[Summary] Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Mukami Azusa


I didn’t really plan to put any Dialovers summaries up but I can’t seem to find one for Azusa… unless it’s been done and i’m just terrible at searching for things so I thought i’d do one myself!

(Spoilers under the cut)

The game follows on from where More Blood left off. As most of you will know from the Mukami prologue the Tsukinami brothers attack the Mukami house in order to take Yui away. Whilst the other 3 are fending off the wolves Azusa is left in charge of Yui and the two of them run off to a safe room. Worried about the others Azusa gives Yui instructions on how to get out of here telling her to head to the netherworld to find the Sakamaki brothers and stay with them until it’s safe.

Yui refuses to leave them behind and runs after Azusa where she’s confronted by Shin and a wounded Azusa. Shin grabs Yui and goes to leave but she begs him to bring Azusa along otherwise he’ll just die here. Shin is reluctant but brings Azusa back with him.

At the Tsukinami house Azusa isn’t doing well. His arm is getting worse by the day and his life is in danger (his arm was injured back in More blood when he was shot by a vampire hunter). Yui’s called to Carla’s room and she agrees to do whatever he wants as long as Carla promises to save Azusa.

When Yui returns to the room she’s sharing with Azusa he can tell Carla has been sucking her blood and he forces himself on Yui since she wants her blood sucked so much. He stops himself just before he goes through with it refusing to become just like Carla. He won’t do anything she doesn’t want to because he loves her. As things get worse Yui begs Azusa to give up his arm, at this rate he’ll die but Azusa just can’t, possibly because he’s unable to let go of Justin and the others. From this point on Azusa can’t help but feel weak and useless, unable to protect Yui. In one encounter Carla asks Azusa if he really wants power, Azusa is unable to answer.

Shortly after Azusa plans to escape with Yui. Sitting in the lounge one day Shin comes for Yui. Azusa grabs her and threatens to kill her. Shin doesn’t think he has the guts to but Azusa’s seriousness leaves him slightly weary.


During that moment Azusa makes a break for it through the window taking Yui with him. The pair flee to a nearby church where Azusa collapses to the ground.

Shin is quick to find the two of them but Kou and Yuma show up. They hold off Shin and the wolves whilst Yui and Azusa flee to the netherworld where Ruki is waiting for them.

A week passes after that and Azusa regains conciousness much to everyone’s relief. Initially he seems cheerful until he notices his left arm is gone. Ruki reveals that he made the decision to have it removed in order to save Azusa’s life. As the shock sets in Azusa’s mood drops significantly and he tells them all to leave, wishing to be alone.

Time goes by and day by day Azusa feels more useless unable to do anything properly. Paranoia sets in and he starts to feel insecure every time Yui is not by his side. He questions her every time she’s with the other brothers and needs constant reassurance. But even with Yui insisting she belongs to him deep down Azusa can’t accept it feeling weaker than before.

The others notice the change in Azusa and start to worry then one day Azusa disappears. Yui’s left behind at the house for her own safety as the others go searching with no success.

At the Tsukinami house Azusa appears wishing to speak to Carla. He wants to become stronger to protect Yui, as he is now he can’t even protect himself. Carla agrees to grant his wish if Azusa does as he says. Azusa agrees to Carla’s terms and returns home.

Having given up on the search the Mukamis try to stay hopeful although they can’t help but assume the worst. Azusa walks through the door surprising them all. Their relief is short lives as the youngest brother draws a knife and stabs Ruki then Yuma and finally Kou. Yui’s left shocked as Azusa says it’s over, they can finally return home together.

Azusa and Yui return to the human world back to the Mukami house. Yui’s still left in shock but Azusa seems more at ease being back home. He goes to Yui’s side but she pushes him away. This isn’t the Azusa she fell in love with, the Azusa she loves would never turn on his brothers like that. The Azusa she loves cherishes his brothers and wouldn’t wish to harm them in a million years.

Crying Yui asks Azusa why, why did he kill them? Azusa admits it’s because he wants strength. He’d always been the weakest out of the four of them and was never able to fend for himself. Time and time again he watched Yui get hurt unable to do a thing. If only he was stronger none of this would have ever happened. Richter (I’ve forgotten the alias he uses in this game x.x) comes to confirm the news as the Tsukinami’s messenger. Carla and Shin show up after and Carla has one more order for Azusa before he grants his wish. Handing over a knife Carla orders Azusa to kill Yui offering her as a sacrifice to him. Azusa hesitates but Yui believes in him and in the end Azusa can’t bring himself to kill Yui. Disappointed but not surprised the Tsukinamis grab Yui and leave Azusa for dead.

Having lost everything and barely able to move Azusa has nothing as once again he was unable to proctect Yui because of his weakness. As he reflects on everything he’s done someone helps him up, it’s Ruki. The eldest punches Azusa asking if he’s finally opened his eyes to the truth. Not once did any of them consider him weak and useless, they all value Azusa and can’t imagine life without him. If there’s something he can’t do he should let the others help. Individually they may have their weaknesses but they are strong as a team. Azusa bursts into tears repeated apologizing for everything he’s put them through. The others comfort him just glad they have the old Azusa back, although Yuma says next time he tries to kill someone he should probably make sure he cuts through their throats cleanly.

Regaining composure Azusa asks them all to head back to the netherworld and wait for him while he rescues Yui. They can’t believe that Azusa would even consider going on his own after their little conversation and won’t allow it.

At the Tsukinami house Carla has Yui pinned against the wall. She refuses him and resists unlike the time before. Yui says it’s because back then Carla agreed to help Azusa. Suddenly Azusa runs in and grabs Yui shortly followed by Yuma, Kou and Ruki. They try to fend Carla off which difficulty. Ruki orders Azusa to take Yui and go on ahead first. Jumping through the window Azusa takes Yui back the church they fled to the time before. He apologizes for everything he had put Yui through but more than anything she’s just glad she has her Azusa back. Ruki and the others catch up with them soon after and they all head back to the netherworld.

The lunar eclipse is coming to an end and they receive a invitation from the Sakamaki household. It’s an invitation to an end of the eclipse party hosted by Karlheinz. With the party coming up Yui and Azusa practice dancing together both being complete novices. During practice Ruki interrupts to ask Azusa to deliver something to the Sakamakis for him.

After Azusa leaves Ruki acts as Yui’s replacement partner. The truth is he wishes to talk to Yui and that’s why he sent Azusa off on an errand. He asks her not to get too close to Azusa because she is Eve and Azusa cannot become Adam. As long as they are together they can never truly be happy and in the end they’ll both get hurt. Ruki doesn’t want to see Azusa hurt and he knows Yui feels the same way so he leaves her with that final request just as Azusa returns.

Days go by after Ruki and Yui’s talk. Azusa stops by to practice dancing but he can tell something’s been off since that day. He asks Yui to tell him the truth but she can’t bring herself to and convinces him that nothing happened. Azusa doesn’t pursue it any further because he trusts Yui. Lastly he asks her to close her eyes and put her hands out, he has a present for her. When she opens her eyes there’s a small music box in her hands.


Azusa had made it himself but it took a while because he’s only got one arm. All he wants is for Yui to stay by his side forever because he loves her and as long as he has that he’ll be happy.

The day before the party they’re all in the living room minus Ruki when they hear a loud thud. Ruki comes in to tell everyone there’s been an attack most likely by the first bloods. Ruki sends the others out to search the nearby woods for any suspicious characters leaving him alone with Yui. With everyone gone a group of unknown people approach Yui and take her away under Ruki’s orders. Because she is Eve she has to be protected at all costs and for the sake of both her and Azusa they cannot be together any longer.

Yui dreams of a life with Azusa and their kids when she awakens in an unfamiliar room. Ruki explains that this is Eden, Karlheinz’s house. Yui begs Ruki to let her return to Azusa’s side but that’s the one thing he cannot do.

Karlheinz arrives to greet Yui and asks Ruki to leave wishing to have a word with Eve. Yui begs Karlheinz to let her be with Azusa she can’t be Eve if Azusa isn’t her Adam. Her pleas are useless, as it stands there isn’t anyone suitable to become Adam in this current world. Until a strong enough Adam appears she is to stay here and wait. Yui refuses to just sit by and wait deciding to escape and return to Azusa.

Meanwhile back at the Mukami house Azusa searches the house frantically looking for Yui but she’s not there. He confronts Ruki who hands him a letter supposedly from Yui and tells him to give up on her but Azusa knows this isn’t Yui’s handwriting.

Running through the woods Yui sets up a fire taking shelter in a nearby cave. She comes across a pack of wolves and flees. Things go dark for a second when she suddenly finds herself reunited with Azusa who had been searching for her all this time. Not once did he believe that letter was from Yui and upon hearing she had been at Eden his suspicions are confirmed

With wolves roaming everywhere the two take shelter in an abandoned house. They’re finally together again but deep down Azusa knew, he knew they could never be together and so with each second that passed he wished time would stop for the two of them.

Brute Ending: They return to the house to find it roaming with wolves. Azusa douses the place with fuel deciding to set fire to it all killing everything and everyone. Yui tries to stop him concerned for Ruki and the others but Azusa says even if Ruki dies it’s fine, most likely because of the incident with Karlheinz. With everyone dead no one can get between them anymore and they can finally be together.

Yui’s unable to stop Azusa in his current state so she runs into the fire to help the others. Azusa panics at the thought of losing Yui after all he had done for her. He tries to run in after her but Carla stops him asking for Yui. Seeing no use for Azusa Carla kills him.

Carla sends Shin and the wolves in to retrieve Yui but by the time they get to her she’s little to no use to them anymore in her current state. With her sanity gone and her body charred she remains locked up in the Tsukinami dungeon.

Manservant Ending: Azusa suggests they run away, back to the human world. Worried about the others they have no choice but to run. As the number of wolves increase they run and run but things only get worse and worse. Azusa’s afraid Yui may die, as a vampire he’ll probably be okay but she’s a human. Yui assures him it’s okay, if they have to die they’ll die together. Fleeing they return to the church where they’ll finally be at rest together forever.


Yui tells Azusa she loves him one last time, the knife pointed at Azusa’s heart. He tells her he love her too embracing her. As they deliver the final blow they lay dying in each others arms.


[I love you…..Yui…]

Vampire Ending: Worried they head back to help the others. As they make their way back the music box Azusa made for her falls out of her pocket. Yui reaches out to grab it losing her balance. Azusa barely manages to grab ahold of her hand before she falls off the cliff edge. Suddenly Shin spots them and hits Azusa causing the latter to let go of Yui’s hand. Enraged Azusa using all his anger to fight back defeating Shin.

He jumps off the cliff frantically searching for Yui. At the bottom he finds her body surround by a pool of blood. Severely wounded she begins to lose conciousness. Azusa begs her to open her eyes but she doesn’t

In the end Azusa got the power he wished for but at the cost of Yui. Unable to protect Yui his new found power is useless.

They eventually return back the the house and lay Yui to rest on her bed. Days go by with no sign of Yui regaining conciousness. Azusa stays by her side through all this time as the others can only watch on feeling sorry for their younger brother.

On the night of the full moon Azusa sits down beside Yui telling her of how beautiful it is and how he wishes to be able to share it with her. If only she would just wake up he would pledge his eternal love towards her sealing it properly with a wedding and a kiss, so please just wake up.

Crying he can’t imagine a world without her. He’s supposed to be her prince and as her prince he should be able to awaken her with a kiss. But he can’t.

Karlheinz appears before them to which Azusa begs him to save Yui. No matter how much Azusa begs there’s nothing he can do though, he’s unable to turn her into a vampire and save her.

As the one who turned him into a vampire Azusa holds out a knife and asks Karlheinz to kill him so he can be with Yui.


[Wait for me Yui, i’ll be there soon. With this, we can finally be together forever….]

When Yui awakens she finds herself in a field of flowers with Azusa by her side. In the end Azusa was able to become Adam so Karlheinz returned Adam and Eve to Eden where they could finally be together forever.



I cried A LOT during this route. Initially I found the situation parts a little TOO fluffy. I mean sure it’s understandable but it was too much for me at times OTL. Can I also just point out how beautiful the soundtrack is TAT. If anyone has the musicbox theme that’s played in Azusa’s ecstasy scenes i’ll love you forever ;3;

I feel like they developed Azusa’s story very well. With him losing his arm and being unable to do things he could previously do he became incredibly insecure and valued himself less. Weak to begin with he knows he can’t stand up to Carla or Shin when it comes to protecting Yui as he is before his arm was removed.

His insecurities and desire to protect Yui leads to him seeking out power and ultimately being tricked by Carla. Even after all of that the Mukami brothers stand by him, something he has struggled to understand from as far back as when he was a child. There’s a scene where Kou has a fever and the others are tending to him. Azusa asks why Yuma would go to the trouble of stealing meat and giving it to Kou. If it’s such a good thing why not keep it to yourself? Same with Ruki who gives Kou his scarf, surely Ruki would be cold without it but he so easily hands it over to the sick boy. Azusa has never been on the receiving end forever being used and tosses aside, thus finds it hard to help others which results in him depending on himself which fuels his desire for power.

As time goes on Azusa slowly learns what it feels like to have others there for you, with the help of the others he is finally able to save Yui, something he had wanted to do from the beginning but failed to do so on numerous occasions.

Shin and Carla were FAR better antagonists than the Mukamis were in More Blood. I didn’t particularly hate them apart from Shin in the vampire ending. I swear I wanted to throw him off that cliff but Azusa made him pay for what he did.

On to a less serious note. I was pretty much crying a river throughout the manservant ending. For me this was the most beautiful ending though bittersweet.

I do have a few unanswered questions after playing but hopefully some of them will be answered in other routes. Also, out of the Sakamaki brothers I only met Reiji, once, that was it x.x

Uh what else can I say….as my favourite I was not disappointed this was really nice to play. I did feel bored during the scenarios at times but the actual story part was better than I had expected (mind you I didn’t have very high hopes for this game).

I’m glad I did Azusa’s route first. Usually I go for Kanato as he’s my other favourite but after HDB I feel like he’s less chillingly creepy and more just screaming in my face…Had I went for Kanato’s route first I might have called it quits early on and never given the others a chance. Atleast now i’m more willing to hold out and wait, should the route get off to a bad start…

(Sorry for the lack of screenshots/CGs ^^; I did take quite a few but I forgot where most of them went OTL)


7 thoughts on “[Summary] Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate: Mukami Azusa

  1. Wait i have a question!! *raises hand* the Vampire Ending at the end, was it actually real (like they both live and lalala happy ending) or was it all yui’s dream? If its a dream, i need someone to hug me


    • Uwa sorry I took so long to reply to this >3<

      It's been a while since I played this so I can't fully remember but considering it's a happy ending i'm going to say they both live (we all know papamaki could totally save her if he wanted to!!)


  2. do you think you can also give a summary about azusa’s heaven scenarios?? :O THANKS FOR THIS BTW I CANT PLAY THE GAME SO IT WAS A BLESSING TO FIND THIS ❤


    • Hi hi! You’re welcome and I love to see people interested in this precious ball of fluff (/)3(\) I finally got round to summarizing Azusa’s heaven scenarios in DF today! If you go to the homepage it’s the first post that comes up. I hope you find them as cute as I did ^^~

      Sorry for the late reply but I wanted to get the heaven scenarios done before I replied >3<


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