[Summary] Dynamic Chord feat Reve Parfait: Tsukinohara Kuon

This is the final part of my Reve parfait summaries. Thank you so much to everyone who has read these and waited patiently for this. I’m sorry it took so long but I really enjoyed doing these ^^;

Kuon is the band’s guitarist and recently appointed leader (following Reon’s bust up with their ex bassist). Childhood friends with Rio, Aki and Reon he’s considered Aki’s best friend. Things get messy when someone from their past appears testing Kuon and Aki’s friendship to the max.

The girls at school are picking on Rio as usual because of her connections to the Reve Parfait members. In particular picking on her looks. Thinking about it Rio wanders around the shops after school. She comes across Kuon who comes up with an idea dragging Rio back to his house.

Sitting in Kuon’s room Rio has no idea what she’s gotten herself in for. Kuon asks her to take off her glasses giving her a thorough once over before declaring his plans to make her cute.


After hearing what Rio had said about wanting to look like a manager worthy of Reve Parfait Kuon had decided he too wanted to help her look cute but for her sake rather than for the band.

Aki arrives shortly after Kuon’s done making Rio over. Surprised at how cute Rio is both he and Kuon offer to continue helping Rio with anything she doesn’t know about makeup so all she has to do is believe in herself a little more.

The next day Rio wears her new look to school surprising all her classmates. When Reon appears he only has bad things to say about Rio’s makeover, an ugly person remains ugly even with makeup. Rio’s left feeling down and insecure but her friends reassure her that she really does look cute.

After school Rio heads off to buy contacts, just as she’s leaving she runs into Kuon who decides to tag along. As they’re leaving Kuon asks Rio to hand over her glasses since she’ll be getting contacts anyway. Rio is a little against it but does so and can’t see very well because of it. Kuon says it’s fine as he takes her hand but Rio doesn’t think it’s a good idea because it might lead to misunderstandings, people might think she’s Kuon’s girlfriend. Kuon brushes her worries aside saying it wouldn’t be a problem leading the way.

Walking through town the pair can’t help but over hear people talking about them being a good looking couple. Kuon continues to reassure Rio that she really does look cute regardless of what Reon said because deep down they all know he didn’t mean it.

At the next band practice Tsumugi can’t help but check Rio out pretty impressed with her makeover. Jokingly he asks if she wants to play about but Kuon jumps in separating the two as practice is about to start.

Discussions are under way with regards to the new song. All is going smoothly and Kuon sets November as the deadline to finish the song giving them a month before the Christmas live to smooth out the rough edges. The meeting comes to an end shortly after and Tsumugi can’t help but point out how close Kuon’s been to Rio lately. Kuon doesn’t seem very phased by Tsumugi’s words and responds as if he hasn’t noticed at all as the topic of conversation turns to Tsumugi.

School’s over for another day and Rio heads back to the classroom to pick up something she had forgotten. She hears voices coming from the room only to find a girl with Kuon.


The girl says she’ll do anything if it’s with Kuon and he asks if she would even go as far as kissing him. The girl is slightly hesitant but agrees. As the two kiss Rio can’t help but watch on. Her hand slips on the door giving herself away. Rio turns to run away but Kuon calls out to her. She apologizes for interrupting expecting Kuon to be angry but he isn’t. He suggests they head home together and asks if she could go wait by the school gates. Apologizing he tells her he’ll make this quick and so Rio leaves.

They walk home awkwardly and Kuon apologizes for having Rio walk in on something like that, blaming himself for kissing that girl. Rio asks if that girl was his girlfriend but Kuon’s answer is somewhat vague. Rio tells Kuon it’s no good for him to go around like this because even Aki will worry.

It’s revealed that Kuon hasn’t had a proper girlfriend since middle school because of the band. He insists Rio has nothing to apologize for as he asks if they could change topic after all this is a problem he has to deal with on his own.

Rio starts to worry about how Kuon sees her but he reassures her that she’s special compared to other girls, she’s like a little sister to him and because of that he won’t lay a finger on her

The new song is coming along well and the boys spend more time focused on practising and refining the song. On an off day Rio runs into Kuon just as she’s heading home. He offers to walk her. On the way back it starts pouring it down so Kuon offers his house until it lightens up.

Sadly they aren’t able to avoid it nearly quick enough and arrive soaked. Rio’s a little cold so Kuon suggests she heads for a shower to avoid catching a cold. After her shower Rio changes into some of towa’s spare clothes and head to Kuon’s room only to find him asleep on the bed. Kuon wakes up shortly after apologizing for drifting off. Rio can tell he’s tired from all that’s going on recently.

Kuon heads to the kitchen getting them both something warm to drink and the pair sit down to chat. Rio asks Kuon if he’s tired and he admits that it’s been quite hard lately juggling the band and his studies. But even so as long as he has his guitar to de-stress he’ll be fine. Kuon reveals that both him and Aki are aiming to go to the same college and are studying hard. When Rio asks if they’ll quit the band once they start college Kuon tells her they won’t because the band is something important to them both.


It’s the day after and Rio’s slightly out of it. Her classmates are worried but she insists she’s fine having avoided most of the heavy rain from the night before. Rio asks them to go on ahead to class without her when Kuon comes across her clearly able to see something’s wrong with Rio. Placing a hand on her head Kuon can tell straight away that Rio has a fever. Kuon takes her aside and sits her down, he helps her gather her things and asks if anyone will be able to take care of her at home. Rio’s mother is at work and won’t be home for a while, upon hearing this Kuon decides to take her home himself. Rio doesn’t want to trouble Kuon but he tells her not to worry because 3rd years are done for the day.

Kuon makes sure Rio’s okay before heading out to the shops to pick a few things up. He returns with food and stays by Rio’s side.


Kuon insists on feeding her because she’s ill and in the end Rio has no choice but to do as he says. After finishing her yoghurt Rio tells Kuon he can leave but Kuon says he’ll stay a little longer until she’s asleep. He recalls a time when he was ill and Aki looked after him, Aki had told him it was okay to be selfish in these kinds of situations that’s why no matter what Rio asks of him he’ll listen. Rio only has one wish, for Kuon to stay by her side until she falls asleep. Kuon is a little surprised at how little Rio asks for but agrees to stay with her.

Rio falls asleep with Kuon by her side. Watching over Rio’s peaceful face Kuon can’t help but question how he really feels about Rio. Up until now she had always been like a little sister to him but now he’s not really sure what he feels. Looking back at her once more Kuon decides to put an end to whatever feelings he may be developing for Rio before she gets hurt.

Later on that evening Rio awoken to find Kuon asleep by her side. Glancing over at Kuon she becomes more aware of her own feelings towards him but can’t bring herself to say anything. Keeping this secret all to herself she rests up and eventually gets better.

Like usual she runs into Kuon and Aki on the way to school fully recovered from her cold. The pair of them can’t help but worry over Rio but she’s more than fine thanks to Kuon. Aki asks that next time she’s sick though she calls on him too because he can’t help but worry.

Band practice that night, Reon reveals the finished track. The band are full of compliments upon hearing it, all that’s left is for Aki to finish the lyrics. Kuon sends Rio home early to rest because she was ill the day before.


Rio notices Aki out of the corner of her eye looking somewhat lonely as she exchanges small talk with Kuon. The others start to notice her dazed expression but she brushes it off saying she was just over thinking.

Aki walks Rio home and she’s the first to break the silence wishing him luck with the lyrics. Aki seems out of it and distracted as he replies though. Although he is smiling Rio can tell that’s not how he really feels. Rio tries to cheer him up saying the lyrics will turn out fine.

The next day Rio walks to school with Aki and Kuon as usual. Aki seems fine compared to last night. Kuon pulls out the setlist for the Christmas live whilst they’re walking and asks Rio for her opinion. Rio suggests a few revisions and Kuon changes the setlist according to what Rio says. After deciding on the alterations Kuon asks Aki for his thoughts on the final setlist but Aki’s too spaced out to notice Kuon talking to him. Aki admits that he’s been thinking a lot about the lyrics since last night but besides that he’s fine. Kuon and Rio aren’t too convinced but don’t want to push Aki too far and drop it returning to the original point of conversation.

2 days later the band are at Kuon’s house rehearsing for the upcoming live. Rio goes out to buy snacks for everyone, whilst the others dig in Aki politely declines not being particularly hungry.  Rio insists that Aki atleast drinks something. Taking the bottle from Rio Aki thanks her before collapsing to the floor. Reon rushes to his side helping him up.


Reon carries Aki over to the sofa and the other members fetch water and other things of such. Aki is grateful towards them for their concerns but insists that he’s fine now. But Aki is clearly far from okay and Kuon won’t allow him to continue.

It’s just as Reon had feared, Aki hadn’t slept at all recently. To make it worse Aki hasn’t eaten once during all the times they got together or when at home. All Aki can do is apologize for being a burden on the band. Reon calls him an idiot for thinking like that. Not once had they considered him a burden nor will they ever because they’re bandmates.

Tsumugi and Reon leave to buy food leaving Aki in Kuon’s care. With Rio’s help Kuon carries Aki up to his room so Aki can rest. Putting Aki down on the bed it doesn’t take long for Aki to fall asleep.

Reon and Tsumugi return. Everyone’s worried but atleast Aki’s asleep for now. Without a drummer they call it quits for the night. Tsumugi and Reon head off to practice together whilst Kuon walks Rio home.

Walking home Rio recalls a time when Aki was just like this. When his parents got divorced Aki didn’t eat, drink or sleep for days. He had always tried to handle things on his own. Rio asks Kuon to watch over Aki for her. Kuon agrees to, having relied on Aki so much over the years. Seeing how much Rio cares for Aki makes Kuon somewhat jealous although he isn’t quite sure why.

The next day Rio wakes up having not slept much still worried about Aki. On the way to school Kuon and Aki call out to her. Rio rushes over bombarding Aki with questions but he feels fine after a good nights rest. The three of them walk to school like normal after.

During lunch Rio’s phone goes off she receives a mail from Kuon. It asks if she’s free right now and if she is if she could meet him up on the roof. Rio replies hurrying off. The pair sit down and Kuon brings up Aki, although he appears fine Kuon reveals that Aki’s still not fully recovered. Aki didn’t really sleep much last night and come morning he hadn’t touched breakfast. Kuon tried giving him a smoothie but after 2 sips he was done. Although Rio had asked Kuon to watch over Aki he wasn’t able to do a thing. Aki didn’t open up to him or even try to share what was on his mind. Even so Kuon really wants to help him more than anything.


Kuon goes on to tell Rio about something that happened in middle school. Back then he met a a beautiful young girl that he had fallen in love with. Soon after one summer she became his first love and the two started dating. He loved her so much he couldn’t stand seeing her with other guys, he wanted her all to himself. But it was too much for her and in order to get away from Kuon she cheated on him. Even though he knew he didn’t stop and one day stopping by her house found her sleeping with another guy. He didn’t know why but he was so mad he snapped almost strangling her. At that time the one who stopped him was Aki.


That day he had promised to head to Aki’s to hang out but never came. Worried Aki had gone looking for him and that’s when he found him. When Aki found Kuon he fought hard to stop him and got hurt in the process but even so he managed to stop Kuon. Even after all that Kuon wasn’t able to let go of his girlfriend, he still loved her. Back then Kuon really didn’t care if his girlfriend lived or died. Aki turned up to his house one day and Kuon ending up lashing out at him but all Aki did was hug him in return. Kuon broke down crying and Aki begged him to tell him what was wrong. It was then Kuon realized how wrong he was. He had such a good friend by his side yet he was doing all this. To think he could hit such a gentle person.

After that Kuon finally let go of his girlfriend and the band was formed all thanks to Aki.

In order to cheer Aki up they plan to go to the amusement park with just the three of them.

On Sunday they head to the amusement park. They spend the day going around various rides until lunch time when Kuon and Aki decide on where to go for food. The two of them walk ahead unware that Rio can’t keep up eventually losing her in the crowd. Searching through her bag for her phone Kuon runs back and spots her. He apologizes for leaving her behind taking her hand as they both head to where Aki’s waiting. The day comes to an end and they’re buying gifts for Reon and Tsumugi before they leave. Aki doesn’t seem too cheerful. Even when they’re walking home Aki seems a little off. Suddenly Aki comes to a halt.


[The truth is…I can’t write those lyrics]

With the Christmas live and possible chance of a major debut Aki can’t bring himself to find the words. Up until now he had always written lyrics revolving around the feeling of being alone. To be able to write lyrics speaking of love is an impossible feet for him.


Aki’s in love with someone that will never return his feelings. He had tried to deny his own feelings and put on a smile whenever he was with them. He figured if he revealed his true feelings that person would probably grow to despise him. The thought of that person hating him was too much, they meant so much to him he would rather not say anything than risk losing them forever. But seeing that person getting close to others made him angry


[And so these disgusting thoughts began to pile up inside me. I am an ugly human being]


[Say, what is love? To love someone should be a happy thing right?]


[I know that one day it’ll come to an end. So is their any reason to love someone?]


[To think that loving someone could be this painful…]

And so to have to write a song of love knowing his own feelings would never be received was too painful. But even so he didn’t want to let the band down however no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t do it. Kuon snaps him out of it calling him an idiot. A song about love doesn’t have to necessarily be about lovers. To love your parents, your siblings or a friend, those kinds of love exist too. In that sense both him and Rio love Aki, he’s someone truly important to them both. In that case Kuon asks Aki what his feelings towards them are. Aki finds them all very important and loves them all from Kuon to Rio, to Reon and Tsumugi too.

Kuon asks if it’s okay then if Aki can get that image of love in his head but even so Aki says it’s no good like this. With his band mates by his side and Kuon insisting it’ll be fine Aki pledges to try again.

They walk home holding hands like when they were kids and Kuon can’t help but bring up this mysterious person Aki likes. Kuon doesn’t believe there’s such thing as a person you cannot love. Love doesn’t have any barriers come age, gender, etc as long as you love them.

A week passes and Aki finally has a rough set of lyrics written up. He reveals them at band practice asking for the others’ input. The lyrics are well received and they decide to give the completed song a go


They go through the song a few more times tweaking it every now and then eventually calling it a night. Aki walks Rio home from Kuon’s house talking about the guys on the way. A girl appears before them, one that Rio had previously seen hanging out around Kuon’s house. Aki stops and looks straight at her, she’s Kuon’s ex girlfriend. Aki’s a little surprised to hear that Rio knows so much about her having never met the girl. It’s getting late and the girl disappears.

On the way to the studio the next day Kuon’s ex is waiting outside the school for him. She calls Kuon aside to talk but he turns her down for once using practice as an excuse. His ex won’t let him off so easily and tells Rio to get lost because she’s in the way. Kuon asks the girl he refers to now as Sana to leave for today because of practice but promises he’ll go out with her next time. Sana accepts Kuon’s proposal calling it a day.

The band go for food after rehearsals when suddenly Sana comes running towards Kuon in tears.


[It has to be Kuon after all, if it’s not Kuon I don’t want them…(cont.) I can’t live without you Kuon.]

Aki drags Sana off Kuon calling her a good liar as usual. Sana turns her attention to Aki and realizes it’s him, from that time before. Aki tells her to get lost, she’s in the way. Kuon is unable to speak as Sana drapes herself over him. In the end Kuon apologizes to the others leaving with Sana.

Reon and Tsumugi can tell something’s up but Aki changes the topic quickly and the other two are forced to give up.

As if nothing happened Aki picks Rio up on the way to school the next day. Things are tense and Kuon appears along the way. Upon seeing Kuon Aki runs over and slaps him. Rio’s quick to run over to help but Kuon tells her it’s fine.

Aki asks if he really did end it with Sana. Kuon says he did to which Aki goes on to ask why he’s still meeting up with her then. Kuon reveals it’s because she won’t leave him alone.


[That time I told you didn’t I!? I told you to forget about her]

Kuon can see where Aki’s coming from but Sana isn’t a girl he can just let go like that. If that’s the case Aki tells him to do whatever he wants, he no longer cares. Aki walks off and Kuon turns around to leave, he’s not going to school today. Rio runs after Kuon, she can’t leave him like this and chooses to skip school and go with him wherever he ends up going.

The pair get on the train and head to the beach. Whenever Kuon wants to think things over he always comes to the beach alone, that’s why he brought Rio here. The pair talk about everything that’s happened up until now and Kuon admits that he’s weak and finds it hard to be harsh with people. Being an older brother he’s always been soft and that’s probably why he couldn’t say no to Sana. Rio doesn’t see anything wrong with being so kind to others.


Kuon rests his head on Rio’s shoulder and tells her that being with her is the thing he likes best. He feels relieved around her although he’s not sure why.

He goes on to sympathise with what Aki had said but even so Rio says she likes Kuon as he is. Kuon’s shocked to hear this and Rio’s quick to defend herself but Kuon says it’s fine because he knows she didn’t mean she like liked him.

Rio knows that deep down she does like Kuon that way and although scared she sums up the courage to confess. Kuon accepts her feelings because he feels the same way. But even so, as he is he cannot return her feelings right now. He asks her to wait for him, for when he can face her head on and properly return her feelings.

They end up staying til evening as things get cold. The pair head for the train home, just as Rio’s getting up she slips but Kuon catches her


Resting his hand on her cheek Kuon looks Rio in the eyes. Although he asked her to wait he asks if should could forget for this one moment kissing her.


When they get back Aki’s waiting for them at the station. He apologizes but Kuon says it was his fault, Aki didn’t do anything wrong. Kuon leaves Rio in Aki’s care asking him to take her home.

The next day Sana’s waiting outside of the school, she pulls Rio aside telling her to stop interfering with her and Kuon because they’re officially back together. Last night when Kuon returned they got talking. Thinking back Kuon was nowhere to be seen this morning.

Sana tells her not to misunderstand how Kuon feels towards her. He simply sees her as a little sister and he’s nice to everyone, Kuon would never go for such a dull ugly girl like her.

With that in mind Sana warns Rio not to lay a finger on Kuon every again, as long as she knows her place everything will be fine.

Bad ending: Shortly after that confrontation Rio quit being Reve Parfait’s manager. Aki can’t quite believe it and confronts Rio about it at school. Aki can see straight through Rio’s fake reasons but she reassures him it has nothing to do with Kuon.

Kuon’s waiting outside for Rio certain that Sana has something to do with this but Rio denies Sana having anything to do with it. Kuon pleads with her to atleast hear him out but Rio cuts him off apologizing because she has to leave. She tells him to stay away from her and he gives up.

At home Rio locks herself up in her room, there’s a knock, it’s Aki. He hands over Kuon’s pick asking once more for Rio to come back. As apologetic as she feels Rio can’t return.

Good and Best ending

[These two share a common route before branching off]

Rio refuses to believe what Sana says unless Kuon admits it’s true. Rio goes to leave but Sana grabs her by the hand. As things get heated Aki steps in removing Sana’s hand from Rio. He tells her to quit it already. Sana’s furious to see Aki again, he’s always showing up and getting in her way. She demands they return Kuon to her.


[Aki: Kuon doesn’t belong to you!]

Aki leaves her with one final warning, if she ever lays a finger on Kuon or Rio ever again he won’t be so nice next time.

Kuon appears as Aki gets angrier and angrier.  Sana throws herself at Kuon accusing Aki of hurting her but Kuon doesn’t respond. He leaves her side and stands by Rio and Aki because he knows they would never do such a thing.

For everything he put Sana through back then and for hurting her he is truly sorry. But they can no longer return to those happier days. Because now he has other people in his life that are important to him. Taking Rio’s hand he admits that she’s most important person to him and he doesn’t want to hurt her.

Sana frantically begs Kuon to let go of Rio’s hand but that’s one thing he can’t do.

He’s not sure if he could ever love again but if it’s Rio he wants to try and as long as he has her, Aki, Tsumugi and Reon by his side that’s all that matters.

Kuon may not love Sana anymore but to him she’s still an important person. Sana can’t accept things the way they are but no matter how hard she tries Kuon can’t see anyone besides Rio. He assures her it will be okay though, one day she’ll find someone else to love. Nothing will sway how Kuon feels, it’s over between him and Sana. He’s thankful towards her for everything they had and apologetic for all the things he did but this really is the final goodbye.

As a reward for finally letting go of Sana Aki gives them the day off telling him to enjoy himself today and come back working extra hard at rehearsals tomorrow. He leaves Kuon in Rio’s care heading home.

They head back to Kuon’s house both having something they want to say to each other. The moment Kuon closes his bedroom door he sighs with huge relief, it’s finally over. He can love Rio properly now. He confesses his love for Rio and asks her to go out with him. She happily accepts his feelings as they’re finally able to be together.

The day of the Christmas live arrives, Reve Parfait take to the stage putting on a fantastic performance resulting in them getting signed to Dynamic Chord. (Plays out exactly the same as other routes)

Good ending: Rehearsal ends as usual and Aki and the guys all head back to eat leaving Rio and Kuon on their own to flirt as much as they want, as Reon puts it. (Kuon’s just going to walk Rio home so chill kiddies)


At school Rio’s friends are shocked to here that she hasn’t done it with Kuon. They’re officially going out now but not much has changed from before. He kisses her every now and then but besides that it’s pretty much the same. Her friends come to the conclusion that Kuon really cherishes Rio and wants to wait until she’s ready before taking it to the next stage. The girls start to pity Kuon for having to wait for Rio. They suggest that Rio brings it up with Kuon the next time she has a chance or better yet make the first move.

Rio stops by Kuon’s house after school. Kuon can tell something’s up with how Rio’s acting. She isn’t able to hide how she feels very well but Kuon doesn’t try to force it out of her. In the end she resorts to throwing herself at Kuon LOL


Kuon panics not sure what to do. This isn’t like Rio at all, he tells her to calm down before she does something irrational. Finally calm Kuon asks her again so Rio reveals that her friends had taught her to do this. Kuon’s at a loss for words but can’t help finding her incredibly cute.

As much as he wants to sleep with Rio he’s aware that it’ll be her first time, because of that he doesn’t want to rush her into doing anything she’s scared of doing. He tells her not to worry about him because if it’s her he’ll wait so they should just do things at their own pace.

Best ending: After the Christmas live they all head back to Kuon’s house. Kuon calls Rio over to his side asking if it’s okay to let everyone know they’re dating. As long as Kuon’s fine with it Rio doesn’t mind. He calls the others over and breaks the news, him and Rio are dating! The other members are naturally shocked in disbelief whilst Aki congratulates them.

Reon and Tsumugi start to tease Rio asking her what’s so good about Kuon. His kissing perhaps or maybe….before Tsumugi can finish Reon jokingly slaps him for being a pervert. Kuon intervenes to save Rio because what happen’s between them is a secret.

Feeling defeated Reon and Tsumugi call it quits suggesting they practice instead because seeing Kuon and Rio lovey dovey was making them angry, that or they could beat Kuon up instead (jokingly).

Secret Scenario: It’s been their long over due date, Kuon had been busy lately but he finally had time to see Rio. She knows how hard he’s been working lately with the band and doesn’t want to see Kuon push himself too hard. Rio asks Kuon to tell her if there’s anything she can do for him. Since he hasn’t had a proper meal in a while he asks if she would prepare him something. They both head back to Kuon’s house and Rio heads for the kitchen. Rio had used a few tips and tricks Aki had taught her and Kuon can tell straight away because Aki’s prepared food for him before.

After dinner they make coffee and head up to Kuon’s room. It’s raining outside so Kuon asks Rio to stay the night to avoid catching a cold again. She heads for a shower changing into Towa’s spare clothes afterwards. When she returns to Kuon’s room she finds him playing Christmas Carol on his acoustic. It’s a song that means a lot to all of them and because of that it’s the song he loves most. Leaving Rio he heads to wash up himself. He comes back to find Rio passed out on the couch. He carries her over to the bed waking her up in the process.


Kuon gently kisses her on the lips repeatedly going back for more. He doesn’t want to get too carried away though but Rio says it’s okay. Kuon is just happy hearing she feels that way, he asks her once more if it really is okay. He wants to be gentle with her but can’t say for certain he will be, if at any time she feels scared all she has to do is speak up. Kissing her gently Kuon takes her first.


First of all i’m finally done! Wow this took a long time to get round to. Kuon’s route starts off a little slow compared to the others but then it becomes a complete trainwreck x.x

Aki plays a huge role in this route and kudos to his seiyuu for doing a pretty good job. I really felt for Aki and it hurt so much watching him so torn. I know it’s not clearly stated but I truly believe that the one Aki loves is Kuon. At times I considered Rio but after playing Kuon’s route to the end I really do think Aki’s talking about Kuon.

It is a very realistic portrayal of a teenage boy struggling with his sexuality. What makes it harder is that his feelings are towards his friend. He’s so afraid of being hated he bottles it up and chooses never to find out over risking it and losing everything. I also believe that deep down Kuon knows it might be him. When he says that gender, age and such do not matter when it comes to love I feel like he’s responding to Aki’s feelings and willing to accept him as he is even if he cannot return Aki’s feelings.

Regardless in the end they all care for each other deeply and continue to cherish Aki deeply even after Rio and Kuon start dating.

I don’t really have much to say about Sana but at the same time I don’t find her character to be a waste either, I just have no thoughts I can really put into words right now x.x

Compared to the younger two Kuon doesn’t really force himself on Rio and his first kiss with her is when they both have feelings for each other. He also waits until she’s ready before they first have sex. I would like to point out that it’s made very clear they had sex in the secret scenario it’s not just insinuated.

Finally, thank you to everyone who has made it this far. I’m incredibly grateful to those of you who have stuck with me. I don’t really know if i’ll do the other Dynamic Chord games but we’ll see how things go. But until then I hope you’ve all enjoyed following these boys as much as I have!


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  1. OMG Ahhh I knew it God damn I’m feeling guilty now I’m an alfa fujoshi and SHIP SO HARD KUON X AKI OMGGGG :’) This route has to be yaoi …WHY ARE YOU AN OTOME GAMEEE ??? I must play BL now :’) Thanks for the review


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