[Summary] Dynamic Chord feat Reve Parfait: Common Route


It’s been a while since i’ve posted something but today I bring you a REALLY long summary. This post covers the whole general route before you branch off to individual routes (and if you somehow make it to the bottom I have quite a bit to say with regards to the MC)

Dynamic Chord feat Reve Parfait follows Atano Rio and her childhood friends Kuon and brothers Aki and Reon. Along the way they pick up a bassist called Tsumugi and so their journey to the top begins!

Naturally major spoilers under the cut.

The game starts with Atano Rio entering her second year at high school. She’s joined by her childhood friends Kuon, Aki and Reon.


After a series of events she ends up getting hassled by a stranger whilst out shopping one day. Kuon stumbles across this and helps her out. Realizing it might not be the best idea to leave her on her own he takes her with him to what appears to be a studio. Inside Reon and Aki are waiting for Kuon to return with drinks. Surprised to see Rio Kuon explains to the pair what happened and they decide to come out and tell her that for a while now they’ve been in a band together. They had wanted to tell her sooner but Reon wouldn’t allow it.

Reon refuses to perform for Rio but after some pestering he gives in. When their performance ends Rio says it’s lacking and Reon agrees. The truth is they are without a bassist. Their previous bassist didn’t get on well with Reon and left but Reon’s already got his eyes on a new bassist he came across at a live, a guy called Momose. They all decide to see the bassist in question live and make plans to go.

Come the night of the live Rio realizes that she knows the bassist. Although she doesn’t know him personally, she’s run into him before (you see him once briefly running into you at school and once more whilst out shopping for CDs prior to this point, the pair have a brief moment bonding over music). The band are unanimous with their decision to recruit him but they don’t even know where to start looking. Rio points out that he’s actually from their school. With Kuon and Aki in 3rd year and Rio and Reon in 2nd year not having seen him before they deduct that he must be a first year and decide to check this out.

The next day at lunch they go around the 1st year class rooms looking for him with no luck. Eventually they decide to ask around and get a tip off that he may be up on the roof. They group head up to find Momose playing around with a girl. Reon’s quick to interrupt the pair and asks the girl to leave. Tsumugi isn’t happy at all and declines their request for him to join their band. Interrupting aside he’s already in a band but Reon won’t take no for an answer and tackles the guy. Tsumugi continues to refuse them so they’re left with no choice but to give up for today.

Reon and Kuon continue to pester Tsumugi at every chance they can get but his answer doesn’t change. Rio’s out shopping once more when she runs into Tsumugi at the same store they met previously. He’s not surprised and asks if they could go somewhere to chat dismissing the girl he was with.

They head to local cafe and Tsumugi asks her if she’s in the band. But she isn’t so he asks if she’s with any of them to which she’s not. With all the obvious reasons out of the way he honestly can’t see why she’s trying so hard to get him to join that band. He calls them stupid for being so passionate and hardworking and Rio throws her drink at him pissed off and sick of hearing him call her friends complete idiots. Tsumugi slightly taken back regains his composure and makes an offer to her. Since he finds her interesting he’ll give their band some consideration if she kisses him. Rio is unable to bring herself to do so and Tsumugi leaves.

On her way home Rio runs into Kuon. She tells him that she was just with Tsumugi but keeps the kiss offer to herself not wanting to worry the others. The next day they all quiz her especially Reon who saw her with Tsumugi. He’s not overly convinced that Tsumugi didn’t say anything to her but Rio keeps shut about it.

They try once more arranging to go confront Tsumugi, this time at one of his lives. That night they head backstage after the gig and ask Tsumugi straight out saying they’ll give up after this. Tsumugi’s bandmates aren’t too impressed but he insists he’s not going anywhere. Reon doesn’t believe that Tsumugi is truly happy with how things are going right now and that he shouldn’t have to settle but all that does it anger Tsumugi’s bandmates further. Seeing Rio with them he asks if she’s given their arrangement any thought but she stays silent.

Aki suggests they leave before things get ugly and they all head back to Kuon’s defeated. After band practice Rio heads home alone leaving the three alone to continue with practice undisturbed. On her way back she runs into Tsumugi and his bandmates. They recognize her and start to pick on her saying she doesn’t suit going to gigs at all, from her face to her clothes she’s entirely plain. Tsumugi sticks up for Rio telling the guys to quit picking on her.

Thinking back to how much the guys wanted Tsumugi to join she decides to try and talking to Tsumugi again the next day after school. She finds him with another girl fooling around in an empty classroom. Seeing Rio Tsumugi tells the other girl to take a hike before calling Rio over. The girl reluctantly leaves leaving the two of them alone. Rio comes out and apologizes for throwing her drink at Tsumugi and asks him to consider the band. He had assumed she came to kiss him but Rio thought he only asked her to do that because she threw his drink at him. Realizing how naive she is he asks her if she’s in love with Reon or something with how much she does for him. She insists there’s nothing between them. Upon hearing this Tsumugi says it’s fine then and pulls her in for a kiss.


Rio’s left speechless leaving Tsumugi to break the silence asking her to hurry up and take him to see this band she’s so hung up on. Rio quickly runs off to phone Aki asking where they’re practising and if it would be okay for her to stop by. He says she’s more than welcome as usual and Rio hurries to the studio with Tsumugi.

When they arrive the members are surprised to see Tsumugi with Rio. They’re not sure how she did it and she won’t tell them either but they invite the pair in anyway (prior to entering the studio Rio had asked Tsumugi to keep the kiss a secret, he doesn’t see why he has to but goes along with it). The band set up and play their song for Tsumugi to hear. He’s left speechless and excuses himself for a moment. Reon tries to stop him from leaving but Tsumugi tells him to just sit put for a minute. Tsumugi steps out to make a phone call with the others listening in from around the corner. He calls up his band and tells them he’s quitting. He’s sick of playing songs he doesn’t like and wants to play what he enjoys. With that he hangs up and heads back to the practice room. He sees the others and pretty much gathers they heard everything just there which means they know what he’s gonna say next. Tsumugi agrees to join the band. When he asks about their band name they admit that they don’t have one. He insists they come up with one and quick. He’s not going to stick around long in a band with no name. Rio decides to leave seeing as there’s no reason for her to be there anymore but Reon stops her saying she’s their manager so she’s not going anywhere. With that their band is complete.

A week passes by with Tsumugi not making a single one of their practices. They end up dragging him very reluctantly to Kuon’s house after school one day along with Rio for a band meeting. They try to come up with a band name but they’re terrible, Tsumugi doesn’t even try. Reon has one suggestion in mind and the guys hear him out. [rêve parfait] To mean the perfect dream or their ultimate goal, to have a major debut (that and Reon likes sweet things). Tsumugi thinks Reon’s a bit too much of a dreamer but Reon determined to head to the top now that their band is complete. The other members think it’s a great name even if they can’t really pronounce it but they go with it.

During the meeting Tsumugi’s old bandmates phone up wanting to talk things over. Tsumugi hangs out without even a second thought. It’s been like this for a while but he’s done with them. The others feel it would be best to talk things out properly and put the matter to rest so Tsumugi reluctantly agrees to see his old bandmates once more. The others decide to go with him against Tsumugi’s will.

When they get there things get a little rough. Tsumugi won’t hear his bandmates out and they’re furious at how he suddenly got up and left. They start to throw insults about saying that just because Tsumugi’s a little good at what he does it doesn’t mean he can treat others like that. They end up telling Tsumugi that it wasn’t him who threw them away they threw him away and don’t need such a terrible guy. Kuon isn’t able to hold back listening to these guys insult his bandmate and ends up punching one of the guys. A full blown fight breaks out and just when things start to get bad Rio yells that the police are coming to scare off the guys.


Having sorted out all the loose ends the band move forward to towards their first goal, a live performance. With the school culture festival coming up they set that as their goal. For the time being they’ll all work individually preparing things. Kuon gives Tsumugi and Reon an additional task, to study. Being able to perform at the culture festival is no good if Tsumugi and Reon can’t perform because they ends up failing. Aki and Kuon leave the task of helping them studying to Rio.

In school 2 girls, Suzuhara and Asou amongst many others start to pick on Rio because she’s close to Reon. They mess with her things and ruin her life in general. After school one day they confront her telling her to back off from Reon not to mention they saw her forcing herself on Tsumugi (that time he kissed her). Rio tries to defend herself but they keep going accusing her of clinging to Aki and Kuon too. The two of them leave warning Rio to stay away from Reon, next time things might not end so nicely.


[You first come across them outside a livehouse waiting with the guys to check out Tsumugi’s live.]

Feeling shaken up and unable to face the guys Rio phones up Aki and apologizes for not being able to make band practice tonight, she has cram school. Aki’s not entirely convinced that’s the only reason but doesn’t push too hard.

(Depending on your choices you’ll run into one of them after cram school)

Kuon’s been working on their song and shows it to everyone. Feeling inspired Aki starts working on the lyrics straight away. Once completed he calls everyone to meet up and they head off to practice to hear the song in completion. Satisfied they decide this will be their first song which they’ll end with at the school festival choosing to cover Liar-s and Kyohso songs as well.

After school the next day Suzuhara and Asou approach Rio asking to see her. Reon comes to get her for practice but she turns him down because she’s busy. Reon tells her to come after then and she agrees running off to meet up with Suzuhara and Asou.


Up on the roof they confront Rio because she didn’t take their warning seriously and even end up slapping her. Rio refuses to leave the guys’ side wanting to be with them until the end. This infuriates Asou who reach out to punch Rio. Sensing she’ll be hit Rio closes her eyes but nothing comes. When she opens them again she sees Reon holding Asou back. Kuon, Aki and Tsumugi are with him. They had a feeling she was hiding something so they followed her. The guys ask the girls nicely to leave Rio alone because she’s important to them and because she’s their manager. Confused at the mention of manager they end up telling the girls about the band and ask that they support them at the upcoming festival. The girls happily agree apologizing to Rio for all the horrible things they did.

It’s the start of the summer holidays and thanks to Rio Tsumugi and Reon manage to pass their exams. They run into Kuon’s little sister Towa who dropped by to see everyone since she’s been away for a while. Towa ends up taking Rio shopping where they run into Suzuhara and Asou. The three of them decide to give Rio a makeover from clothes to her makeup.

The boys continue to practice throughout the summer preparing for their first live whilst the girls head to see a band called Apple polisher. After the show Rio gets a call from Tsumugi asking if she’s free. Rio and the girls head down to the river side where the guys are waiting and they spend the night playing with fireworks as their summer comes to an end.

The school festival is coming up and Reon’s down with a cold. He ends up skipping practice leaving the other three with no choice but to go on without him. Worried Aki sends Rio to go look after him. Rio stays by Reon’s side until he falls asleep. By the time Reon wakes up Rio’s no longer there.


It’s finally the day of the school festival and Rio enlists the help of Suzuhara and Asou to help with the guys’ hair and make up. All set to go the group huddle and cheer before taking the stage. Everything goes smoothly and they end their first live with their own original song, JUDGEMENT. The day comes to an end and Rio’s left alone in the classroom doing work whilst everyone else is enjoying the camp fire.

(Depending on who you’ve been going for up until now one of the guys will come see you)

With their next live decided they get straight back to practice. On the way back Rio gets hassled by the same guy that jumped her a few months back this time an unknown man steps in to help her. Upon closer inspection he looks like the singer from Apple Polisher. She asks if it’s really him but he doesn’t look impressed at all in fact he looks sad. He can’t believe she’s forgotten about him but besides that live she honestly doesn’t remember seeing him. He tries to jog her memory and succeeds in doing so. His name is Amagi Narumi and he used to play with Rio, Reon and Aki when they were younger. It then occurs to her that no matter how you look at it he’s a guy. Growing up she had always thought he was a girl. Their reunion is interrupted by Narumi’s phone going off but he promises to make it up to her next time as he dashes off to practice.


Suddenly out of nowhere one day Narumi’s outside of Rio’s school waiting for her. He recognized her uniform from when they met and came here to see her. To make up for running off last time he takes her out to eat. He talks about how he came to be in the band he’s in right now and invites her to his next live. Rio reveals that she’ll be there anyway because he’s playing with the band she manages. At the mention of Reon’s name Narumi looks irritated admitting that he actually hates that guy.

Rio cuts their time short heading off to practice where she tells everyone about Narumi. It takes Reon a while to remember who Narumi is but when he does he’s just as surprised as Rio was. He refuses to lose to that guy and they practice even more for the upcoming live.

On the day of live everyone’s getting ready and Kuon hears word that the Dynamic Chord agency has scouts in the audience.


[Narumi stops by to greet everyone before the show and ends up pissing off Tsumugi because he’s being loud. He apologizes thinking Tsumugi’s a girl…]


After the show Kuon hates to admit it but Narumi was good. The two show mutal respect for each other’s talents, although slightly reluctant, and whilst doing so a man called Isumi Hisaomi approaches from Dynamic Chord. He compliments Apple Polisher on their performance but says they’ve still got things they need to improve on. Moving on to Reve Parfait he points out many areas they need work on but feel that they can go far with a little bit of training and offers them a slot at the Christmas live event on one condition, they have a new song ready by then, possibly their best song to date. The boys accept the condition and Isumi excuses himself. Although they lost to Apple polisher this time round Reon declares he’ll win next time they meet.


First, WOW this is long OTL. Now on to the actual thoughts. I do find that Rio is a huge pushover and doesn’t stand up for herself much but then I remember she’s in high school. Although she’s not a very good role model for girls and it’s not okay to just sit and take it like she does she is very easy to relate to. A lot of girls in high school experience some sort of bullying and feel the need to conform to a certain idea of beauty from a young age. For the majority of girls this game is targeted at they can really put themselves in Rio’s shoes making it easier to immerse themselves in the story and understand her more.

As for the guys, Reon and Tsumugi aren’t exactly nice guys with how they’ve been treating women so far but at the same time the girls they play around with are just like them so it’s too early to say whether they’re truly terrible or not without having played their routes.

It took me AGES to get into this game. I just couldn’t get a feel for it to begin with but somewhere along the way I got sucked in and it actually seems pretty good right now.

I really like JUDGEMENT and when I heard Narumi speak I cried because Aoi Shouta ;;. I’m so mad that Rio became friends with Suzuhara and Asou after what they put her through ugh but I can’t keep complaining it looks like they plan to stick around -.- Also Kuon is such a siscon he’s so cute protecting Towa from his members www.



2 thoughts on “[Summary] Dynamic Chord feat Reve Parfait: Common Route

  1. Hello! Nice job with the summary. I’m using it to clear up any confusion I had while playing, since I’m still learning Japanese. I just started this game, and I quite like it. But I will have to agree with you about the portrayal of females. It’s sad that there are basically only two types of girls in this game: the pushover and the two-faced fake. And what happened to Rio’s friend? I’m pretty sure they’re in the same class, so I love how she just kinda disappeared…I had hoped that she would act as the strong female and defend her friend. Then again, who knows? I’m only half-way through the common route, so I still have a ways to go. Finally, I also wish Aki had his own route! He’s my favorite character 😦 Anyway, good luck with the rest of the game! I’m looking forward to the rest of your summaries (although I’ll be reading them after I completed the route myself). Have a great day and sorry for the wall of text 😀


    • (I’m not very good at replying to people so I apologize in advance >3<)

      I'm glad you're enjoying Dynamic Chord so far ^^
      I had completely forgotten about Rio's friend from the beginning because after her brief appearance at the start I have not seen her since OTL.

      Things do get better for Rio although girls continue to be mean to her throughout the game and she has to sit and take it -3- I really hope you'll stick with it to the end though. It's a game I didn't have high hopes for but ended up thoroughly enjoying ^^

      Everyone seems to want an Aki route! www. I hope they don't do this to any of my favourites in the other DC games ;;

      Good luck to you too and thank you so much for your comment c: I hope you have a wonderful day ^o^

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