[Summary] Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu

Uwaaaa i’m finally done! A couple of days ago I asked for recommendations and Shuu won so here he is!  It should’ve been done yesterday but I got lazy x.x Apologies if my English…everything goes a bit off course near the end, i’m really tired but I wanted to get this done so here it is ;;

(Spoilers under the cut)

During the Sakamaki prologue Ayato and Yui get ambushed on the way home from school by a pack of wolves. Ayato gets injured protecting Yui and Subaru arrives in time to fend off the pack. Subaru and yui bring Ayato back to the house in a bad state and the brothers are left with no choice but return to the netherworld with Ayato for treatment. Assuming that Ayato was the intended target and taking into account that Yui is human they decide that it would be best for her to stay behind and watch the house in the human world whilst they return. Yui’s left with no choice watching them leave.

Shortly after they leave wolves can be heard near the house and an uneasy Yui heads for the door to the netherworld. Scared of being alone she can’t help but cross over and takes shelter in an abandoned house. She hears noises and assumes the worse but it’s just Shuu.

Shuu figured she would follow them and half expected to find her here. He reveals that this is is hiding place whenever he wants to get away from the main house. The pair stay there for a while before heading to the main house where the others are.

When they arrive Ayato’s condition doesn’t seem to be getting any better but it’s stable. Karlheinz calls on Shuu one day to discuss something as the eldest son he is obliged to carry out his duties. After that day Shuu seems different, somewhat irritated and Yui can tell something is bothering him so she asks him. He simply puts it down to being annoyed about a CD he forgot back in the human realm. Yui isn’t entirely convinced but Shuu falls asleep before she can question him further.

From this point on Shuu continues to run away whenever Reiji calls on him and Yui goes in his place. Reiji isn’t surprised but he is worried. Yui takes this as an opportunity to ask Reiji about Shuu. She had heard from Laito that as the eledest Shuu will eventually become the head of the Sakamaki house and because of that he others have high expectations of him. Laito had also revealed to her that back when Shuu was still a child he was actually incredibly well behaved and an ideal heir but things had changed since then. Reiji confirms that all of it is true and as the next in line Shuu has a lot of responsibilities. Yui wishes to help out if possible and Reiji decides to tell her all about the Sakamakis for the sake the family. Before Yui leaves he asks her to keep an eye on Shuu for the sake of their family.

With Yui frequently meeting up with Reiji Shuu can’t help but feel irritated although he is fully aware of Yui’s intentions behind those meetings. He is fully aware as the eldest there are high expectations of him but he struggles to live up to them bothering him greatly.

One day when Yui’s in Shuu’s room Reiji storms in. He grabs the other boy furious at the lack of anything Shuu has done. It turns out that Karlheinz had entrusted Shuu with the task of sorting out the Eclipse party but nothing had been done. As an important date in the vampire calendar it’s a gathering that has to be nothing but perfect. When Reiji found out their father had entrusted Shuu with such a task and nothing had been done he came straight here to confront him. Full of rage Reiji declares that the Sakamaki family has no need for an heir like him and that they would be better off without him. Upon hearing this Shuu leaves.

Yui searches the house from top to bottom looking for Shuu but he’s nowhere to be found. She then remembers his secret hideout and heads into the woods where she finds him. Shuu refuses to go back saying they’re all probably better off without him, including Yui. He suggests she goes back but Yui refuses choosing to be with Shuu instead.


Yui asks Shuu to share his worries with her and eventually he opens up. He’s well aware that as the eldest there are expectations of him but he doesn’t have confidence in himself to live up to those expectations. Knowing that it bothers him everyday. For the time being he chooses to return back to their house in the human realm for a while. Yui decides to go with him even though she’s worried about the wolves. Shuu is well aware of their presence but reassures her that there’s nothing to worry about.

Back in the human world Shuu takes Yui to the Mukami household. With their house currently roaming with wolves taking shelter at the Mukami house would be safer. Inside everyone appears to be out, most likely in the other realm due to the eclipse.

Looking around the house there are pictures of the 4 brothers looking cheerful and matching cups in the kitchen. Seeing all this stuff makes Shuu question what it feels like to be an actual family. Although family by blood the Sakamaki brothers are nothing like the Mukamis. He had always wondered what it felt like to have a family and asks Yui about her own family. For Yui it had always been her and her dad but then she met the Sakamaki and Mukami brothers. Hearing this Shuu suggests they do things like a family whilst they’re here for example eating together, sleeping together and getting matching cups.

Whilst this is all going on Reiji paces back and forth the hallway of their netherworld residence waiting for Shuu and Yui to return. Although angry he has faith that Shuu will return and holds out a little longer.

The pair continue to play happy families at the Mukami house. One day Shuu heads out and comes back with a cat. He was resting at the park when he woke up to find a cat had settled down with him so he brought it home. They decide to keep the cat calling her Lily (Shuu’s original suggestion was to call it Cat…), making it an addition to their family. The three of them are resting in the living room with Shuu sleeping on the couch and Lily sleeping with him. Yui watches on happy but somewhat jealous. Sensing this Shuu calls her over. Where the 3 of them fall asleep together.


[Families sleep together after all]

Time goes on with the three of them living together happily. Lily is running around breaking things as she plays with the other two attempting to discipline her (After she breaks one of Shuu’s CDs he finally gives a crap). Things go sour when Lily starts hissing. Shuu immediately realizes something’s off and grabs Yui, the wolves have found them.

Along with Lily they head to the Mukami gateway to the other realm but it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to crossover here leaving them with no choice but head back to the Sakamaki manor. The place is a complete mess and they both think back to what might have happened had Yui stayed. Shuu can’t help but feel annoyed at himself for thinking of leaving her here on her own in the first place.

Time is running out as they head for the gateway where Shin awaits. As Shuu had expected this was the work of first bloods, the Tsukinami brothers. Carla reveals that their target had been Yui all along. Shuu stands between them with the intention of protecting Yui however Carla easily casts him aside. Lily jumps out of Yui’s arms striking Carla. Her efforts are left in vain as he casts her aside almost instantaneously. The shock hits Shuu hard as what he considers one of his family members is now dead. He tries to fight back sadly no match for Carla who tosses him aside once again. Yui intervenes trying to stop Carla which results in him knocking her out.

All Shuu can do is watch on in frustration as Carla takes her away. All his life he had run away from his troubles instead of facing them head on and now when the woman he loves is in danger he can’t do a thing. He doesn’t have the strength to face Carla as much as he urges his body to move.

Seeing some use for Shuu Carla orders Richter (can’t remember his alias OTL) to bring Shuu with them back to the Tsukinami house.

Yui regains conciousness inside a dungeon cell. Remembering all that had happened she can’t help but cry, Lily is no longer with them. A voice calls out to her from nearby, glancing over she finds a wounded Shuu. The tears continue to fall with Shuu trying to comfort her as best he can.


He feels useless for not being able to protect her and Lily but promises that they’ll make it out somehow. Shin comes for them shortly after. Following orders from Carla he brings them to the room they’ll be staying in for the time being. Shin warns the pair against escaping, should they try they would most likely die.

Leaving Yui behind Shuu is summoned by Carla. He makes it very clear that Yui is indeed their target however on a completely unrelated note he has a proposal for Shuu hence why he had been allowed to live.


[Sakamaki Shuu, You hate your father do you not?]

Feeling indifferent towards his father Carla tries to convince Shuu to join them. It is known that Karlheinz isn’t exactly liked especially by the first bloods. Carla uses Shuu’s past to try to persuade him . This man had taken everything away from him, hurt his family, his mother and destroyed any sense of self he had. He asks if Shuu could honestly say he had never thought to himself that everything was all his father’s fault. Initially Shuu is unable to answer but quickly declines straight after saying Yui is all the family he needs. Undeterred Carla tells Shuu to think it over sending him back to his room where Yui awaits.

Shuu spends the next few days pondering over Carla’s words. Yui can tell something’s bothering him and tries on a number of occasions to get him to open up. Eventually Shuu talks, he tells her of Carla’s proposal, to say he hates his dad enough to want him dead isn’t exactly true. Sure he does a lot of things that lead to people getting hurt without explanation but he has his reasons. Although he doesn’t share what he’s thinking Shuu believes he has his reasons and if he even tried to explain it to them they would most likely not understand. With that in mind Shuu trusts him to do what he does and leaves him be as long as it doesn’t affect him and Yui. Once again he turns down Carla’s proposition focusing on his escape with Yui instead.

Not the outcome Carla had hoped for but yet to give up he decides to set another plan into motion to bring Shuu over to their side. Shin had suggested they threaten to kill Yui but Carla is well aware that Shuu is smart enough to know that they have no intentions of killing her.

Carla calls on Shuu once again this time Yui accompanies Shuu. As Carla had predicted Shuu didn’t cave even with Shin taking Yui hostage but there’s more to it.


It’s true that they need Yui, more specifically her heart, with that alone they do not care what happens to the rest of her. Hearing this Shuu takes the decision to join Carla in order to protect Yui.

Meanwhile at the Sakamaki house Ayato is finally conscious and Reiji is left to take over Shuu’s duties for the time being. As the next in line the others congratulate Reiji on finally getting what he wanted, deep down Reiji had already given up on taking the head position though. He had lost to Shuu and could never become the heir to the throne. From a young age their roles were already decided regardless of how hard Reiji tried nothing would change and over time he had learned to accept his defeat against his older brother. That’s why he will wait until Shuu returns.

Their conversation is cut short by a servant who runs in to inform them that the first bloods have declared war against with Shuu as their leader. Reiji and the others are in disbelief convinced there’s been a misunderstanding if only that was the case.

Yui wakes up in a dungeon cell as Shuu arrives to see her. He informs her of everything that is going on. Yui worries for the safety of the other Sakamaki brothers but Shuu seems indifferent. Family by blood he has never once considered them actual family, they just live under the same room as each other, that’s why it doesn’t matter if they live or die. Yui disagrees and Shuu puts that down to her weakness as a human, her emotions. Vampires have no compassion for others and do what they have to even if it means killing one another. As long as he’s able to protect Yui Shuu will do anything even if it means to kill his own family. Yui is unable to convince Shuu otherwise and he leaves to join Carla and the others as they prepare their attack on the Sakamaki house.

Shin comes for Yui bringing her with them to the Sakamaki house, Shuu and Carla await.

The attack has begun and the other 5 Sakamakis are beaten to the ground in an attempted to get one of them to reveal the whereabouts of Karlheinz. None of them know and thus it is decided, they’ll be executed.

Yui turns to Shuu to help the others but Shuu is hesitant, seeing the sadness on Yui’s face he finally gives in and agrees to kill Karlheinz as Carla wanted in order to save the lives of his brothers.

It’s clear Shuu’s mind has been made up and he intends to go through with his words, Yui cannot stop him.

Before they leave Yui insists they let the others go first. Not convinced by Carla’s words alone he takes them to where the others are intervening before they get beheaded. With Shuu and Yui satisfied Carla orders Shuu to go ahead with his end of the agreement and kill Karlheinz. As they leave Reiji calls after them hopelessly, his words fall on deaf ears but he swears to never forgive Shuu should he go through with it.

Finally the time has come, they arrive at Eden where Karlheinz awaits. It’s more than likely he knew this would happen as Shuu says, in fact he probably meant for this to happen.

This was what Shuu had decided in order to protect Yui because of this he will see it until the end. It was a decision they had both agreed on although reluctant. Shuu asks Yui to stay by his side and watch on as this the path they have to take.

Karlheinz watches on from the shadows and Shuu calls him out. As expected the one that would one day kill him would be his eldest son, Shuu.

Shuu asks his father if it’s death he’s really after and he replies it is, but before he can die he has something to ask. With his son awakening as Adam and Eve standing before them he wants to hear Eve’s feelings, does she genuinely love Adam.

Yui declares her love for Shuu with absolute certainty. Karlheinz approaches Yui but Shuu intervenes forcing his father off of Yui leaving the elder surprised.


His son was never one to do anything he found troublesome, to think he would go out of this way to protect someone. Everything up until now had been decided by his father, from his name to his fate as the eldest and heir to the Sakamaki name. With all this pressure and the duties he was forced to carry out he chose to run away but meeting Yui changed him. She believed in him and supported him, all he chooses to do now he does for her sake because he loves her. That’s why he’s done running.

He realized that as long as he kept running away from everything he could never have what he wants or protect the ones he cares about so he chose to fight back and with that in mind he came here to kill Karlheinz.

Hearing his son’s true feelings Karlheinz has only one thing to say.

Brute Ending: 


[It’s honestly such a shame.]

Somewhere along the way Shuu had strayed from the path, he can never become Adam. Shuu is taken aback by his father’s words leading the elder to believe he actually came here hoping for approval. In Shuu’s eyes this is all just a game to his father and this is just another move he makes but the decision to kill his father was his own and that’s why with his own hands he will end his father’s life and be with Yui.

As he lunges the knife he’s a step to slow and Karlheinz gets to him first. Shuu falls to the ground much to his father’s disappointment.

In the end Shuu could not become Adam. Yui rushes to his side calling out to him but not once does he respond. Karlheinz approaches her and asks she hand over Shuu’s body but Yui refuses.

Eve is still naive in his eyes and to stop the first bloods from gaining any momentum Karlheinz is left with no choice but to behead his son.

He leaves Shuu’s body with Yui as a gift so she can live her pitiful life with the one she loves.

Yui spends her days delusional clinging onto Shuu’s dead corpse as if he’s alive.

Manservant Ending: 

[Shuu, I can tell from your reply that your are indeed Adam]

However he has yet to fully awaken as Adam, his fate has come to a stand still.

Everything goes dark and Yui awakens to find herself in her bed back at the Sakamaki house with the triplets in her bed. Yui runs off to find Shuu running into Reiji on the way. He informs her that Shuu is asleep in his room as usual.

Shuu wakes up as if nothing had happened unable to remember a thing. Calling her over he pushes her down sucking her blood.


[Without this blood, you have no value]

Karlheinz had erased Shuu’s memories for the sake of Eve. Adam had tried to awaken prematurely and thus was incomplete. Once again they have to follow their fate in the hopes that Adam will truly awaken.

Vampire Ending:


[I will be the one killing you]

Shuu reacts before his father can and Karlheinz falls to his knees. With his life coming to an end he tells his son that this was his fate all along. He asks Shuu if he really is going to stop running and protect everything dear to him. Shuu says yes and upon hearing that Karlheinz says everything will be fine then.

Shuu had surpassed him and became Adam. It was finally over, with nothing left to live for he asks Shuu to take his head back and confirm his death. Shuu asks Yui to close her eyes whilst he does so. In this dying last words he leaves the rest to everyone.

As his head is removed a bright light blinds Yui and she loses conciousness. The light fills the sky and other Sakamakis watch on aware that their father is dead. Reiji is left speechless. There are many things he wants to say to Shuu and many questions he wishes to ask, with that in mind they all head to where Shuu is.

Yui regains conciousness in Shuu’s arms. He explains that humans are susceptible to magic and that’s why she lost conciousness the moment Karlheinz was killed. At this point Shuu doesn’t know how he feels, his thoughts are all over the place and more than anything he can’t quite believe it’s over.

A cat approaches then, it’s Lily. Somehow she had survived and came to find them. Shortly after the other brothers appear, Reiji asks Shuu if he remembers what he had said about not forgiving Shuu if he killed their father. Confirming his father’s death Reiji asks if he had any final words. All he said was he would leave the rest up to them. None of them are particularly sure what he meant by that but with the king gone there is a lot to be done.

Shuu takes on the role of the new head and plans to take on the uproar from the first bloods. In order to restore things he asks for the help of his brothers. Shuu asks Reiji to be his advisor to which the latter agrees to for the sake of the Sakamaki name and their clan.

Well aware things will be tough Shuu asks Yui to help to, he asks her to marry him. Although his reasoning is a bit off it’s fine because he loves her.

That night, on the day Shuu became the new king he marries his bride Yui. Finally making them family, with Lily by their side.



Truthfully i’m too tired to put together anything coherent x.x

Before I played this route I was indifferent towards Shin and Carla BUT AFTER THE CAT THING I WANTED TO THROW CARLA INTO THE SEA.

Yui and Shuu playing happy families was really cute. There’s a scenario where they go out to buy matching mugs and I couldn’t help but give in to all the fluff.

Shuu’s story is very slow to develop in my opinion. For the most of it Shin and Carla sit back and watch until things just get overly hectic near the end. It does allow the player to get to know Shuu though and it’s not completely wasted time.

Besides taking over the Mukami house (I can’t believe they just waltzed in there and made it their home OTL) you don’t see ANY of the Mukami brothers. This made me a little sad but the whole Reiji Shuu moments TOTALLY made up for it. The bromance I didn’t know I wanted ;^;

Compared to Azusa’s route Shuu stays true to his vampire routes and sucks Yui’s blood a lot. So if you like that stuff then yay? I felt it lasted a little too long in some scenarios and just skipped it though x.x

Uuuuh…..what else to say….I really can’t think of anything but if anyone has questions or needs clarification feel free to ask. It’s 3am and I can barely understand myself OTL


3 thoughts on “[Summary] Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Sakamaki Shuu

  1. Hola, quería pedirte que sigas subiendo mas resúmenes de la saga, en especial de Ruki mukami y de los hermanos esos…(no recuerdo su apellido) carla y shin, Y también las otras rutas de los demás hermanos sakamaki y mukami,
    Gracias por estar subiendo los resúmenes para aquellos que no hemos jugado el juego, Que tengas un buen dia.


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