[Summary] Dynamic Chord feat Reve Parfait: Momose Tsumugi


First up is Momose Tsumugi! He’s overly adorable but may take time to warm to ^^;

Usual summary with CGs and spoilers under the cut!

The band start to think about their new song. For the time being Kuon assigns Rio to watch over Tsumugi to make sure he practices because his bass is still lacking.

One day he invites Rio over to his house for practice. She’s initially reluctant to go with him but caves. Sitting awkwardly in Tsumugi’s room as he practices, the two talk about music to ease the tension when suddenly a child bursts in followed shortly after by a young woman.


The woman is in awe to see a girl with Tsumugi, a decent girl for once. She starts to praise the heavens that Tsumugi’s has such a nice friend. Tsumugi tries to calm her down but she continues on how she assumed he would be alone since he was playing bass, but to think he had a friend over. She introduces herself as Yuri, Tsumugi’s sister in law and the child who ran in is Takuto her son.

Rio continues to meet up with Tsumugi after school on a regular basis and head back to his to practice. One day Yuri and Takuto are out visiting her parents leaving the two of them alone. Tsumugi practices whilst Rio studies. Tsumugi breaks the silence and asks Rio to say something because he wants to talk with her more so she brings up what Takuto once said about hearing the sound of papa’s bass. It turns out Tsumugi’s bass once belonged to his older brother who passed away in a traffic accident when Tsumugi was in his first year of middle school.

Before the accident Tsumugi’s brother was in a band and heading for major debut but then he met Yuri and they had Takuto so he quit. Tsumugi speaks fondly looking up to his brother. Hearing him talk Rio says she’d have loved to have met such an amazing guy. Tsumugi says she can because he lives on inside the bass he plays.

The two continue to talk and Tsumugi suggests they start going out.


Rio asks if it’s because Tsumugi likes her and he says yes. So Rio asks if it’s like how he likes other girls and Tsumugi replies it is. Rio then goes on to explain there’s a difference between liking someone and actually liking someone. Tsumugi goes out with people he likes but Rio believes that you should only go out with people you actually like or love.

Tsumugi goes to kiss her because he finds things like that normal and void of any actual meaning but Rio stops him telling him to stop treating these things so casually. He eventually gives up and asks Rio to explain this whole love/ like thing. But Rio can’t, she’s never been in love before and can’t quite explain the feeling but she knows it’s definitely not what Tsumugi means.

Tsumugi insists that they go out catching her off guard with a kiss. Rio ends up shouting at Tsumugi telling him to not do these things so lightly saying he doesn’t understand a thing before storming out.

Rio ends up running into Yuri returning on her way back. Yuri can tell something happened but Rio assures her it was nothing excusing herself from the house. Yuri calls Tsumugi out and he doesn’t see the problem with what he had done, all he did was kiss her. Yuri slaps him making him go to his room and reflect on what he had done.

The next day Rio’s still bothered about the kiss when she gets a mail from Tsumugi asking to meet her on the roof after school. She goes and he sincerely apologizes for kissing her. He didn’t think she would end up crying and he had no intentions of upsetting her so he’s sorry.

After being told off by Yuri last night he sat down and thought about what he had done. Although to him a kiss is nothing to Rio it’s something important. Yuri realized that Rio was someone important to Tsumugi and asked if he really wanted to hurt someone close to him. He didn’t want that, so no matter what it takes he’ll do anything to make Rio forgive him. Rio says that she’s already forgiven him but asks him to promise not to kiss any more girls unless he genuinely likes them. Tsumugi feels frustrated not knowing what it means to really like someone but reluctantly agrees.

The next day Rio goes to meet up with Tsumugi after school. They over hear girls talking about Rio calling her plain and they approach Tsumugi asking him to ditch such a dull girl and play with them instead. Tsumugi tells them to get lost and leaves with Rio. When outside he says she may look plain but it isn’t a bad thing so don’t let what those girls said get to her.


When they arrive at Tsumugi’s house Yuri pretty much tackles her to the floor relieved to see her and apologizes for her brother’s behaviour asking if Tsumugi made sure to apologize properly. Rio tells Yuri about the promise Tsumugi made with her and she can’t quite believe it but is happy to see her brother finally start to mature. Tsumugi has a request for Yuri and asks her to make Rio look cute. Yuri thinks Rio’s cute enough as she is but Tsumugi doesn’t want the other girls to pick on her. They all head to Tsumugi’s room and Yuri works her magic. With her new look even Rio’s surprised at how cute she can look. She never thought she could look cute but Yuri insists that every girl is capable of looking cute. With all that sorted all that’s left is clothes and contacts. They make arrangements to go clothes shopping at the weekend and call it a night.

The next day Rio heads to school with her new look and everyone compliments her. (EXCEPT REON WHO’S A POUTY FUCK). At the weekend Rio meets up with Tsumugi to go clothes shopping. Everything bought the pair go to a gig that night. During the gig Tsumugi seems out of it. Afterwards Rio pushes Tsumugi to tell her what’s wrong but he ends up yelling at her. Seeing the vocalist on stage bothered him. Rio doesn’t bring it up any more simply offering to listen whenever he feels like talking. Tsumugi apologizes and says he can’t walk her home tonight, the two part ways.

At school Rio confines in Reon about the whole ordeal and tells him the band was called “TRUST”. Reon recognizes the name straight away, it was the first band Tsumugi was in. Since the night of the live Tsumugi hasn’t been replying to mails or picking up his phone. The days go by and there’s no sign of Tsumugi, an announcement goes out throughout the school asking Tsumugi to report to the prinicpal’s office. Upon hearing this Rio and Reon head to see what’s up and run in to Kuon and Aki. Tsumugi comes out with a noticeably large bruise on his face. Reon and the others try to get Tsumugi to talk but he pushes them away and leaves. They have no choice but to leave him be and ask Rio to go check up on him.

After school Rio heads to Tsumugi’s house and Yuri answers the door. Tsumugi hasn’t come home yet and she’s worried. Sadly she doesn’t know what’s wrong but hopes that Rio could stand by him. She asks that Rio brings him back and she agrees to do so. Whilst looking for Tsumugi it starts to rain, Rio’s about to give up but tries a little longer. Her efforts are paid off when she finds Tsumugi at the park. Tsumugi embraces Rio and starts to cry.


They stay like that for a while before head back together. Rio spends time with Tsumugi before having to leave. He walks her home when he gets a call he feels bad but leaves on the way.

Rio heads to Tsumugi’s house and he’s not in. Yuri welcomes her in and asks if she likes Tsumugi. Rio’s not too sure what she feels but she knows that Tsumugi’s important to her. When Yuri hears this she feels relieved and starts to talk about what she knows. It’s pretty much confirmed at this point that Tsumugi got into a fight with his old bandmates. It was shortly after Tsumugi’s brother, Hiroto died that he started getting into fights and playing around with women. He had a bad group of friends including his first ever bandmates. Yuri feels that with Rio Tsumugi will be okay though.

When leaving Rio receives a call from Kuon asking if she could come over. The others minus Tsumugi are waiting for her there. They found out the reason behind Tsumugi’s suspension. He had gotten into a fight with his old bandmates and was beaten up. As to why he got beaten up no one’s really sure but it’s most likely because of a woman.

The deadline for their new song is coming up and they have to start to consider going on without Tsumugi but Rio doesn’t want them to. It isn’t right unless all 4 of them are together, she begs them for more time. They understand how she feels but it’s really cutting it close. With a little time left they decide to hold out a little longer and wait for Tsumugi to return.

2 days have passed and Tsumugi’s disappeared. He’s not picked up his phone or responding to mails. Kuon gets a tip off on his whereabouts and they head to a shady part of town where they find him with a group of delinquents. They try to bring Tsumugi back but he stops them saying it’s over, he’s quitting the band. Reon goes to punch Tsumugi telling him to stop kidding around but Rio jumps in to stop him. Kuon asks if that’s how Tsumugi really feels, if he really wants to quit then fine but they’ll be waiting for him to return, always. Tsumugi’s had enough and leaves, Reon and the others send Rio off after him and she runs off to find Tsumugi.

She finally catches up to him but he tells her to just quit it and leave. Rio refuses to get out of the way so Tsumugi pushes her aside. Rio continues to go after Tsumugi asking him to come back but each time he pushes her out of the way. He ends up pushing her to the floor and Rio flinches in pain. Tsumugi’s shocked at himself seeing her cry like that he asks if she’s hurt but Rio insists that she’s fine. Feeling bad Tsumugi carries Rio back to his house where she spends the night.

He finally talks about the past. When he first formed TRUST with his friends they were all a group of kids dreaming of major debut. It was around that time he got his first girlfriend who happened to be their voaclist, a girl from their class called Mei. His bandmate Akihiko at the time really liked Mei who soon after ended up going out with Akihiko at the same time behind Tsumugi’s back. Initially shocked he later felt in the way. Akihiko and Mei were happy together leaving him with no choice but to leave.

That time during the live they went to Tsumugi saw Mei and Akihiko on stage still using that band name. His mind went blank and he didn’t know what to think. After the live he ran into Mei and she wanted to get back together because she was bored of Akihiko. When Mei left Tsumugi got ahold of Akihiko and told him what happened because he feels that Akihiko as a guitarist is wasted in a band with such a woman. Akihiko refused to believe a thing Tsumugi said because Mei wasn’t that kind of girl which led to him beating Tsumugi up. It was around then he remembered what girls were like. He dated them casually because in the end it didn’t really matter if they were all like this.

Rio stops him saying this wasn’t a matter of love or like, Tsumugi was afraid to trust again because of what happened. Tsumugi asks if it would really be okay to trust Rio and why should he believe her. Rio says it’s because she doesn’t want Tsumugi to feel alone or have to cry over such things again.

He pushes Rio down onto the bed asking her once more if he can really trust her.


Rio simply looks back at him and he kisses her. He asks if he can continue, he really wants to believe in her but he’s afraid to.


Bad ending: Rio hesitates for a moment to speak but Tsumugi senses it and asks her to leave. Rio tries to speak again but Tsumugi tells her to hurry up and leave.

Rio leaves in tears instantly regretting what she had just done.

After that incident Tsumugi stopped coming to school and quit Reve Parfait but even so Rio waits for Tsumugi’s return. After school she heads to Tsumugi’s house but he’s not there. He hasn’t played bass since then.

The band go on without Tsumugi the Christmas live goes ahead and their dreams of a major debut starts to slip. They work hard even after the live determined to reach their goal one day. Rio blames herself for everything and  continues to stop by Tsumugi’s house frequently hoping to run into him.

Good and Best ending

[These two share a common path before splitting off]

Rio doesn’t fight back because she’s in love with Tsumugi. Hearing this he kisses her once more. Although scared she doesn’t run because she doesn’t want Tsumugi to be alone anymore. They end up sleeping together and Tsumugi apologises after.

It’s getting late and Rio has to leave. On the way home she’s crying although unsure why. She wants to believe Tsumugi’s changed and that he really did keep his promise to her about not kissing girls without genuinely having feelings for them but part of her is still in doubt.

At practice the others have finished up writing the new song for the Christmas live. Tsumugi still hasn’t returned but Rio asks they wait a little longer. After hearing the new song Rio has an idea. She asks to borrow the demo CD and heads to Tsumugi’s house. He’s in but refuses to come out of his room but Yuri says she’s more than welcome to try and talk to him.

Rio leaves the CD outside his door and asks that he atleast gives it a listen. After Rio leaves Tsumugi opens the door and takes the CD. The moment he presses play his fingers start to move along the neck of his bass. The song ends and his fingers stop but the CD continues playing. They had recorded individual messages for Tsumugi.

Tsumugi’s suspension is over and they all wait at the gates to see if Tsumugi actually turned up for school. The bell rings and they all head for home room. Sadly Tsumugi didn’t turn up to school. They head to Kuon’s after school for practice and just when they’re pondering over the matter the door bell rings, it’s Tsumugi.


Reunited they all set out to practice the new song.


With the song feeling complete Tsumugi apologizes for everything up until now and asks them to allow him to rejoin Reve Parfait because he genuinely wants to play the music he loves with everyone.


It’s not long until the Christmas live and Rio’s fallen sick from overworking and studying for the class test. She ends up having to take time off school. Aki drops by in the morning to make sure she’s okay on his way to school. After Aki leaves Rio falls asleep and thinks back to everything that has happened between her and Tsumugi up until now. When she comes around Tsumugi’s sitting there by her side. She notices a new bruise on Tsumugi which is revealed to be because of Reon. Aki had told them all about Rio being ill and said they should all drop by when they can to see her. Tsumugi said he didn’t want to and so Reon punched him because Reon knew that the person Rio wanted to see most right now was Tsumugi.


Tsumugi apologizes for hurting Rio up until now but admits that that time he genuinely had feelings for her and he didn’t know what to do, he had never felt that way before. He has no excuse for what he did and all he can do is apologize but since that day he’s thought about it a lot. It was during this time he realized his own feelings, he liked her. He wanted all of her, to always be by her side.


That time when he kissed her he was serious, at the time he didn’t know what those feelings were but he knew he wanted her and wasn’t able to control himself. He was happy but afterwards he felt awful because of what he had done.

He really wanted to believe in her and wanted her to believe in him so they could be happy together. That’s why he wants to ask her out properly this time as lovers. Rio returns his feelings but says Tsumugi shouldn’t kiss her because of her cold but he tells her it’s fine and kisses her regardless.

Finally the big day has arrived.


The Christmas live goes smoothly with Reve Parfait performing JUDGEMENT and their new song Christmas Carol. After the show Isumi from the Dynamic Chord agency stops by. He was pleased that they took what he said on board and compliments their new song. He sees a future for this band and offers them a place as part of Dynamic Chord.

Good ending: The live ends and everyone’s gone home leaving Reve Parfait and Rio as the only ones left to celebrate with drinks and a cake. Even though the gig ended a while ago the guys continue to play.

It starts getting late and they reluctantly part ways. Aki goes to walk Rio home but Tsumugi had asked her earlier during the mini party to make sure she went home alone so she makes up some excuse and Aki heads on without her.

Tsumugi catches up with her and complains about her walking too fast and how something might have happened if he had caught up with her later but offers his hand. They hold hands as they walk home stopping by at the park. Rio says that if he wanted them to walk home together he should’ve just said instead but Tsumugi says it’s because it’s a secret. He doesn’t want to come off as the over protective boyfriend but that’s how he genuinely feels because he doesn’t have much confidence himself.

Tsumugi tells her he likes her and pesters her to say it back. When she finally does he rewards her with a necklace he had bought. He helps her put it on and Rio reveals that she has a present for Tsumugi too. She brings it out and Tsumugi unwraps it to reveal a muffler. They share a sweet kiss and stay there in each others arms.

Best ending: The day after the Christmas live Rio and Tsumugi meet up to buy cake to bring back to Tsumugi’s house. Whilst shopping they see the members of TRUST. Rio starts to panic but Tsumugi simply holds onto her hand tighter and walks away because he has nothing to do with those guys anymore. They end up picking a cake with a teddy bear on it for Takuto and head back to the house.

Yuri divides up the cake and Takuto asks Tsumugi to play the bass because he wants to hear papa’s bass. Rio watches on happily as Tsumugi plays.


Secret scenario: The winter holidays are coming up which means that Tsumugi won’t get to see Rio much. He suggests that she comes over to his everyday because that would make Takuto happy (pls tsumugi) but Rio can’t, due to studies. But she’ll come whenever she has time. Tsumugi says it can’t be helped, he’ll try to endure it in exchange for a kiss.

It’s the first day of the new year and Rio stops by Tsumugi’s house. Tsumugi was so absorbed watching the bassist on a music show he hadn’t noticed when the new year began.

Yuri and Takuto are at Yuri’s parents’ house leaving the two of them home alone. Rio ends up staying the night and Tsumugi wants them to sleep together. He promises not to try any thing if she’ll stay with him and she agrees.


Rio goes to say something but Tsumugi stops her telling her to just stay there quietly and go to sleep. He’s afraid he’ll do something to her if she continues being this cute because he really likes her but he doesn’t want to hurt her. Rio’s scared but doesn’t mind if it’s Tsumugi because she really likes him too. With Rio’s consent Tsumugi starts kissing her asking her to tell him if at any time she feels scared.



Oh man the pain I felt when he suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth OTL. The irony of his first band being called ‘TRUST’. I felt so bad for Tsumugi, that girl in middle school completely screwed him over then his brother died shortly after ;;

Watching him battle his issues and try to change was really cute. He is really weak against Rio and Yuri is AMAZING I absolutely loved her as a side character (lets also talk about how adorable Takuto is ;;). The bad ending was predictable and really short, straight to the point.

There are hints that Reon likes Rio throughout this route and I just felt like flinging Tsumugi away for Reon at times orz. Reon realizes that Rio likes Tsumugi late on in the route and chooses to support her rather than get in the way and I find that really sweet but painful ;; I do wish he would stop punching Tsumugi and picking a fight with pretty much everyone though -.-;

Finally…THAT SECRET SCENE….I…..\sx:LZDVKzdorf;lbck. Also doesn’t he look fabulous with his hair down? ;^;


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