[Summary] Marginal#4 Idol of Supernova: Nomura Eru


I love Eru so much more after playing his route ;; It gets a little emotional in the middle and during his private endings TAT. Don’t expect too much cute, fluff and fanservice though.

General Route

The game starts with Yue a worker at Pythagoras entertainment being called in to see the boss lady. She tells Yue that she’s been chosen to manage an idol group and asks her to choose between a new interesting group of boys or the already well established Lagrange point, depending on who you choose depends on which routes you play. Whichever group you do not pick get managed by a senior of yours in the company called Satsuki Chang

M4 Route

The time finally comes to meet the group and boss lady calls the 4 boys in telling them they’ve been chosen to form an idol group. Rui and Atom are REALLY against this, wishing to debut as a solo artist instead whereas the twins act as a duo unit. Aru is less vocal about his displeasure whilst Eru seems to just go along with it. Boss lady tells them this is their last chance to debut and if they don’t take it they get nothing making them reluctantly accept the offer. They’re then told that their debut date, stage and name have already been set thus starting the game.

After this scene you’ll be directed to individual character choices between the four M4 members. Each member has a private and idol route which depend on your choices. There are 4 endings in total, a good and normal ending for each route.

Eru’s Route

Eru is very care free and generally goes with the flow. After practice one day Aru confides in Yue saying that he doesn’t feel like he’d be a good leader. Atom and Rui get into a scuffle shortly after (something to do with Rui insulting Atom’s love for anime that gets escalated) and Aru tries to get the two to stop but his voice is too quiet to be heard over the pair’s arguing. Eru ends up breaking up the fight by telling them he’s done with this group thing and wishes to quit. This shocks the squabbling pair into thinking about their actions allowing Aru to be able to show his leadership skills by helping them resolve their problems and talking Eru into staying. With the fight subsided Eru goes for a walk and Aru and Yue run after him. They find him outside and tell him they know it’s an act he put on to help Aru.

As things start to settle within the group Yue realises that she never knows what Eru is genuinely thinking any of the time. Worried she asks her boss for advice to which she suggests that Yue sits down and talks to Eru one on one. Yue takes the advice and arranges to meet up with Eru straight away. She tries to get to know Eru better but fails. Defeated she hopes that one day Eru will be able to trust and confine in her but he continues to push her away.

Practice continues on and the boys end up scoring an on location recording for TV doing various activities. In the first shoot they talk of their dreams and ambitions but when it comes to Eru he states that he doesn’t really have any and instead chooses to just go with the flow of things in the given moment.

The night before the finally day of recording Yue over hears the director doubting Marginal 4’s abilities to do a good job even considering dropping them. The next morning Yue pleads to the director to continue using them to the end saying she believes that they can and will do a good job. Seeing how much Yue cares for them Eru starts to reconsider how he’s been towards Yue and the others up until now.

When they get back from the location shoot they go straight into preparations for their 2nd single Love Savoir. The photoshoot goes well with Eru interacting more with Yue.

Later on that night Yue’s sat at home watching the weather forecast predicting no end to the current downpour when a knock appears at her door. A drenched Eru stand before her leaving Yue with no choice but to let him in.

It turns out during the car ride home Eru and Aru got into a fight so he ran off and with nowhere to go he came here. Shortly after arriving Eru dozes off on the sofa. Suddenly Yue’s phone rings, on the other side a frantic Aru asks if she’s seen Eru to which she tells him  not to worry, Eru’s at her place. Whilst Aru is explaining everything that happened earlier to Yue Eru wakes up and snatches the phone from her hanging up on Aru.

Eru snaps at Yue accusing her of siding with Aru not actually caring about him. He says that she’ll say whatever she needs to as long as it keeps everyone happy because she’s their manager and that she doesn’t actually about them as people. Yue insists that Eru is wrong but he refuses to listen deciding to leave before she can say any more not really bothered where he’ll end up. Somehow Yue manages to convince Eru to atleast stay for dinner and makes the octopus sausages she knows he likes (he had them for lunch during the love savoir photoshoot).

After dinner Eru apologises and tells Yui about his childhood referring more specifically to the time where Aru learnt how to ride a bike.


Although the older of the two twins Aru wasn’t quite as outwardly achieving as Eru and always worked hard to achieve what he wanted often falling down in the process. Because of this those around them were always cheering for Aru wanting him to succeed and praising him when he did. Aru was a very much a loved child making Eru feel very lonely and jealous of his other half. He just wanted to feel the love and support Aru got but no one ever gave it to him. He knows it’s not Aru’s fault making him feel even worse about his jealously.

What he said to Aru was completely uncalled for and he knows it’s his fault but he’s afraid to face Aru. He ends up staying the night at Yue’s place.

The next day Yue talks Eru into going home. Still scared and afraid that Aru won’t forgive him he asks Yue to come with him. Standing in front of his house Eru is unwilling to move, at that moment Aru jumps out apologizing to Eru for what he said yesterday leaving Eru shocked. Eru tells Aru that there’s no need to apologise because it was his fault and asks his brother to forgive him. The two make up and thank Yue for helping them resolve things.

The following day they’re doing a radio show together and everything appears to be back to normal.

Idol Route

Things progress smoothly for a while and as they approach the 3rd single Masquerade. Eru gets an offer to model for one of his favourite magazines. At the shoot Eru is incredibly nervous and can’t seem to do well. During the break Yue takes Eru outside to calm him down. Thanks to Yue’s encouraging words Eru returns to the shoot confident and able.

On the side Yue runs into Eru’s idol the fashion designer (which I cannot for the life of me remember his name gomen OTL). Eru gets a chance to talk to him after the shoot even getting himself invited to one of his fashion shows. Eru gladly accepts the invitation inviting Yue to accompany him. After the show the pair go back stage where the fashion designer reveals that recently it’s thanks to M4 and more specifically Eru that he’s able to do designs like this. He suggests a collaboration between himself and M4 which the company approves. Boss lady also announces their next release, their best of album and concert.

Marginal 4 continue to grow increasingly busy appearing on shows of all sorts including their LP senpai’s show.

Normal Ending: With the concert around the corner the group bump into a couple of male models bad mouthing Eru hinting that he might be leaving Marginal 4 behind to pursue modelling. It turns out even Atom’s heard rumours of Marginal 4 splitting up through his fans on skitter (basically twitter but changed for copyright reasons) although not true there’s a sense of worry lingering but Yue pushes through pulling everyone back on track.

The concert goes on without any problems and afterwards the group all gather to celebrate including Yue at the twins house.

Good Ending: The day of the concert arrives and everything’s set. With not long to go until Marginal 4 have to go on stage Eru goes missing. Gossip starts to surface suggesting that maybe Eru left but the members and Yue aren’t convinced. Yue recalls back to a conversation she overheard between two male models earlier on in the day and goes out to find Eru. She finds him locked up in an abandoned building not too far from the venue but time’s running out. At this point Kira arrives to save the day and they rush back barely making it to the concert.

After the show the Marginal 4 members are celebrating when they’re approached by the male models from earlier. The members aren’t too pleased to see them even if they did come to apologize but Eru acts as if he doesn’t know what they’re talking about simply thanking for them for coming out to see the show. It’s then the models realize they’ve been defeated acknowledging Eru as the better man in the end.

In the epilogue Marginal 4’s activities have settled down and Eru’s doing a photoshoot for bridal wear with Yue acting as his bride for the shoot although he wouldn’t mind if she became his bride for real…


Private Route

During practice one day Yue walks in just as Aru runs out. Surprised she runs after Aru to see what’s wrong. Aru apologizes for suddenly running off like that it’s just that Eru said something very shocking. The two of them return to practice and it’s revealed that Eru simply told Aru about the girl he liked!

Eru invites Yue out asking her to help with the girl he likes. He tells Yue that the girl he likes is a lot like her and he doesn’t know what to do. Yue doesn’t see the appeal in girls like her but wishes to help Eru out in any way she can.

Time passes by with Eru subtly dropping hints at Yue but seeing as his feelings don’t seem to be reaching her he forces her against the wall backstage at one point in the hopes that maybe now she’ll understand. Having gotten his point across Eru says he’ll leave it for today leaving Yue shocked.

Not much happens between the pair after that but Yue finds herself constantly unfocused worrying her boss and Chang. This leads to her making a mistake with Aru’s schedule. On her way to the radio broadcast with the twins when she gets a phone call from the photographer asking her why Aru isn’t here yet. The photographer had reminded her the other day during Eru’s shoot but she’d been so worried about her own problems it had completely slipped her mind which resulted in Aru’s schedule being double booked. With no way for Aru to do both the photoshoot and radio show Eru steps forward to help. He tells Yue to take Aru to the photoshoot and leave the radio show to him. Worried with no choice Yue does as suggested and hurries off to the photoshoot with Aru.

During the break Yue and Aru tune in to the radio show just as it’s about to begin, Eru ends up running the show just fine much to the relief of both of them.

Normal Ending: Yue’s left in feeling conflicted constantly bring up the fact that they’re idol and manager as her argument to why their relationship would never work. She confines in Chang who wishes to help her out. He makes a suggestion that may return things back to normal and Yue decides she’ll give it ago.

The pair walk into Marginal 4’s practice together and announce that they are dating which shocks all of them with Eru being the most hurt. From this point on Yue and Chang continue their relationship with the member’s in denial and Eru pretending to be happy for them. Eru confronts Yue about Chang to which she finds it difficult to lie to him any more so she decides to call it off with Chang. Instead she chooses to go on a break. Chang soon after becomes Marginal 4’s manager indefinitely to the member’s displeasure.

Yue finds herself thinking about work every day even though she’s supposed to be on holiday and finds it difficult to relax. Meanwhile Eru starts to become downhearted as he blames himself for Yue’s departure.

During one of her days off Yue runs into Kira. He invites her to accompany him for the day and finds herself in a livehouse. It turns out Kira likes to perform their on his days off and asks Yue if she’ll help setting up the equipment. He had heard about what happened and was worried about Yue and the others. When the other band members arrive Kira steps out for a bit to make a phone call, when he returns he asks Yue if she could go pick up a friend he’d invited to tonight’s live and so she does.

When she gets to the meeting point as instructed by Kira she sees Eru. Eru promises to stop with his feelings if it mean that she’ll return as their manager. Just having her there would be more than enough for now. And so Yue agrees turning up to practice one day with Eru.


Good Ending: Yue’s unable to get past the idol manager thing whilst Eru continues to wait for her answer. His patience starts to run out and he asks her to meet him at the park at 12 the next day. Yue tells him not to bother because she won’t come but Eru doesn’t care he’ll be there regardless. If she doesn’t turn up then he’ll know to give up.

The next day Yue’s sat at home keeping an eye on the time as it approaches 12. It’s pouring outside which makes her doubt that Eru would actually turn up. As the clock finally hits 12 all Yue can think about is Eru. Time continues to go by and Yue’s convinced that if he did turn up he must’ve gone home by now so she phones Aru asking if Eru’s in. It turns out Eru went out earlier and has yet to return. Worried Yue begins to consider that maybe perhaps he really is waiting for her.

At the park Eru’s shivering in the rain, it’s long passed 12 and there’s been no sign of Yue. Soaked and dejected he considers giving up and starts to walk away.

Yue turns up shortly after, there’s no sign of Eru anywhere. She’s somewhat relieved although part of her wished that she’d meet him here.

Her phone rings and it’s Eru. He asks her if she went to which she tells him she didn’t and that she’s at home. Eru then surprises her by wrapping his arms around her calling her a liar. Eru’s really happy that she turned up and takes that as a sign that she likes him back. Eru confesses once more and unlike before Yue finally returns his feelings.



Well this ended up a lot longer than I thought x.x In case you can’t tell by my url I may be ‘slightly’ Eru bias….and after playing his route I am even more Eru bias OTL. To see a side of him besides his usual carefree self was really nice. They could’ve made it a very fanservice heavy route but we got this instead which added depth to his character.

It’s very different from what I usually play but overall I found it enjoyable. From time to time in between events particularly it got a little boring and repetitive especially during office scenes. It pretty much went; Boss calls you in > New single announcement > Photoshoot.

It’s not very plot heavy but if you like high school otoges or games set in the modern day era perhaps check this out. The Japanese is pretty easy in my opinion. Perhaps have a dictionary nearby just incase but otherwise you’ll be fine (you’ll need to have a solid knowledge of kana too). The kanji is very repetitive so you should be able to pick it up fairly quickly ^^

From experience I recommend doing the private routes first. I did the Idol route first and by the time I got to the private route my attention span started to slip considerably. I got really tired of the quick skip -3- (If there’s a way to jump skip let me know ;;). I also find this game is best enjoyed in small chunks at a time do not play it all in the one sitting like I did OTL


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