[Summary] Meiji Tokyo Renka Twilight Kiss: Hishida Shunsou

aaaaaand we’re back with our meat loving princess Mei! The game starts off with Mei supposedly back home. A voice calls out to her asking if she had a nice dream and flashbacks of her time in the Meiji era appears. It turns out that wasn’t a dream, this is actually the dream and it’s time to wake up…

There’s a few notes near the bottom regarding some of the things covered in this summary. Hopefully they should clear up some of the questions you may have whilst reading this ^^;

[CG posted above is also found on the official site so I don’t really count it as a spoiler. Everything under the cut though, is a HUGE spoiler]

Mei wakes up by the river side with Shunsou. Having slept for quite a bit she assumes Shunsou’s mad but he isn’t! He does express his recent interest in Kabuki make up though…which leads Mei to assume he painted her face whilst she was sleeping. Fortunately he hadn’t, it was simply a joke to get back at her. But he does mention that she was talking in her sleep, something about a meat filled world, whether she actually did though she’ll never know.

When they arrive back at the house Ogai is surprised to see them both. He had assumed they wouldn’t be back until the next day because they would’ve been busy all night doing various things. Shunsou calls Ogai aside to have a quiet word making Mei feel awkward so she excuses herself for the night.

The next day Shunsou sleeps in, unlike his usual self. As it gets later and later Ogai suggests Mei goes to wake him with a kiss. Contemplating it Mei knocks on Shunsou’s door before letting herself in. Shunsou appears to be sleeping so she goes in for the kiss but nothing. Turning to leave she feels a hand grab her dragging her down. Shunsou pulls her towards him giving her a ‘proper’ kiss. A kiss like hers couldn’t wake anyone up so he has to teach her how to do it properly. Shortly after Shunsou leaves for school.

Lounging about in the sun room Ogai comes in looking for Mei. It turns out Shunsou had left his Suzuri stone behind. It’s completely unlike him to have left something so important behind. Ogai asks Mei to head to the school to give it to him. Mei spots Shunsou who seems to be completely engrossed in his work oblivious to her presence.

Seeing her look so troubled Yokoyama Taikan offers to assist her. They chat fondly of Shunsou whilst he works when suddenly he stops and approaches them. He drags Mei aside and asks her why she’s here, more specifically why was she with Taikan. Mei tells him about the Suzuri stone and how they were just talking about Shunsou. Seeming somewhat convinced he lets Mei go returning to his work.

Seeing how focused Shunsou is Mei asks if she could stay and watch him for a bit longer. Shunsou doesn’t see why anyone would want to but lets her stay anyway. Things get late as Shunsou finally takes a break surprised to see Mei still here. He apologizes for making her stay so late and the pair of them head home.

That night Mei hears strange noises coming from Shunsou’s room. She knocks on the door but no answer. Letting herself in she finds the place a complete mess with torn up drawings all over the place. Shunsou, in the middle of it all has a red liquid on him which Mei quickly assumes is blood. She panics but Shunsou reassures her it’s nothing, it’s just paint.

The Shunsou before her seems different than usual. This Shunsou is more forward and daring. Worried Mei asks if she should perhaps get Ogai to which Shunsou asks “Who is this Ogai person?” at that moment his eyes flicker red before he falls asleep.

Mei heads back to her room, confused she tries not to over think it heading back to sleep.

The next day at breakfast Mei questions Shunsou about the night before. Shunsou does remember ripping up the drawings but everything after that is a blank. Mei can’t help but worry but keeps it to herself for now.

During the afternoon Mei accompanies Fumi out shopping. Passing by the station she spots Shunsou who seems to be on his way somewhere even though he should be in school at a time like this. Calling out to Shunsou he seems surprised to see her referring to Mei as the girl from last night. He tells her that he’s trying to get to Odawara to find someone but can’t seemed to reach them. Shunsou suggests Mei comes over to his room tonight so they can do ‘various things’ catching her off guard.

Finishing their conversation the two part ways and once again his eyes had flicked red leaving Mei even more confused.

Days go by and Shunsou continues to act strangely. Ogai dismisses her concerns as typical male behaviour. Young guys often get up to strange things so it’s nothing to worry about. Not convinced Mei seeks Otojiro for advice, both him and Kyoka can see why Mei is worried but tells her it’s probably nothing. Shunsou’s a guy so it’s more than natural for him to want to be a little forward with the girl he likes.

A couple of days later Kyoka stops by the house with red bean paste buns, supposedly to hang out with Ogai although his overly keen interest in Mei seems to suggest otherwise.

Eventually Kyoka and Mei are left alone, she tells Kyoka about an incident that happened the night before. He was acting strange finally admitting to being a tsukumogami.

Kyoka warns Mei that if things are left as they are it may never leave Shunsou’s body and that at worst he may even die. Mei begins to panic trying to come up with a way to drive the spirit out of Shunsou. Kyoka tells her that even if she grants it’s wish it may not leave Shunsou. Mei decides to at least confront the tsukumogami and thanks Kyoka for worrying about her.

That night Mei waits at the school late into the night. Soon Shunsou arrives surprised to see her. Mei quickly confirms it’s actually Shunsou before telling him he’s possessed. He doesn’t quite understand what’s going on but feels that Mei should calm down. Before Mei can finish explaining everything the tsukumogami takes over. She begs the it to leave Shunsou’s body but it refuses, having taken a liking to Shunsou’s body. Mei even offers to help find the person it’s looking for but it tells her that even then he won’t leave, he’s quite enjoying his time being a human and might just stay for good! Mei is running out of options and as a last resort she begs it to possess her instead. The thought of Shunsou dying is too much and she desperately pleads the tsukumogami to leave Shunsou be. It’s initially reluctant but eventually gives in seeing how desperate she is.

Shunsou awakens to find Mei in front of her, seemingly different. He stops her from leaving and she reacts more forward than usual.

Straight away he can tell it’s not her. Although Mei can see and hear everything she cannot speak and only the words of the tsukumogami come out of her mouth. Shunsou’s quick to figure out what’s going on and offers to help look for the person it’s searching for. It may say it wishes to stay human but Shunsou bets that deep down the spirit wishes to see that person once more because they love them, it’s this love that had given it life.

The tsukumogami gives up and sits down with Shunsou. Without a name or idea of what the person looks like Shunsou doesn’t have much to go on. The spirit does distinctly remember the person painting birds, lots of beautiful birds. Given the place the spirit was heading and the taking into account the time that had passed as well as the birds Shunsou is able to deduct that the person in question is most likely Okamoto Shuki. The name triggers the spirit’s memory and indeed that person was it’s previous owner. Unfortunately Shunsou reveals that this person is no longer with them and that they spirit won’t be able to see them again. That person had lived a century before them and since then passed away.

The spirit allows Mei to regain control of her body and asks her to do it one last favour, to destroy the suzuri stone so it’s spirit may perish but Mei can’t. It’s not what she wants and she knows Shunsou feels the same. With it’s previous owner gone there’s no purpose to it’s existence but Shunsou speaks out to the spirit. It’s previous owner was a wonderful artist who would probably want the spirit to continue living, having said that it now has a wonderful new owner Yokoyama Taikan who Shunsou is sure the spirit knows will cherish it just as much as it’s previous owner did. Hearing this the spirit thanks the two of them returning back to the Suzuri stone.

Hand in hand Mei and Shunsou walk home together. Shunsou apologizes for anything he may have done while possessed that hurt her. Mei tells him it’s fine because she knows he didn’t do it on purpose. She continues to tell him everything that had happened the past month leaving him a little annoyed that she had been hanging about with so many men.

Night Ending:  

When he finds out that Mei could’ve died he stops. He tells her to consider how he would’ve felt if she suddenly died. To risk her life like that for him doesn’t leave him happy in the slightest. He can’t imagine life without her and begs her never to do something so dangerous again.

That night as they’re walking along Mei notices that this isn’t the way home. She goes to correct Shunsou but he tells her to follow him quietly. The two of them arrive at an unfamiliar house. Shunsou suggests they go in and Mei follows excusing herself from intruding, Shunsou corrects her telling her it’s supposed to be “I’m home”.

There’s not much time before he heads to America and before then he wanted them to start living together in a place of their own rather than staying with Ogai. He had been preparing this all along in secrecy and hopes she’ll agree to live with him. Initially Mei is left speechless so Shunsou goes on to further convince her saying she can’t go back to Ogai’s place anyway because none of her stuff will be there it’s all here, he had spent all day getting it done (whilst she was waiting out at the school).

Mei says yes, she wants to live with Shunsou, to be with him always,

Morning ending: 

He asks Mei what she would’ve done had she gotten to Odawara. With no name or idea what Okamoto Shuki looked like she would be stuck there with the tsukumogami. He can’t bear the thought of being without her and apologizes for putting her through all this, asking she stay by his side always.

During an exhibit Mei and Shunsou had told Taikan about the origin of the suzuri stone much to his surprise. Whilst showing them around the paintings he can’t help feel that he owes the suzuri stone some form of credit for his works. He eventually leaves the pair to go ponder over other pieces of art when suddenly Kyoka approaches having been looking for Shunsou. Too shy to admit it the couple know Kyoka had come to show support for Shunsou’s work. Kyoka tells them he has a message from Ogai “After you’re done take your time coming home tonight”.

On the way home Shunsou is completely out of it whilst Mei talks. He stops her admitting to have something important he wishes to say, after a few attempts and a lot of mumbling he says he’ll tell her later.

The pair sit down by the river and just as Shunsou is about to say something Mei blurts out she has something she needs to say. Panicking she fumbles on about suzuri stones then on to whatever else she can think of. Shunsou finally cuts her off and begins to speak. He tells her to close her eyes as he places something in her hand. When she opens them again she sees a house key, it’s the house to their home.


In the extra story they head to Odawara together. It’s snowing and Shunsou really can’t handle the cold which in results them heading back to the inn early. They’re informed that a joint bath has been prepared for them and althought startled at first Shunsou says they should got for it. Seeing that they’ve both been out in the snow it would be bad if they didn’t warm up soon so there really is no choice but to bathe together. Mei’s really nervous asking Shunsou to look away, he refuses but admits to being nervous too.


  • Suzuri stone ( 硯 ) – An ink stone. You pour water into one end and using an ink stick grind it in to produce ink.
  • Tsukumogami ( 付喪神 )- An inanimate tool of trade that gains life in the form of a spirit after a hundred years of existing
  • Yokoyama Taikan ( 横山 大観 ) – An artist that lived from 1868 – 1958. In the game he acts as Shunsou’s sensei of sorts.
  • Odawara (小田原) – City where Okamoto Shuki was based
  • Okamoto Shuki ( 岡本秋暉 ) – An artist that lived from 1807-1862.

From the summary above the following events actually vary; how Mei wakes up Shunsou, what occurs when Mei brings the suzuri stone to the school and what happenes to Mei the night before, that she tells Kyoka about. If you choose to play the game yourself you may not necessarily get the same outcome I did during these events. The rest of the variable events I haven’t really covered. I would definitely recommend going through them all though ^^


AAOVILHXFBKFJGHBLRD. When I first started I thought this was just a huge fluff ball of fanservice but there is actually a plot! It was nice to see all the other characters have their little moments with Mei.

Unlike the first game you can actually pick who’s route you want to do straight away (minus Charlie) which was nice although it wasn’t particularly hard to get the character you wanted in the first game.

Now on to the real killer, THE DUMMY HEAD MIC. They kept the sparkles OTL I actually dread them so much when they occur. Not because I hate them but I FEAR FOR MY OWN HEALTH AND SAFETY. KENN really did not hold back this time and WOW I actually broke down at one point (sorry to anyone who follows me on twitter orz). The abuse of the dummy head mic was far more than the first game and just thinking back to it is making me me cry. UUUUUUUUGH seriously I can’t even put into words how powerful these things are. If you’re a fan of KENN I swear this game will ruin you x.x

I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like there was more CGs in this game or perhaps it was shorter than the first game? Either way the ratio of CG to story was well balanced in my opinion. I’ve included all the CGs available bar a variant of one of the above CGs.

And final words…I really enjoyed it. In typical meikoi style it was humorous, fun and enjoyable. Not too story heavy but a game that has a very pleasant pace. It’s definitely the kind of game I would play to unwind. I really love this series and although the art may not appeal to all I would highly recommend you give it a chance!


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