[Review] Re:Birthday Song (demo)



The game follows a young girl who wakes up with no recollection of who she is or where she is. She’s found and taken in by an owl.


He explains that she’s already dead and that this is the netherworld. With no place to go he offers her a place at the shinigami school, it’s then he gives her the name Cocoro.


In this school students have to pair off and those who cannot find a pair are placed in a special class. Cocoro does badly in her test and ends up alone. She’s put into the special supplementary class where she meets Kairi, Yoru, Ame and Shun.



First of all the art is absolutely gorgeous, as is the music. The demo doesn’t give much away when it comes to plot but it acts as a very nice introduction to the game allowing you to meet all the characters.

The demo is fairly short and Japanese wise not overly hard but I wouldn’t say easy either. Definitely worth checking out for the stunning art if nothing else.

[Demo can be found here]

More screenshots under the cut







2 thoughts on “[Review] Re:Birthday Song (demo)

  1. the art totally reminds me of diabolik lovers like seriously! i clicked the picture with the owl in it just coz i thought it was kanato -_-

    and look at that, the guys in the screenshots totally scream reiji and kuo haha xD
    is the art in both games from the same artist?


    • Ahaha I can see why you might have mistaken it for Kanato xD

      and yes, the art is by Satoi who was also the artist for the Diabolik Lovers franchise ^^ If you’re interested they’re currently doing the art for a new otomate title called “Nil Admirari no Tenbin Teito Genwaku Kitan”!


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