[Summary] Dynamic Chord feat Reve Parfait: Kashii Reon


This would’ve been up sooner but I started playing Touken Ranbu over the weekend and just kind of forgot about everything else orz.

The younger of the two Kashii brothers Reon is Reve Parfait’s singer and Rio’s childhood friend. However due to an incident that occurred in middle school the two parted ways until recently…

Spoilers under the cut!

Practice commences as they get to work on the new song. It’s getting late and Reon ends up walking Rio home because the others are busy. Neither of them speak much but Reon asks if they could take a detour stopping by a local park.

Sitting on the swings Rio thinks back to how things used to be when they were little and how everything has changed since then.


In their 2nd year of middle school her and Reon had dated. Reon was popular and always had loads of girls confessing to him, as childhood friends they spent a lot of time together and Rio told Reon off for ignoring the girls that confessed to him. Reon said it was because they would cry and it was troublesome joking that Rio should become his girlfriend, then girls would leave him alone and there’d be no more crying. Rio says fine then, because making girls cry was bad.

If Rio is his girlfriend then it should be okay for them to kiss but Rio doesn’t see it that way because Reon doesn’t like her in that way. Reon asks her what she would do if he said he did like her to but goes on to say he’s joking.

Back then Rio really did like Reon and even if he didn’t like her back she was fine just being by his side. Shortly after Reon’s parents got divorced. They were sitting in the park talking about it, Reon didn’t want his parents to split up, he didn’t want to be apart from Aki and he didn’t want to be separated from Rio. In that moment he kissed her. Rio pushed him away and ran off.

Rio realizes that the park they’re sitting in now is the park from back then. Reon breaks the silence to tell her he recently broke up with his girlfriend to focus on Reve parfait.

After talking Reon walks Rio home and makes sure she’s in her house before he leaves. That night Rio thinks about changing her image. Reon had mentioned earlier how he can’t believe she still has that plain look even in high school. The next day at school she asks Asou and Suzuhara to help her with her image change.

Asou and Suzuhara give Rio a makeover and can’t wait to see Reon’s reaction. When they bring her into the class her classmates are shocked but compliment her. Seeing Reon she approaches him, he calls her ugly.


He continues to give her the cold shoulder and calls her ugly whenever she tries to talk to him. Her friends try to stand up for her but Reon says Rio doesn’t look cute at all and leaves.

It’s no use, Rio still feels hurt because of Reon’s words. She runs into Kuon and Aki as she’s leaving the classroom and they both think she looks cute although they’re a little surprised at her sudden transformation. Rio tells them about what Reon had said last night about her looking plain. Both shocked to hear that Reon had called her ugly, Aki ends up apologizing on behalf of Reon’s sake saying it’s because Reon’s childish and doesn’t know how to react to seeing her change like this. Deep down he’s sure Reon thinks that Rio is cute too.

Taking Suzuhara’s adivce Rio had stopped wearing her glasses and decided to get contacts. On her way home she runs into a guy that won’t leave her alone. He keeps pestering her to go out with him for a bit but Rio declines each time. Narumi steps in to intervene, without her glasses though she can barely see properly and doesn’t realize it’s him. She thanks Narumi who also hadn’t realized the girl he helped was Rio.

Narumi had always thought Rio was cute but he compliments her current look too. Rio’s thankful but can’t get Reon’s ‘ugly’ out of her head. Narumi finds Reon unforgivable for calling her ugly telling her to be more confident in herself because she really is cute.

Narumi walks Rio home because he wants to talk more and he’s afraid another creep will jump her. The two of them talk happily as they walk when Narumi comes to a hault, Reon’s there. Reon pauses somewhat in a bad mood before walking off not giving them a second look.

Since then Reon hasn’t spoken to her at all, he’s been avoiding her and ignore her at all costs.

One day Reon doesn’t turn up for school and he’s not there the day after either. Worried Rio asks Kuon and Aki who aren’t too sure either. The day after they decided to head to Reon’s, no one answers the door or the phone. Aki tells them not to worry though because he has a spare key.

They find Reon in his room spaced out working on the new song. Aki holds the other two back asking them to let him go first.


Reon snaps out of his daze startled by Aki’s presence. He hadn’t noticed the days go by as he focused on writing their new song. His body starts to catch up with him having missed so many days he falls asleep. Aki catches him as he falls and puts his to rest in his bed.

With Reon asleep Kuon heads home whilst the other two head to the kitchen to prepare something for when Reon wakes up. Aki pulls Rio aside and asks if she could look over Reon. Even though he’s his brother Reon wants Rio more than anyone by his side but he won’t openly admit it. All this time Reon was lonely, he dated around saying anyone was fine but that’s not how Aki saw it. Deep down Reon just didn’t want to be alone.

Aki entrusts Rio with the spare house key leaving Reon in her care. Rio goes to check up on Reon staying by his side as he sleeps, shortly after she falls asleep. Reon wakes up to see her by his side, watching her he feels somewhat happy yet conflicted.

When Rio wakes up the two have dinner. Reon mentions that this a first for him, having dinner with someone. Upon hearing this Rio decides that she’ll stop by Reon’s everyday to make dinner and they can eat together until the new song is complete.

The next day Rio heads to Reon’s after school, running into Narumi on the way he asks if she’d like to go out with him if she’s not with Reon but she’s unable to answer. Narumi understands telling her to pass on a message to Reon, if he calls her ugly again he won’t forgive him.

Having finished preparing dinner Rio heads to Reon’s room where he’s in a trance working on the new song. Just like Aki did the day before Rio places her hand on Reon’s head petting him.


Reon snaps out of his daze and the two have curry that night.

Like usual Rio heads to Reon’s after school, she stops short of the front door to see a young girl standing there. Seeing Rio the girl runs up to her calling her a thieving cow slapping her. The girl turns out to be Reon’s ex. She blames Rio for Reon not picking up his phone or answering his mail. Pushing Rio aside the spare key falls from her hand. The girl grabs the key opening the door forcing her way in.

Rio tries to stop her but she pushes her aside looking for Reon. Like always Reon’s in a trance like state working on the new song. The girl flings herself at Reon but he pushes her away telling her not to interrupt.

The girl is unable to accept the fact it’s over between them, she still loves Reon and wants to be together. Reon says she knows why it’s over and tells her to leave and never come back.

Not willing to give up she directs her anger at Rio but Reon stops her telling never to insult Rio. She gives up but won’t forgive Rio for this and in return Reon says he’ll never forgive her if she says another bad word about Rio. With that she leaves.

Rio apologizes for not stopping the girl. Reon reaches out to touch her and for a moment it looks like Reon’s about to say something but he’s interrupted by the sound of Rio’s stomach rumbling. Reon laughs and Rio pouts. Given the time Rio heads to the kitchen to get dinner ready. The door closes behind her “If only just a little longer…” Reon mumbles.

After dinner Reon lets Rio hear the new song. She thinks it’s great but it’s still lacking. With the events of earlier still on her mind she asks Reon why he broke up with his girlfriend. He says it’s because if he had one Rio wouldn’t be able to come over like this. Rio doesn’t quite know what to say but Reon tells her to hurry up and say something so she says she’s happy. Embarrassed Reon calls her an idiot over and over again.


The next day Asou and Suzuhara tell the girls to back off protecting Rio. They promise to watch over Reon and Rio until the song is done so if anything happens Rio should let them know straight away.

That night Rio heads to Reon’s but he’s not in. She starts to panic but at that moment Reon walks in the front door. He had gone for a walk for a change of pace. Jokingly Reon asks if she was seriously that worried about him and Rio replies honestly that she was catching him off guard.


Reon heads to his room to work on the new song and Rio makes dinner. After dinner the two sit down to watch tv together falling asleep. Aki turns up to walk Rio home since it’s getting late but no one replies. He finds the two of them asleep on the couch. Reon is the first to wake up. Watching Rio sleep so peaceful he smiles softly and asks Aki to let her sleep for a little longer.

After getting home that night Rio receives a mail from Reon telling her she doesn’t need to stop by and make her dinner for a while, he’ll be fine. Rio’s worried but can’t really do much asking that he makes sure to eat properly and to look after himself. A couple of days pass by and Reon doesn’t reply to her mail. Worried Aki suggests that she stops by to make sure Reon’s fine. She’s worried she’ll be in the way but they say it’s Reon’s fault for not replying and making her worry.

The lights are off and it doesn’t look like Reon’s been eating much. Rio finds Reon in his room zoned out. He catches sight of her and asks her why she’s here. It’s because she’s worried sitting down next to him. Reon starts to break down saying he’s talentless. No matter how hard he tries the music he wants to write won’t come to him. With the quality of song he’s come up with so far Reve parfait will never be able to debut.



Reon falls apart throwing aside everything he’s worked for. Rio tries to stop him but he says it’s pointless he can’t do anything and all of this is useless. As a last resort Rio grabs Reon. He tells her to let go but she refuses to. He asks her once more if she really won’t let go. Rio absolutely won’t. In that case Reon pushes her down.


He starts to kiss her leaving Rio not sure what to do. She’s scared, she wants to run away but  at the same time she doesn’t want to run away. So when Reon asks if she’ll run she says she won’t. Reon says it would be better if she did but Rio stays. Reon then asks her if she’s aware of what’s next, perhaps it’s not her first time and that’s why she’s so calm. But Rio insists it’s her first time, if it’s Reon then she’s fine. She doesn’t want it to be like that time so she promises she won’t run away, she’ll stay by Reon’s side.

Reon stops and apologizes asking Rio to stay with him until morning. Rio makes up an excuse to her mother saying she’s at a friend’s house for the night. Reon goes to say something but his stomach rumbling. Rio goes to prepare dinner and Reon agrees to try once more on the new song.

That night Rio slept in Reon’s room as Reon sleeps on the couch. Neither of them can sleep though and Reon comes in to talk. Reon starts talking about the past, back then he felt bad for kissing her but couldn’t bring himself to face her. He convinced himself that whether she was there or not was fine but deep down he wanted to see her, so when the band came about he was happy to be with her again.

Whilst talking Rio falls asleep. Reon watches her peacefully, the moment her name slips from his lips something clicks and he grabs his voice recorder. Within those few short minutes the melody he had been searching for appeared before him. He kisses her softly on the forehead drifting off to sleep.

Rio wakes up to find Reon next to her. Startled she shakes him awake demanding an explanation, he blames her for falling asleep. The topic changes to the new song and Reon tells her it came to him last night. He lets her listen to it and they both agree that this is the song. Eager to show the others Reon polishes it up a little and after so long they turn up for band practice.

At band practice they’re all excited to hear the new song after weeks without Reon and Rio. Aki comes up with a rough set of lyrics and the others are quick to have their input before finally trying out the song as a band.


Practice ends and Reon walks Rio home. On the way he asks if Rio would like to go anywhere together. Up until now they would always eat at Reon’s house and that was it. He really wants to take her somewhere so asks her to think about it. Rio happily promises to think about it as the two part ways for the night.

For the first time in years Reon turns up to walk to school with everyone. Everyone’s happy to see Reon and after finishing the new song all that’s left is to prepare for the upcoming live. Before they can get too excited though Rio reminds them all about the upcoming test bringing the mood down.

On her way back from cram school Rio runs into Narumi. There was something he wanted to talk to her about so he came out to meet her. They talk about bands and stuff, small talk whilst they walk. Getting close to Rio’s house Narumi stops,


“Do you…..like Reon?” Unable to answer Rio thinks of all the good times she’s had with Reon recently. She’s scared of what could happen but feels happy enough being with Reon like this. No matter how she tries though she can’t bring herself to say yes or no. Narumi confesses to Rio.


From a long time ago he has always liked her, she was his first and only love. That’s why at the upcoming live he’ll sing for her, he’ll be waiting. At that moment Reon appears.


He had heard everything. Narumi refuses to back down whether it be the upcoming live or Rio, he won’t lose. Reon takes Rio’s hand and starts to drag her away but Narumi stops him. Reon tells Narumi to get lost warning him not to touch Rio because she’s his.

Reon stops outside of Rio’s house. He had been worried because Rio hadn’t gotten home yet so he went looking for her. Apologizing for what he said earlier he leaves.

Rio stops him wanting to ask him about what he had said earlier, but she’s too afraid to hear his true feelings. Instead she says she’s decided on where she wants to go with Reon. The pair agree to go after the test but before the live.

December starts and their exams are coming up. Everyone’s studying hard and on the way back from cram school Rio runs into Narumi. The two head to the park to talk about the events from before. He apologizes for what happened with Reon. Although he does want to start dating Rio, more than anything he just wanted her to know of his feelings towards her. Rio only sees Narumi as a friend but he says it’s fine, that’s more than enough.

The tests are over and they head to Kuon’s house after school for practice. Reon pulls Rio aside and asks if she’s free next Sunday, they’ll go to the amusement park together like he promised.

Sunday comes around and they’re off to the amusement park! Reon holds out his hand for Rio because it would be troublesome if she got lost. The two spend the day going on all the attractions until it starts to get late. They make a final stop on the ferris wheel before they have to head back.


Reon asks Rio why she chose the amusement park and she says it’s because when they were younger they came along with Aki and everyone had a lot of fun. It had been a long time since then but she wanted to return to those times.

Reon too feels like returning to the past in particular to the time before they kissed. A lot had happened since then and a lot was going through his head during that time.

Their conversation is interrupted by the abrupt stopping of the carriage. The ferris wheel had stopped. Rio’s scared but won’t admit to but Reon can tell so he tells her to come over to his side, he’ll look after her.


The ferris wheel starts to move again shortly after leaving Rio feeling relieved, Reon however would’ve much preferred to share that moment just a little longer.

Reon walks Rio home and before they part ways he gives her something. It’s the keyholder she was eyeing up at the amusement park.

The Christmas live is almost here and Rio sees Reon comforting a girl at school. A wave of sadness overcomes her and she runs away. At practice Reon’s absent and not picking up his phone. Rio’s more than certain he’s with that girl but she keeps her mouth shut about what she saw leaving the others to practice without Reon.

The next day Rio stops by Reon’s house worried. A girl answers, it’s Reon’s ex. She opens the door for Rio and asks what business she has with Reon. Rio asks if Reon’s in and she says he is but he’s in the shower. As his ex goes on about how she had spent the night with Reon Rio can’t stand hearing anymore and excuses herself.

Reon comes out of the shower as Rio leaves. His ex says it was Rio but she left after hearing he was in the shower. Reon immediately gets defensive asking if she did or said anything to Rio.

She had asked Reon to help her out because she had got into some trouble with her boyfriend and he agreed to help her but she wasn’t to do anything to Rio.

Reon blames himself calling himself a fool for worry about a person like her, he asks her to leave. Reon phones Rio but no matter how many times he tries he can’t get through.

Heading out the door his ex tries to stop him pleading him to listen but he pushes her aside. He doesn’t want to lose Rio again.


Rio doesn’t know how to feel about Reon getting back together with his ex, but as long as Reon’s happy that’s all that matters. She can no longer take it and can’t deny her feelings anymore she really does like Reon. From that day long ago she had liked him but convinced herself otherwise. She wanted to be with Reon but it’s no longer possible, he’s with that girl now.

Narumi comes across Rio crying. Seeing her cry like this he can’t take it anymore.


He asks her to become his girlfriend, he would never make her cry. Even if she doesn’t feel that way about him to begin with it’s fine but he’ll definitely make her happy.

Bad ending: Narumi offers his hand and Rio takes it. Narumi embraces her, it’ll be okay because he’s here now, she doesn’t have to say a thing.

Rio can’t help but think of Reon. Although painful at the beginning Narumi wants her to forget all about Reon and little by little come to like him. Just seeing her happy is fine so until she’s able to return his feelings he’ll stay by her.

Reon’s too late, he sees Rio and Narumi together.




Shortly after that day Rio and Narumi started going out and Rio quit being Reve Parfait’s manager.

Entering her 3rd year at high school Reve Parfait had achieved their dream of a major debut. Apple polisher too were doing well. Before the live Narumi and Rio are together, Narumi says he’ll do his best and sing for Rio’s sake taking to the stage.

Good and Best ending

[These two share a common route before branching off]

Rio apologizes to Narumi, she can’t accept his feelings because she likes Reon. She had always been afraid of losing Reon so kept convincing herself otherwise but she really does like him after all. Narumi admits that he knew all a long, from a long time ago Rio only had eyes for Reon but even so his feels for her will never change and even though Rio likes Reon he’ll never give up on her.

Reon appears at that moment shouting out to Rio. He tells Narumi to leave, he needs to talk to Rio but Narumi refuses to move an inch. He doesn’t want Rio to get hurt again. Reon says he’ll never hurt Rio again so Narumi can leave because this has nothing to do with him. But Narumi insists it does because he likes Rio and he can’t forgive anyone that would hurt her.

Reon offers his hand out saying he has to talk to Rio. She’s scared but she wants to hear him out. She can’t keep running forever. Rio thanks Narumi for being there for her but she’ll be fine now. Narumi has no choice but to let her go.

Reon and Rio head back to Reon’s house. Rio asks about what happened to the girl from earlier but Reon’s more interested in what she had said to Rio. Reon ends up telling her everything. To avoid things like this happening in the future Reon decides to confess.


Rio returns his feelings. Reon admits that he had always liked her, back when he joked about how they should go out in middle school it wasn’t a joke. Rio confesses that back then she may have agreed jokingly but she really did want to go out with Reon.

Rio apologizes for running away that day when Reon kissed her but he tells her it’s nothing to be sorry for, that day he should have made his feelings clear.

He really did want to ask her out but he could never bring himself to do so because he was scared, so he started to avoid her to stop the pain but even then he was always watching her from afar.

Aki had told him where Rio was planning to go to high school so he studied hard to get into the same school. Even though she was always right in front of him he never knew what to say so when the band came out he was happy to talk to her again. But without the band he had nothing to talk about and that scared him. He had tried to forget about her by going out with different girls but it didn’t work.

Reon promises to make the Christmas live a huge success for Rio and he walks her home holding hands.

On the way back Reon asks if they could hold off telling the others about them until after the live. He wants them to spend time together without the guys making a big fuss about it, also with the live coming up they all need to focus.

It’s the day of the Christmas live. Rio sees them off as the guys take to the stage.


Everything goes perfectly and after the show Isumi from Dynamic Chord stops by. He was impressed by their live and the new song they had come up with. He offers them a place at Dynamic Chord and they happily accept moving closer to their dream.

Good ending: For new years they all visit the shrine together. Reon pulls Rio aside and tells her today’s the day, they’ll tell the others about them. Aki overhears them whispering but Reon says it’s nothing. When no one’s looking Reon takes Rio’s hand.

After the shrine visit they all head back to Kuon’s house to practice. Reon raises his voice announcing that him and Rio are going out. No one’s really surprised, they had noticed from the Christmas live onwards things were different between the two of them, they didn’t hide it very well and it was written all over Reon’s face.

Reon goes on to say in that case they can do things like this now kissing Rio.

Best ending: After the live the couple went back to Reon’s. Rio’s nervous but Reon tells her not to be and leave everything to him. Whilst eating cake Reon says he still can’t believe they’re together and that regarding the time he called her ugly, he’s sorry for being such a kid about it. When she had that makeover he thought she was really cute but even without all of that she’s cute the way she is. He knew she was cute and didn’t want others to find her cute as well so he behaved that way.

Rio’s thinking back to her first kiss and Reon can tell.


He won’t kiss her thoughtlessly like back then so if she would let him could he kiss her. Rio nods and they two of them kiss.


Secret Scenario: After spending their first Christmas together Reon hasn’t done much and Rio’s a little worried that perhaps she’s doing something wrong. Asou and Suzuhara tell her not to worry if anything it’s Reon’s fault.

After school Rio’s sititng in Reon’s room spaced out. Reon can tell something’s bothering her but she won’t say. The two bicker back and forth struggling and slip.


For a moment neither of them know what to do but Reon can’t hold back, seeing how cute Rio is he starts to kiss her.


He stops himself though apologizing for getting carried away. Out of curiosity Rio asks if it would be fine if she said she was okay with it. Reon jumps back surprised. Of course it’s not fine, he wants all of Rio but until she’s ready he doesn’t want to rush things between them.


I liked Reon’s route a lot. I feel like far more thought went into this than Tsumugi’s route but at the same time the basis of them being childhood friends made it pretty predictable. It’s pretty obvious from the beginning that Reon likes Rio and even in other routes it’s hinted.

Reon’s bad ending REALLY hurt. If only he had gotten there just that little bit quicker it could’ve been avoided and the sheer pain seeing her slip from him after they finally got close again.

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know i’ve been wanting a Narumi route from the first few moments you meet him but NOT LIKE THIS.  The bad ending is even called ‘Future with Narumi”.

I’m glad that Reve Parfait debuted even in the bad ending but you don’t actually get to see any of them which was a little sad. I would’ve like to have seen what became of Reon after that day.

The good ending doesn’t really have much to it but it was amusing watching the guys tease Reon. The best ending however was absolutely adorable and i’m so glad they got together ;;

Kudos to Eguchi Takuya for his portrayal of Reon in this route. Whenever Reon feels frustrated, scared or broken you can really hear it in his voice.  I don’t think it would’ve been nearly has painful or heartbreaking without Egutan’s voice acting.

Now onto something I can’t stress enough when it comes to the whole Rio changing her image thing. I know a lot of people will complain saying the MC had no need to change her image and so on but like i’ve said before many young girls are just like Rio and they feel the need to change to look pretty, get accepted by their peers and so that the ones they like will notice them.

If you’re not one of them then fine but in high school the majority of young girls will at some point consider changing their image for what they believe is the better. Because of this I don’t see Rio as a bad heroine, I see her as a very realistic representation of high school girls in this day and age.


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