[Summary] Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Mukami Yuma


Yaho-☆ It’s been a while but today I bring you all a very long summary of Yuma’s route! Sorry it took so long i’ve been really busy lately ;3;

I can’t really think of what else to say hmmm……expect to see quite a bit of Shuu in this route! ^^

Worried about Yuma and the others Yui heads back to find them. In the garden Yuma and Kou are fighting off the wolves when Shin appears. He kicks them to the ground and demands they tell him where Yui is. Neither of them let up unable to fight back. Seeing this Yui figures it’s best to run away rather then get caught since she was supposed to have left.

At the front of the house Yui runs into Carla who stops her. He makes it very clear that Yui is the one they’re after, more specifically her blood. Yui hopelessly struggles to get away and ends up being rescued by Yuma who heard her cries for help.

He grabs Yui and the two of them flee taking an unconscious Kou with them. Carla doesn’t try to stop them because sooner or later Yui will be theirs.


The three of them end up at the Sakamaki house. Whilst they wait for Kou to regain concious Yuma admits that he’s not sure about Azusa and Ruki’s whereabouts. When the house got attacked they all got split up but he’s more than sure they’re waiting for them in the other world.

Kou finally awakens and with Yui’s help they find the passage to the other world. On the other side they run into Shuu. He’s shocked to see them so beaten up and asks about it. Yuma says that unlike Shuu and the others they chose to stay and fight. Not really wanting to talk to Shuu any longer he’s quick to leave with Kou and Yui. As they’re leaving Shuu calls out to them, sensing Yuma’s irritation he says it’s nothing but once they leave he calls out to them quietly


[Don’t die]

Ruki and Azusa are relieved to see Yuma and the others arriving at the other world residence. Ruki is eager to find out all the details but Azusa suggests they go rest first considering the day they’ve had. Taking Yui Yuma heads back to his room and kisses her. He’s mad at her for coming back but relieved she’s okay. He makes her promise not to do anything dangerous again otherwise he’ll punish her.

Time goes by, bored Yuma suggests they head back to the human world for a bit. Ruki hears them and even though Yuma’s only joking he’s dead serious they stay here. From what he’s heard from the others and through speculation it’s safe to assume that the Tsukinami’s that attacked them are after Yui’s blood, more specifically Cordelia’s blood. The Tsukinami’s are most likely seeking blood from the founders to which only Yui is left. Since Cordelia’s mother was from the founding family her blood was passed down to her daughter and on to Yui where Cordelia’s heart now resides. For safety Yui must stay in the vampire realm.

Hearing all this Yui starts to panic and feel scared, Yuma comforts her suggesting they go for a walk. Hand in hand they wander the woods feeling at ease. They come across an abandoned house where they decide to rest.


Relaxed Yuma tells Yui he loves her and that he’ll protect her. Their moment is interrupted by Shuu who happened to be walking through the woods like them happening to stumble across this place. Irritated Yuma takes Yui and leaves. The two of them can’t help but feel that this is more than a coincidence though.

On the way back to the house they spot an entrance to what appears to be an underground waterway. The pair go to explore and a sense of nostalgia hits Yuma. He had mentioned such a feeling earlier walking through the forest but this time it felt much stronger. Yuma’s head starts to hurt leaving Yui uneasy. She suggests they head back to house.

Back at the house Yuma seems fine but Yui can’t help but worry. Ruki scolds them for wandering off to which Yuma reacts meekly compared to his usual antics. After Yuma excuses himself heading back to his room without Yui.

3 hours pass by with no word from Yuma. Yui goes to check up on him to find him suffering from a bad dream. She wakes him up denying that she heard anything deciding it’s best not to pry too much. Yuma drags Yui into bed with him feeling somewhat out of it he sucks her blood. Come morning Yuma wakes up before Yui remembering his dream from the night before. He had dreamt of a time long ago when he was still a child. His family were trying to get him to say prayer but he refused because there’s no such thing as a god. Shortly after Yuma came home one day to find the village in flames.

As Yui wakes up Yuma approaches her to suck her blood. Sensing that things feel different Yui pushes Yuma away. She asks him to share anything he may have remembered about his past life. Yuma confesses that even he’s not sure. The night before when he was having that dream he couldn’t quite tell if was a dream or actually reality, a memory from when he was younger.

Frustrated by what may or may not be Yuma storms out asking Yui not to follow. She runs after him regardless but gets stopped by Ruki. Even after hearing the situation from Yui he cannot let her wander about the vampire realm alone. Kou and Azusa step in offering to bring Yuma back for Yui.

Meanwhile in the woods Yuma searches for the waterway. Heading in his head starts to hurt and he sees a flashback from when he was younger. This was his secret base. Along with his friend they decided to come up with a name for the place writing it on a rock. His friend decided to write his true name down as proof of their friendship and Yuma did too. Rubbing off the dirt Yuma reveals the name hidden underneath, his true name, Edgar. Along side his name is that of the boy in a script he cannot read.

Kou and Azusa come rushing back to the house having not found Yuma. The Vibora clan are lurking around. Spotting them nearby Kou figured it would be best to run back and inform Ruki rather then continue the search for Yuma.

With the Vibora on the move Ruki heads to the Sakamaki house to see what they know whilst the others continue the search for Yuma. Out searching they can’t seem to find Yuma anywhere Yui then remembers the waterway from the day before so the three of them head there.

At the waterway Yuma continues to try and figure out the other name on the wall. It’s written in a language he’s unable to read. Someone approaches catching Yuma off guard, it’s Reiji. He had simply gotten curious as to where Yuma was going and followed him to see what was up. Much to his surprise Shuu’s true vampire name appears to be written on the wall in an ancient vampire text.

Yuma presses Reiji for answers as to why Shuu’s name is written there to which Reiji can simply wonder. Reiji excuses himself leaving Yuma behind.

Yui and the others eventually find Yuma who can’t help but scold Yui. He runs up to embrace her telling her to worry less about him and more about herself. He’s worried sick about her being out here when it’s so dangerous and wishes she would consider her own safety more. They inform Yuma of the presence of the Vibora explaining that Ruki had gone to the Sakamaki house to find out more. Their reunion is interrupted by an explosion followed by Shin’s entrance. Kou and Azusa try to hold Shin off so Yuma and Yui can escape. The waterway collapses separating Yuma and Yui from the others.  Following the path they find an exit that leads them to a village in the human world.

Right before his eyes is the village Yuma saw in his dreams. The moment he tries to call it his home his head starts to hurt. A man called Merz approaches them claiming to be a vampire just like them. Seeing that Yuma is clearly suffering he invites them both back to his house so that Yuma can rest.

The dream continues to bother Yuma and he decides to go back to the place he believes is his home. He reassures Yui that even if this is all true and he does turn out to have been a human called Edgar nothing will change, he will always be Mukami Yuma to her staying by her side.

The two of them set off without saying to Merz, Yuma can’t help but feel there’s something odd about the guy and would rather distance them from him.

At the village they run into an old man. Not many people come around these parts so it’s unusual to see visitors. Yuma asks the old man if he remembers there being a fire here. Thinking back the old man recalls hearing that there was a huge fire a long time ago. Yuma continues to push the old man for more information but that’s as much as he knows. It was before his time and all he knows is what a man called Alan told him. Yuma recalls there being a man called Alan in his dream and feels somewhat relieved that he lived. The old man continues on to say that Alan is the only survivor from the great fire, everyone else perished. Alan had called the fire an act of the devil.

When they return home that night Yuma opens up to Yui about his dream and how it was most likely real. He can’t recall everything just bits and pieces from his past such as his family and playing in the waterway with someone. Although not 100% certain it’s more than likely that person was Shuu.


He may not have all the answers but to have Yui by his side listening to all he has to say is more than enough and he feels incredibly grateful.

That night they decide to return to the other world. Over dinner Merz tells them he was going to visit anyway and offers to take them through another entrance since the waterway entrance had collapsed. Yuma still feels uneasy around the guy and once on the other side pulls Yui in close. He whispers to her to run should something happen. Yui agrees to do as Yuma says but at that moment both of them start to lose conciousness. Merz had drugged them with Shin waiting on the other side.

Regaining conciousness Yuma finds himself locked up in a dungeon cell without Yui. Merz was working with the Tsukinamis to take Yui all along. Shin comes to check up on Yuma letting him know that it’s too late. Yui belongs to Carla now both her mind and body.

Waking up in an unfamiliar room Yui finds the door locked, however the window appears to be open but sadly too high up to jump from. Carla comes in at this point and Yui backs away scared. He assures her he has no intentions of killing her which she chooses not to believe. Asking where Yuma is Carla tells her he is dead, he had ordered Shin to kill him. Using a lock of Yuma’s hair as proof Carla reiterates once more that Yuma is dead.

Finding a crooked bar Yuma manages to break out of the cell and escape. The place is crawling with Vibora. As much as he wants to save Yui it’s not something he can do on his own.

Back at the Mukami house a servant arrives to inform Ruki that Yuma and Yui had returned to the vampire realm however they appear to be held hostage. Ruki decides to go save them leaving Kou behind to watch over Azusa who has yet to wake up. Kou refuses to stay behind knowing how strong the Tsukinamis are and Ruki has no choice but to let him come along. As they go to leave a third person speaks up.


[I’m going too]

It’s Shuu.

Yuma manages to convince the vibora that he’s a first blood, one of them recalls seeing him with Shin and seems to be buying his story offering to help. As they talk word comes in that human blood has been spotted. Yuma goes along with them and indeed their is human blood but no sign of Yui.

Yui wakes up back at Merz’s place. Having jumped from the window to escape from Carla she had passed out and Merz had brought her here. Trying to escape Yui resists but finds herself chained. Merz approaches her asking Yui to become his.

Yuma hears word that a lone vampire had saved Yui it’s obvious that it’s Merz. Alone he sets out to bring her back.

Merz soon finds out he’s been found and they have to leave quick. He won’t give up Yui to anyone because he needs her heart to revive Cordelia. As Merz frees Yui she takes this opportunity to escape. Biting his hand he lets go off her long enough for her to run away.

Running through the woods she finds Yuma searching for her. Seeing Yuma she starts crying in disbelief, Carla had told her he was dead but here he was standing before her.


Merz runs after Yui to find her with Yuma. Yuma questions his intentions for running off with Yui but he doesn’t answer. Fleeing the scene Yuma tries to go after him but Yui stops him telling him not to leave her on her own.

Ruki and Shuu come across the two of them. Yuma can understand Ruki being here but not Shuu. The later simply passes it off as simply helping out someone who was in trouble. Passing through the area they had come across some members of the Vibora who had told him where to go.

Shuu recognizes a fate scent lingering from Yui but it can’t possibly be from who he thinks it is so he simply dismisses the thought. Seeing as they’re safe he excuses himself heading home. Yuma calls out to him wanting to talk. Shuu stops to hear what he has to say.


[Could it be….you knew about me all along? From a long ago]

Shuu is hesitant to answer but denies knowing anything about Yuma’s past life. Just as he goes to leave Yuma calls him Lily stopping him in his tracks. Shuu asks if it was Reiji that told him, Yuma’s silence is all he needs to know so he leaves.

A moment of silence passes with Ruki and Yui left slightly confused by the whole situation. Yuma eventually snaps back to his usual self and they head home.

Time goes on peacefully for a short period of time. A letter arrives inviting them all to Karlheinz’s Lunar Eclipse party. Yuma shoots the offer down hating these kind of things. Since Yuma isn’t going Yui chooses not to go too because she wants to be with Yuma. Seeing how much Yui seems to actually want to go though Yuma reluctantly gives in.

One night when they’re in the garden Yui asks Yuma if he’s going to talk to Shuu about everything. Yuma doesn’t feel there is much to talk about but there is one thing he wants to know, the truth behind the fire. The old man said it was the work of a demon, considering the gateway to the vampire realm being nearby the demon in question was most likely a vampire. Yuma doesn’t feel like it was Shuu but feels that Shuu may know the truth. However if Shuu does turn out to be the culprit he will never forgive him.

Richter spots the two of them talking and can’t help wonder what it could be about. Shuu comes across his uncle aware that he’s up to something. Richter tells him it’s nothing to do with him and leaves.

Yuma’s out of it during dinner and heads back to his room to rest. Ruki runs up to Yui looking for Yuma. Fortunately he catches Yuma and tells him the head of the Vibora was attacked. No one knows what happened and details are a little scarce but what they do know is that they have to stay alert.

Ruki calls a family meeting to break the news to the others. The Vibora head had been attacked with the culprits most likely to be the founders. The reason behind their attack is still unknown but for the time being everyone should be on guard.

Yuma takes Yui out into the garden to calm her down. They run into Shuu who wishes to speak to them. He tells them to be cautious of Richter. Yuma grabs Shuu filled with rage he urges the other to talk. Shuu has no intentions of talking much about that past leaving it up to Yui to step in to break the two up. Yuma storms off irritated. Shuu tells Yui she should go after him so she does. When she catches up with Yuma he tells her to get lost, he’s furious and doesn’t want to see her right now. No one could understand how he feels.

Yui stands her ground further angering Yuma. He drags her back to his room and pushes her down. She pleads with him to hear her out but he simply tells her to shut up sucking her blood. Yui continues to plead with him but Yuma doesn’t want to hear it because it’s about Shuu. He accuses Yui of being on Shuu’s side but she strongly denies his accusations. When she stopped Yuma from hurting Shuu earlier she did it with Yuma’s well being in mind. Yuma knows this but even so he couldn’t stop himself, he didn’t know what to do with all these thoughts running through his head.

Eventually Yuma comes round and admits he was wrong. Yui keeps her back to him refusing to look at him until he apologizes.


Yuma begs her to atleast hear him out but she tells him she’s mad. He’s well aware it’s his fault and he continues to apologize. He had been so preoccupied with the past he had stopped paying attention to the present and the future he would build with Yui.


Yuma assures her that he’ll always be here, they will have a future together. He can’t predict the future but one thing’s for sure he promises to always protect her.

It’s the day of the ball, the lunar eclipse is about to come to an end. Word is going around about the recent Vibora incident. Everyone’s on guard tonight with none of the Vibora members present. Yuma spots Shuu and asks Yui if she could wait there for a sec, this time round he wants to talk to Shuu properly.

Yuma asks Shuu to tell him everything about his past life, about what happened to the village but Shuu says it would be better for him not to know. Yuma asks him once more to tell him everything but this time as his friend, as Edgar’s friend Shuu. Shuu eventually reveals that the person behind the fire was Reiji. Although Reiji was the one that set the fire it was because of Shuu it happened. The two had their troubles and Yuma had simply gotten caught up in their brotherly quarrels. If only Shuu had faced Reiji properly none of this would’ve happened. Shuu blames himself for the loss of Yuma’s family and friends, as well as Yuma turning into a vampire. Shuu is well aware that Yuma may not forgive him and may feel angry, if that’s the case Shuu is willing to let Yuma kill him. Yuma has no intention of killing Shuu calling it a day he returns to Yui. As Yuma leaves Shuu mutters


[I’m sorry, Edgar]

Waiting for Yuma to return Reiji spots Yui alone. He’s surprised to see that the Mukamis had left her alone. Yui tells him she’s not alone, she’s with Yuma, but he’s talking to Shuu right now. Reiji asks her why fully aware of the reason.

Yuma returns for Yui finding her with Reiji. Reiji asks Yuma if Shuu told him everything. Yuma replies that he did making Reiji quick to leave. Although he knows everything now nothing will change because he promised he would be with Yui.

The peace is interrupted by the sound of wolves. Guests start to panic fleeing for their lives. In the panic Yui starts to get swept away. Yuma reaches out to grab her hand, at that moment Shuu calls out to Edgar to watch out from behind. A person approaches them.

Brute Ending: 


[Die, Mukami Yuma.]

By order of the Tsukinami brothers Merz had come to kill Yuma. Merz misses fleeing the scene but Yuma catches up with him beating him to the ground. With the wolves closing in Yuma grabs Yui and they leave. the two of them return to the human world.

Time had passed since the party and both families returned to their normal lives. The founding family had fallen most likely thanks to Karlheinz’s interference. Yui still feels a little uneasy with the Tsukinamis disappearance. To ease her mind Yuma says he’ll say something to cheer her up, “Let’s get married”

The two of them have a quiet ceremony just the two of them. At the church Yuma confesses he doesn’t believe in god but maybe just for today he’s willing to believe because here he is with the woman he loves. From losing his family and friends to becoming a vampire everything had gone bad for him from the start but now he has Yui and from here on out he will always have Yui.


[No matter what, i’ll be with you always]


[I love you, Yui]

The two of them seal their vows with a kiss.

Merz walks in relieved to have found Cordelia. Yuma insists there is no Cordelia here just Yui. The reality sinks in and Merz realises that Yuma and Yui have just married. In front of him he only sees Cordelia and to think someone other than him could have her is unforgivable. In a fit of rage he attacks Yuma but Yui jumps in the way. Merz leaves delirious over the fact that he had stabbed the one he loves.

Yuma holds Yui in his arms as she bleeds out. She’s relieved that Yuma’s safe. Yuma asks her why she would do such a thing, it’s because she loves Yuma, that’s why she protected him.

She’s happy she was able to protect the one she loves. With that her eyes fall shut and no matter how much Yuma pleads she does not awaken.

To have seen the one he loves die before him sent Yuma into a state of shock. His mind and body start to shut down. He no longer remembers his brothers or his name.

Ruki heads to Karlheinz to erase everything, today is the day that Mukami Yuma died.

Manservant Ending:


[Hmph, this person that refuses to die]

With saber in hand Reiji points it at Yuma.


[Please die, Edgar!]

Yuma isn’t quick enough to dodge Reiji’s attack. Yui asks Reiji why he would do such a thing and the latter replies it’s because of Shuu. Shuu had told Yuma everything and it was all true, Reiji was the one that set the village on fire.

Reiji knew Shuu had covered for him. Even after all this time Shuu blamed himself and told Yuma he was the one at fault. To this Reiji feels like Shuu is still looking down on him. Continuing on from that day Reiji plans to finally kill Yuma, rather Edgar, Shuu’s beloved friend.

Reiji wants Shuu to stop taking the blame for him and admit it was all Reiji’s doing, he wants his brother to hate him, to resent him for everything he had done because none of it is Shuu’s fault there’s no reason for him to carry the blame.


[If that’s the case, kill me]

Reiji was always after Shuu since that’s the case Yuma should not have to die for something regarding him. As long as Shuu continues to live Reiji will never be able to let go.

Facing his brother Reiji starts to cry. Shuu never once looked at Reiji as equal. He also looked down on him with kind eyes and took everything on himself, no matter what Reiji did. Reiji blames Shuu for all his anguish, the elder had never once considered how he felt about all of this.


[I hate you, Shuu, I really hate you.]

Shuu knew Reiji hated him, that’s why it was time to end it now but Reiji could not bring himself to kill his brother. The two decide to end it and Shuu extends his hand towards Reiji.

Before Reiji has a chance to reconcile with Shuu the latter falls to the ground. Shin jumps in having taken him down. Shin continues to repeatedly stab Shuu understanding how Reiji feels because he too has an older brother. As a favour he even offers to do it for Reiji slicing Shuu’s head clean off.

Reiji takes his saber for Shuu’s sake he will kill Shin, to avenge his brother. Sadly Reiji is no match for Shin so the latter kills him so he can join his beloved big brother.

With those two out of the way Shin turns his attention to the real target, Yuma. By Carla’s orders Shin is to dispose of Yuma before taking Yui. Yuma uses this chance to create an opening for Yui to escape. She hesitates not wanting to leave Yuma behind. She knows that Yuma can’t win a fight against Shin and if he wasn’t trying to protect her could escape unharmed. As Shin strikes at Yuma Yui jumps in the way protecting him.

As she lays dying she feels happy to be able to spend her last moments by Yuma’s side. With her final words she tells Yuma she loves him.

Shin panics having just killed the girl he was supposed to bring back. Yuma tries to attack whilst he’s lost in thought but Shin easily throws him aside. He remembers that it’s the blood they’re after and as long as he brings back her heart all is fine.

Yuma tries to get up to fight but Shin continues to beat him each and every time. Shin takes Yui’s heart and dowses the place before setting it alight. When Yuma regains conciousness he finds himself in the midsts of a fire.

Searching for Yui he finds her without her heart. He embraces her apologizing for being unable to keep his promise, he wasn’t able to protect her. Yuma promises to stay with Yui’s until the end, he’ll never leave her side again.


[I love you, I will always, always love you, Yui]

Vampire Ending:


[Die, Mukami Yuma]

Yuma falls to the ground and Merz leaves having done what Shin had ordered. Shuu appears to break the bad news. The gun Merz had used was a weapon carried by vampire hunters specifically made to harm vampires. For the time being Shuu tells Yui to stay with Edgar whilst he gets help. Reiji appears stopping Shuu, he demands an explanation as to why he didn’t tell Yuma the truth.

The two of them argue and Yui begs them to stop and help Yuma. Reiji sees no obligation to do so since the Mukamis have nothing to do with them but Shuu begs him. Reiji agrees to reconsider if Shuu gets on his knees and begs. Much to Reiji’s surprise Shuu shows aside his pride and does just that in order to save his friend Edgar.

Reiji decides to help seeing his brother like this. Things look bad and the other Mukamis arrive to help. There’s not much they can do given the current state of things along with Yuma being so badly injured.

Karlheinz appears and Yui begs him to help Yuma. Ruki and the others leave to deal with the commotion outside followed by Shuu and Reiji leaving Yui and Yuma with Karlheinz. Yui begs Karlheinz again but he says it’s pointless. Yuma cannot become Adam thus there is no point in saving him. Yui doesn’t care about whether he can become Adam or not she loves Yuma and only Yuma that’s why she’ll do anything to save him. Karlheinz offers they do an exchange in that case. In order to save Yuma she must offer something of equal value, her life.

As Yui seriously considers it Yuma speaks up telling her not to do it. He begs her not to go through with it but she apologizes, he means everything to her so she has to save him even if it means giving up her life.

Hearing this Karlheinz asks Yui one more time if this is what she really wants, it is. In that case he tells her to offer her blood to Yuma. Her blood is special and if she offers it all to Yuma he would be able to become human again leaving the bullet useless since it only has effect on vampires. Karlheinz hands Yui a knife and she cuts herself allowing Yuma to drink from her.

When she comes around she finds herself in bed with Yuma sleeping peacefully beside her. He’s thankful towards Yui for saving his life but having almost lost her he tells her never to choose giving her life up for him, there would be no meaning to life if she wasn’t there with him.

Kou and Azusa come in shortly after to see them finally awake. They had been asleep for a few weeks now. Kou’s quick to update them on everything, Shuu and Reiji helped get them back here and seem to know a thing or two about Merz and why he had such a weapon but they chose not to say anything. As for Shin and Carla Karlheinz fought them off.

Kou goes to inform Ruki that the two of them have woken up leaving them be. Yuma takes this opportunity to take Yui for a walk. Everything was finally over.


Looking up at the blue sky Yuma can’t help find it pretty. From a young age he had known nothing but despair but even back then there was a time when he couldn’t help but look up and admire how beautiful the sky was. To be able to return back to that time was all thanks to Yui. From here on he asks her to stay by his side, always.


Okay first of all I have a few things I should probably clear up.

1 – Yuma’s original name Edgar and his past with Shuu is revealed in More Blood. I’m going to assume people reading this already know so i’m not going to go into detail.

2 –  Merz (メルツ) is Richter. In previous summaries I simply refered to him as Richter but I decided to try romanizing is name.

3 – In the vampire ending Yui offers her blood to get rid of the vampire blood in Yuma’s body. The reason he doesn’t revert back every time he sucks her blood is because he doesn’t take a lot in at once. During this ending he has to drink so much she’s almost dead which refers to what Karlheinz says about giving her life up for him. Fortunately he doesn’t drink her dry so she does live.

[If there’s anything else you’re not sure about feel free to drop me an ask. I tend to get a little impatient and frazzled near the end of these things OTL]

Now on to what I think.

Truthfully I started losing motivation near the end. The story parts i’m fine with but the situation parts started to feel really repetitive. I don’t really cover situation parts in my summary because they have little to no effect on the plot but most of the time it was just Yuma sleeping with Yui like wow I thought Shuu slept a lot OTL

I felt INCREDIBLY uneasy during Yuma’s brute ending because everything seemed so happy THEN STUPID RICHTER SHOWED UP AND FUCKED IT ALL UP. I kind of expected things to go wrong but it was just so happy for so long ;; (I actually had to go back and double check I was doing the right ending x.x;)

The Manservant ending made me so mad. at first I got really angry at Reiji then I kind of got all emotional. Since playing Shuu’s route I have really grown to love Shuu and Reiji bromances BUT THAT EYEPATCH BASTARD HAD TO RUIN IT AFTER THEY ALMOST MADE UP TAT. I was ready to throw Shin off a cliff uuuuuuughb;dkjfbvdfklx. Years of tension between the two of them finally coming to an end then Shin comes in and slices Shuu’s head off orz.

THEN THE FIRE. I kept getting BWS flashbacks and all I could think of was Auger. Also I couldn’t help but laugh at Shin’s little breakdown when he was panicking over what to do after killing Yui.

The Vampire ending was cute but it didn’t really hit me as hard as the others I had done. Also feels kind of weird that Yuma’s human again x.x

Overall I don’t really have much to say about the actual route but every time Shuu would appear or Yuma would remember something I would shed tears of joy ;^;

…and that’s it! (Rejet seem to really like chopping people’s heads off these days >3>)


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