ending for each route.

Rui’s Route

When the group initially get together Rui is often found excluded from the others. Atom and the twins seem to bet on fine but Rui keeps to himself. To help them get closer a training camp is arranged and Yue suggests they all go shopping together to get things for the training camp. Rui doesn’t see why they all have to go together but goes along anyway. Whilst the other 3 run around buying things getting side tracked by things they like Rui doesn’t join in worrying Yue. She tries to get him involved and he blows her off coldly.

Come the day of training camp Eru and Aru run to find Yue because a fight has broken out between Atom and Rui.


Atom had asked if they could practice more but Rui had gotten frustrated saying that he was matching the rhythm fine and that if Atom was messing up he should be the one practising more not all of them but Atom insisted that they have to do it together because they’re a group. As things get worse Aru and Eru get ready to jump between the two but Yue holds them back letting them argue it out. Eventually they cool down and Yue says it’s okay to approach them.

Rui confesses that there’s a reason why he didn’t want to be in a group. Prior to Marginal 4 he was actually in a group! However his talents in singing and dancing suppressed those of his fellow members, singing better than their lead vocalist. This lead to him standing out significantly whenever they performed and shortly after his members started to shun him. He was so scared of it happening again he entered the company aiming to debut as a solo artist but ended up in another group. During practice and recordings he always did just enough to match others never doing his absolute best, afraid that the same thing would happen in Marginal 4. This shocks everyone but they all wish for Rui to go all out. Rui’s hesitant but Atom tells him that they’ll practice over and over until they’re able to match Rui, the twins agree.

Shortly after the training camp ends they start practising right away for their first single. Rui goes all out acting as an instructor pointing out the areas they all need to work on. Atom gets banned from going on skitter and the twins switch appearances during their break to throw everyone off.

The day of their debut comes and everything goes smoothly. To thank the fans Atom and the others gather at Yue’s office to wait for her. They wish to hold a handshake event and ask Yue if they could do one. She gladly agrees setting it up.

Prior to the handshake event Rui seems to constantly be lost in thought. During a job one day Yue runs into Rui’s old manager and asks him about Rui. He tells her as a manager there’s no need to pry into an idol’s private life. He knew Rui stood out and says he’s still hiding something from Yue. Annoyed at her constant pestering he leaves.

Rui pulls Yui aside and asks if they could meet up alone at some point and they do so. Rui struggles to say what’s been bothering him but eventually confides in Yue. The truth is he isn’t very good at fanservice, it’s the one aspect of being an idol that he’s weak at. On stage it’s different but things like fanservice and interacting with fans he doesn’t know how to face them. He asks Yue to help him practice and so the pair agree to meet up at a local park. Whilst practising Shy makes an appearance. Living nearby he noticed the pair and approached curious as to what they were doing together. Straight away he realises what’s going on and isn’t surprised. Knowing how good Rui is at everything he assumed this is where his weakness lies. Using Yue as a fan he helps out giving Rui advice.

The day of the handshake event arrives but there’s a problem with the venue and they find themselves without a place to hold the event. Yue remembers back to a conversation she had with the twins earlier on that day regarding a venue hall and dashes off securing another venue.

The event goes on without any further hitches much to the relief of all of the members. Rui pulls Yue aside afterwards to thank her for helping him out to which she replies that it was all Rui’s doing she didn’t do a thing.

Preparations get under way for the second single love savior immediately after. Chang invites Yue out for a coffee to talk. Nervous Yue expects the worst but Chang is nothing but praise for all she’s done for Marginal 4. He simply offers her advice telling her to keep a good eye on her idols to avoid scandals arising, particularly love scandals which can spell the end for any idol’s career.

On the day of the Love Savior photoshoot everything is going well. The photographer comments on Rui’s change of character off camera. Compared to when they were shooting the jacket photos for the first single Rui is much more open and relaxed chatting away to others during his break.


[Eru and Atom are trying to capture Marimo’s ‘cute’ side to put up on Skitter while Aru and Rui are discussing Mobage]

As the shoot comes to an end Rui gets a phone call whilst chatting to the Yue. He excuses himself for a moment but Yue can’t help but over hear his conversation. The way he’s talking suggests he’s on the phone to a woman. The conversation with Chang pops to mind and Yue considers the possibility that perhaps Rui might be on the phone to his girlfriend. Worried about Rui’s image as an idol she asks to meet up with him later on. She reveals her worries asking him to be careful managing his private life and idol life. Rui’s surprised by Yue and explains that the woman he was talking to on the phone was actually his older sister. Relieved the pair clear up the misunderstanding and head home. They both happen to live near each other and walk home together.

During school one day talk of a school trip to Kyoto comes up. Ever so excited the Marginal 4 boys get planning on what to do when they get there. Planning to bring Yue along with them naturally.

In Kyoto Rui takes everyone to a shrine. It’s at the shrine he reveals his wish to take the newcomer award. They all feel the same, unified they all pray for Marginal 4’s success before heading back into the main town to buy gifts for everyone.

Walking back from the shrine they realise that Atom’s missing. Unable to spot him they try calling him to no avail. With no recent Skitter updates either they’re left with no choice but to split up and look for him. The twins head back to the shrine while Rui along with Yue search the town.

Whilst looking for Atom Rui gets spotted by fans. They eventually sum up the courage to approach him catching Rui off guard. Still not good with fanservice Rui gets nervous but acts accordingly successfully pleasing the fans. Relieved Yue praises Rui aferwards. Although not good with fans he was able to get across his gratitude and feelings towards them. Rui seems happy too with how everything went and being praised by Yue. The pair are talking a couple of guys approach Yue completely blanking Rui. They try to chat her up making her feel uncomfortable. Rui can no longer take it and pushes them aside declaring himself as her boyfriend.


The pair not really looking for a fight back off and run away. Still unable to find Atom they head back to meet up with the twins and run into an apologetic Atom.

Idol Route

Back from their Kyoto trip Rui gets called into the office regarding some solo work. He’s been offered an acting job in a movie along side his senpai Shy. With such a great honour and opportunity Rui accepts and thus filming begins.

On his first day things don’t go as smoothly as hoped. The director isn’t satisfied with Rui’s acting saying he lacks emotion unable to convey the feelings of a lover across in his work. After numerous takes Shy asks the director if they could give Rui a break, seeing as he isn’t getting any better the director allows it.

Rui along with Yue head to the dressing room to work on Rui’s acting. Rui practices hard with Yui’s help but isn’t able to muster up the feelings needed for his role leaving his acting an empty emotionless shell. It’s frustrating but even so Yue insists that he rests every so often. Rui’s incredibly absorbed in his acting but with Yue’s constant worrying for his well being he reassures her he’ll make sure to rest up.

Filming resumes later and Yue heads to the dressing room to fetch Rui for the shoot. She walks in to find Rui asleep clearly tired from all the practice he’s been putting in along side his school studies and other schedules.

At that moment Shy knocks on the door letting himself in. Yue goes to wake Rui up but Shy stops her saying that he had come to see her not Rui so it’d be okay to let him sleep. Advancing towards her he tells her how envious of Marginal 4 he is to have her as their manager and how he wishes to be with her. Shy keeps pushing making Yue uncomfortable, as he leans in Rui pulls Yue away.


Somewhere during the commotion Rui had woken up. Annoyed and angry he tells Shy to back off and refuses to hand her over to anyone not even to his senpai. Shy is left defeated, backing off he smiles leaving the room.

After Shy had left the two realize what Shy had actually done. The lines Rui had used on Shy were almost identical to the ones in his script. Shy had set up a scenario to evoke those emotions out of Rui making him able to convey them perfectly. Using those feelings Rui heads out to film his parts stunning the director and staff around him. The director praises Rui greatly for his acting saying it’s a huge change from previously. Moving on to the next scene Shy enters and Rui goes to thank him saying he was only able to do it because of Shy. Shy says it was all Rui’s doing he had simply given him a push in the right direction and that Rui should be thanking Yue instead.

Filming ends successfully and fan mail for the boys starts to pile up. Rui wishes to do more to thank everyone for their support and to further Marginal 4 so he asks Yue to give him work no matter what it is he’ll take on any challenge.

Walking around the studio corridor by chance Yue runs into the film director. He’s pleased to see her and asks if Rui’s accompanying her today. Hearing that he isn’t saddens the director a little who’s unable to forget Rui’s emotional acting. He then remembers that there’s a CM that is looking for a model and asks Yue if perhaps Rui would be interested. The director feels that Rui’s image would be perfect for the CM and asks if it would be possible to cast Rui. Delighted by the opportunity Yue accepts the offer hurrying off to make the arrangements.

It’s the day of the CM filming, everyone’s excited to work with Rui having heard such positive things from the movie director. Saka tsubaki the designer appears on set promptly after Rui’s arrival greeting Rui and Yue. She looks somewhat displeased with Yue and requesting for a moment a side with her. Yue agrees to step into the dressing room for a bit with Tsubaki whilst Rui goes through the camera check.

Out of sight Tsubaki sighs immediately speaking her mind. She can’t quite believe that Yue is Rui’s manager because Yue’s not pretty at all amongst other things. Going on to say that Yue doesn’t suit Rui and even questions if Yue’s actually an idol manager. She continues on and on refusing to have Yue stay by Rui’s side telling her to go home if she really cares about Rui and wants his CM to turn out well. Tsubaki recalls Chang as one of the managers that works at the same company and asks Yue if perhaps she’s a stand in for the day because Chang was busy or something.

Thinking back to how Rui wanted to do his utter best to thank everyone Yue refuses to leave wishing to give her all as Marginal 4’s manager. Tsubaki isn’t the slightest happy but gives in not particularly pleased but seeing as how much Yue wants to help Rui for the sake of him and Marginal 4 she has no choice.

After filming ends Rui notices something’s not quite right. Even though everything went well and ended perfectly Yue seems to be a little off. Yue denies anything happening although Rui doesn’t quite believe her he allows her to steer the conversation away anyway.

Filming for the next CM begins and Yue goes to fetch Rui something to drink. She runs into, quite literally Tsubaki who still seems overly annoyed that Yue’s about. Rui sees it all happen and approaches Yue after Tsubaki leaves asking if she’s really okay. Yue continues to insist that she’s fine so Rui asks her to tell him if something does happen. In the end Yue doesn’t tell him simply thanking him for his concern.

Walking about the studio alone Rui over hears Tsubaki badmouthing Yue to the director calling her an eyesore and useless. Choosing not to interrupt Rui listens from afar gradually starting to understand the situation.

Filming finally finishes and Tsubaki seems to be only praising Rui for how well it all turned out. Yue says it’s thanks to Tsubaki’s designs as well that everything turned out well. Hearing Yue praise her doesn’t leave Rui too happy to which Yue picks up on. He simply stands in silence looking displeased while Tsubaki continues to talk. It’s time for Rui to say his thanks to all the staff for their hard work giving special thanks to Yue for being there for him infuriating Tsubaki.

Normal ending: The day of the newcomer award arrives and the boys don’t manage to win. Expecting the boys to be disheartened Yue walks into the dressing room to see everyone’s fine. Although disappointed they’re not as disheartened as she thought.

They’ve lost and they feel sad but they’ve come and long way and they’ll continue to work even harder. With that in mind Rui asks Yue if she would continue to watch over and cheer for them. She agrees to with a smile cheering all the boys up.

Back at the company head tells them they’ll be featured as surprise guests at a live. The 4 of them are eager to find out who they’ll be performing with. Expecting them to be down over not winning the newcomer award boss lady is happy to see that they’re all doing fine. They tell her they do feel down but it wouldn’t be good to stop now they want to go further and because of that they’ll continue to work hard. With that Chang announces that they’ll be the surprise guests at Lagrange Point’s new year’s eve live. They’re all shocked in disbelief at the thought of sharing the stage with their seniors. Chang asks if they’re up to the challenge to which the four reply with enthusiasm. Chang reveals that when asked whom they wanted as their surprise guests both Shy and Kira named Marginal 4 because they have high hopes for their juniors.

To make up for losing the newcomer award the boys vow to work extra hard for the upcoming live with Rui offering to provide extra coaching. Yue brings food for the boys during rehearsal but Rui’s already left. He has a solo event the next day, but even though he’s so busy he’s been helping the others out prepare for the live with every spare minute he has. Seeing Rui work so hard Atom refuses to lose to him and the remaining three stay to practice even more.

Whilst resting Rui’s still practising for the up coming live. Yue tells him not to push himself but he tells her it’s fine. More than anything he’s happy to have so much work available for him so he wants to do his utter best in everything.

At airport Rui and Yue are getting ready to head back from Rui’s event when things take a turn for the worse The weather outside looks bad and with no planes leaving the airport they might not be able to make it back in time for the live rehearsal or even worse the actual live itself. Yue phones Chang up to let the others know. Rui asks Yue if Chang could put Atom on to which is does. Rui tells Atom to wait for them although they’ll barely make it by the skin of their teeth they’ll be there. With Atom and the others waiting Rui suggests they take the train and the pair run off. The train is overly packed forcing Rui up against Yue. He begins to worry that Yue might be sick because her face is all red but she’s not, Rui’s just too close.


They barely make it back in time for the live having missed the rehearsal where everyone’s waiting for them. The members offer to support Rui if he needs them seeing how exhausted he is. Shy and Kira come to check up on their juniors and Shy notices that Rui is lacking a little in his usual self confidence. Rui worried having missed the rehearsal he’ll be going into the live performance unprepared. Shy tells him it’s not a problem as he knows how hard Rui and the others have been practising. It doesn’t matter if he’s missed the rehearsal as long as he pulls it off when it matters. The fact he made it here in time is incredible enough and if all else fails he has the rest of Marginal 4 standing by his side and with that the four of them take to the stage.

Good Ending: On her way to the recording studio Yue over hears a couple of Rui fangirls talking and thinks back to how far he’s come since the beginning. The group are finishing up recording for the new songs on their best of album. The next morning when Yue goes to pick up the members for their daily schedule she suggests that they all have dinner together since it’s been a while. The twins awkwardly decline saying that they can’t to which Yue suggests the day after to which Atom says he can’t. Rui says they have no time because they’ve been so busy lately they often end up going home after schedules to rest up because they’re so tired. Yue gives up after that and apologizes for even suggesting such an idea moving on quickly to the day’s schedule.

Yue runs into Chang in the corridor and he can’t help but stop her noticing that she looks a little down compared to usual. She assures him that she’s fine so Chang decides to ask her if she knows what the marginal 4 members want to discuss with Lagrange point. This is the first Yue’s heard of it with them usually coming to her for advice but their conversation is cut short when Yue’s phone goes off. The company head had called up to tell Yue that Marginal 4 had been nominated for the newcomer award. Yue runs off to quickly tell everyone. She barges into the dressing room and the boys hide whatever they were doing. Yue becomes a little suspicious but Rui brings her back to the reason why she’d barged in in such a hurry. Remembering Yue breaks the big news to everyone.

It’s the night before the award ceremony and Yue’s too excited to sleep. Rui phones her up also unable to sleep. To have his dreams in sight but at the same time to have it possibly slip from his grasp, it’s a once in a life time award and truthfully he’s scared of the result. But no matter what he he’ll still have everyone. He asks Yue if she could spare a little time after the award tomorrow to which she agrees to.

The award show begins and Marginal 4 are on standby backstage. Marginal 4 go on stage to perform before the newcomer award is given out. The time finally comes for the winner to be announced. Marginal 4 are announced as the winners leaving them speechless.

Backstage Yue is waiting as they come off stage. Overcome with emotion they’re all crying but before they get too carried away Aru reminds them that they still have something to do, referring to when Rui has asked if Yue could spare a little time after the award. Rui asks Yue to close her eyes as they prepare and when she opens them again the four of them stand before her holding a trophy with best manager award written on it.


They had especially made for her. It was Rui’s idea but they all wanted to give her something to thank her for always being there and supporting them up until now. Aru mentions that they had asked Shy and Kira for advice on the matter. Rui tells her that Marginal 4 isn’t just the four of them they have an equally important 5th member, her.

The trophy is displayed in the company lobby. Yue goes to see it and runs into Rui who tells her that this isn’t the end of it, they plan to aim higher and higher winning more trophies. With that in mind they hopes that Yue will continue to stay by them until they reach the top.

Private Route

When they get back from Kyoto the boss calls them in the day after the release of Love savior to announce plans for their first solo live. Every one is excited except for Rui who seems oddly quiet. With the live coming up they all put in extra hours of practice while Yue helps set up the venue. She pops in to check up on them during one practice lesson to find Rui missing. He’d gone out to catch some air leaving the other three to rest for a while. Atom pulls Yue aside and asks if she’s noticed anything up with Rui. Lately he’s been pushing them a lot more than usual and kind of hard to approach. Yue’s noticed too but gets called away to which Atom and the others say to leave Rui to them.

That night whilst on her way home Yue can’t help but worry about Rui and decides to drop by his house on the way back. No one appears to be in so she decides to phone him to which there is no reply either. Eventually she can only think of one place he could be and runs back to find him. As expected he’s stayed behind to practice more. Yue asks him to rest up and walk home together but Rui refuses telling her to go home without him. Yue continues to insist because she’s worried about him but he tells her there’s nothing to worry about. In the end she leaves without him. Once gone Rui reflects on how he spoke to Yue, somewhat ashamed of himself.

It’s the day of their first solo live and everyone’s excited with the large turnout minus Rui who still seems slightly off. During the performance Yue’s eyes connect with Rui’s and he messes up his lines. During the interval Atom brings up Rui’s miss which he apologises for. Frustrated by Yue’s constant pushing and worrying about him Rui gives in and asks Yue if he could ask a favour. She happily accepts so he asks to hold her hand. Slightly hesitant she gives him her hand. Feeling better Rui asks if they could go somewhere privately to talk before he’s due back on stage. The pair end up in the dressing room and Rui agrees to tell her what’s really wrong, if she really must know. The problem is her.

Pinned to the wall Yue listens to all Rui has to say. Lately all he can think about is her, no matter how many people watch him his eyes are only drawn to her and he only ever notices her. Rui stops her before she can reply almost certain of her response.


He apologizes for acting so rashly and is due to go back on stage. Before he does he asks Yue for one more favour, he asks if she could close her eyes for a moment and she does. In that moment he kisses her on the forehead then he leaves.

Normal ending: Marginal 4 continue to get busier with their schedule filling up. After a TV recording Rui’s the first one to finish up and heads to the dressing room where Yue is waiting for them all. Yue can’t help but be more aware of Rui and he notices straight away. Cornering her he asks if his feelings are troublesome to her. Being the one he loves the last thing he wants to do is cause her any trouble but Yue insists that’s not the case. He refers back to his confession where he said because he loves her he won’t cause her any bother whilst he waits for her reply. It’s written all over her face and Rui can see she’s clearly bothered by his confession but before he can say press her more Atom bursts into the room having just finished his segment bringing an end to the tense atmosphere.

Rui’s in a foreign country accompanied by his manager to film a solo show on places to take lovers on a date. Filming goes on just fine and the two converse normally ending the recording in high spirits. The next day they’re due to return to Japan but with time to spare until boarding Rui asks Yue out on a date. Being in a foreign country means hardly anyone will recognise him so it should be fine. Yue hesitates but agrees to spend the day with him insisting that it isn’t a date. Happily Rui takes her up on the offer and the pair head into town.


They spend their time checking out popular shops and locations for couples such as a bakery and a sweets shop where they pick out gifts for the members back in Japan. Walking back Rui confesses that he only accepted this job because it was about places you’d want to take your lover and he wanted to take her. He asks that just for today they drop the whole manager idol image until they get back to Japan. He tries to confess once more considering it his last shot and Yue finally replies.

She knows how much Marginal 4 means to Rui and to herself and she doesn’t want to ruin everything they worked for. The risks a love scandal entails could spell the end for Marginal 4 as a whole not just Rui, especially between an idol and their manager. She could never put Rui and the others through all that because they mean the world to her. She was truly happy when Rui confessed to her and she really appreciated his feelings but she could never return them and thus with an apologetic heart she turns him down.

Rui understands and asks her to wait for him. He’ll become even stronger and shine even brighter as an idol to the point where one day even something such a love scandal can’t touch him and when that time comes he’ll confess to her once more.

After returning from their trip everything is usual. Yue’s going through questions the Marginal 4 members had to answer for an interview and notices that Rui’s yet to to answer them. She hurries off to the dressing room to find him and they go through the questions together. The final question asks how they’d confess to the girl they like to which Rui replies with a long heart felt speech. Yue complains that it’s too long and asks Rui to choose something shorter so he does. He tells her he could go on forever because the girl he likes is standing before him making Yue blush.

Good Ending: From that point on Yue acts slightly awkwardly around Rui who seems to be fine. Preparations for their third single are under way. Yue’s busy dropping in as the boys finish up practice. Hungry they all suggest going out for food inviting Yue along too. She declines with work still to do and ends up staying late at the office. Just as she’s finishing up she gets a call from Rui asking if she’s done. He wants to discuss something with her and says he’ll be waiting so they can walk home together.

On the way home Rui asks if it would be possible to get some time off for his studies. Still a highschool student Yue understands how important studies are for them so she agrees to try and fit in time around his schedule. With the thoughts of the kiss lingering on her mind they end up stopping by the park where Rui brings up the awkward topic bothering them both. He apologises for kissing her and forcing himself on to her so hastily. Having held back for so long he just couldn’t take it any longer but it was still no excuse. For the time being he’s happy just to have Yue by his side even if all she sees them as is idol and manager. So for the time being he’ll be satisfied with that, forever staying by her side as part of marginal 4.

Rui doesn’t act upon his feeling after that and life returns to normal. Chang calls Yue aside one day to talk about something in private. He reveals that Rui has decided to quit Marginal 4 to go solo and asks if Yue’s heard anything about it to which she hasn’t. Shocked Yue runs into the practice room to find Rui not there. The 3 remaining members reveal that Rui probably won’t come by today, in fact he might not stop by ever again. Yue can’t quite believe it and she runs off to find Rui. Seeing how hurt Yue is the members watch on unable to do a thing.

Yue runs into Rui who greets her briefly disappearing into a meeting. It’s useless but she refuses to give up. During work she comes across a photo on her desk, it’s from their Kyoto trip. It suddenly hits her how Marginal 4 wouldn’t be Marginal 4 without Rui. Time passes and she turns up to the practice room to find Rui with the others. Without thinking she grabs him and runs. The 3 others follow after hiding out of sight.

Yue eventually lets go of Rui’s hand begging him not to leave. Marginal 4 won’t be the same without him. He had promised to be with her together as part of Marginal 4 and she wants them to stay together too. Rui’s too shocked to say anything and the tension is broken when Eru and the others pop out from their hiding place. Yue doesn’t quite understand what’s going on when suddenly a director appears. The members apologize and reveal that Yue was actually part of a reality show prank. Relieved that Rui isn’t actually leaving the strength escapes her legs and Rui catches her. The members feel really bad but wrap up the show successfully.

Rui waits for Yue to finish and walks her home. He feels bad for what they did but was truly happy when Yue said she wanted them to stay together. The truth was that the whole prank was his idea. He realizes that he was selfish and childish but deep down he wanted to know how she’d react if he was longer by her side. Rui embraces her no longer able to wait for her reply.


He wants to know how she truly feels and if she really doesn’t seem him that way he’ll stop. Yue confesses that Rui’s always on her mind whether he be smiling or sad, working or not she was always thinking of him. Happy to hear her true feelings he confesses once more kissing her.

In the epilogue Yue has ben busy with other work and barely makes it to the end of Marginal 4’s performance that day. She’s greeted by the teasing antics of the other members strongly deny that anything has changed between her and Rui. Sensing she’s getting mad they stop teasing her and get back to practice.

That night whilst walking home Rui seems a little off. Eventually she asks him what’s on his mind. About what she said earlier regarding things having not changed between them, it bothered him. Did she really feel that nothing had changed? Rui pulls her closer waiting for her excuse. Flustered Yue explains that she only said that because she was embarrassed. She agrees to take back what she said and the two kiss.



Rui is incredibly cute. He’s unable to express himself well and when he gets shy he’s just adorably >///<! His private good ending made me SO MAD. I was so mad at all of them to the point where I refused to finish it -3- Then I did and threw my PSVita half way across the room because Rui was being too cute OTL

Saka Tsubaki….that woman…I just really wanted to punch her tbh. In the original draft I had a dozen names for her usually just ‘that woman’, ‘ugh her again’, ‘go away you’ but I changed her name in the final post.

I started this route incredibly worried over how Rui was towards others but as it went on and he opened up I really wanted to protect him no matter what ;; I’m not sure if it’s because I took my time with this one but I enjoyed it a lot more than Eru’s route (I still like Eru more, gomen Rui orz).

As previously mentioned it’s not my usual type of game and if it wasn’t for me being a huge Marginal 4 fan I would’ve never picked this up. But i’m glad I picked it up, it’s a really nice game.


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