[Misc] My year in Otome games: 2014

Hello and happy new year to you all ~☆

A new year means new things and to kick off the year I decided to look back at the otome games that made my 2014 as well as brief look at the games i’m most looking forward to in 2015!

The Good

My favourite of the year has to be Ayakashi Gohan. It’s a truly beautiful game both visually and musically. I could go on and on about how much I love this game but I won’t. I wouldn’t say it’s perfect, even I have a few complaints but they’re small things that get easily cast aside by all things good within this game. Just a word of warning if you do pick up this game, expect lots of feels…and crying.

Although not released in 2014 one of the most enjoyable games i’ve played in 2014 has to be Meiji Tokyo Renka. After a bout of endless misery (Rejet games) I picked up Meikoi because of KENN. I fell in love with the opening songs when I heard them and just had to check the game out. Art wise it wasn’t the best i’ve seen but I did grow to love the art. What really made this game was the characters. Meikoi is hands down one of the funniest games i’ve played and all the characters are overly amusing and charming in their own way. The dummy head mic (particularly in Shunsou’s route) was ABSOLUTELY KILLER. I broke down and flung my PSP across the room TAT

For my final game of the year I guess I should mention a mobile one considering i’ve been playing loads of them lately. The one that seems to stick for me is probably My forged wedding. I can’t say it’s my favourite but it’s one I ALWAYS seem to go back to. I never tire of playing the same routes over and over again. It’s definitely a good starting point for anyone wanting to get into voltage games with it’s diverse cast, and even though the main idea in each of the routes is the same the plots are pretty varied.

The not so good

I was really looking forward to Marginal#4 Idol of Supernova. If you know me you’ll know i’m a huge fan of Marginal 4 and KENN. Perhaps I was overly hyped for this game but it was a little disappointing. I did enjoy this game quite a lot but there were so many things that bothered me. For starters the audio, I was really looking forward to Kira’s route but the voice recording is really badly done to the point where i’m slightly reluctant to play it. I understand that Okawa Genki hasn’t had as much experience in voice acting as the others but you’d think otomate would’ve mixed it a little better or perhaps done a few more takes. It just feels so half heartedly mashed together and really doesn’t do justice for Okawa’s voice.

I also found the game a little repetitive and dull at times going through all their releases but that may have been because of the speed I was playing through them. I did however fall even more in love with the Marginal#4 and Lagrange point boys watching them interact and taking on challengers whether they be personal or work related.

The final game i’d like to mention is -8 (Minus eight). This was another game I was really looking forward to. I was never really a fan of highschool otoges but the art really drew me in and the cast list was impressive. To start with things were going great but as the game went on it just….got boring. I tried so hard to continue but every time I go back to the game i’m usually done with it after a short while. It’s not the worst game i’ve played but it really isn’t my thing. My little sister enjoyed this game a lot but maybe i’m just too old for the generic highschool genre ^^; (the same thing happened when I was playing Starry Sky)

Games of 2015

Naturally i’ll be picking up Meiji Tokyo Renka Twilight Kiss and the upcoming Diabolik lovers games, Ken ga kimi V too. Those aside i’m really looking forward to Reine Des Fleurs.

There are plenty of other games on my to buy list but given the releases i’ve picked up this year I have learnt not to expect too much from games regardless of how beautiful the art is or how impressive the cast is.

Hopefully 2015 will be just as otome filled, if not even more so than 2014 has been!


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