[Summary] Marginal#4 Idol of Supernova: Nomura Aru


Aru’s route done ☆ Warning this summary is RIDICULOUSLY long and I have no idea why OTL. Also I chose to write Aru instead of Aaru because it looks nicer in my opinion.

General Route

The game starts with Yue a worker at Pythagoras entertainment being called in to see the boss lady. She tells Yue that she’s been chosen to manage an idol group and asks her to choose between a new interesting group of boys or the already well established Lagrange point, depending on who you choose depends on which routes you play. Whichever group you do not pick get managed by a senior of yours in the company called Satsuki Chang

M4 Route

The time finally comes to meet the group and boss lady calls the 4 boys in telling them they’ve been chosen to form an idol group. Rui and Atom are REALLY against this, wishing to debut as a solo artist instead whereas the twins act as a duo unit. Aru is less vocal about his displeasure whilst Eru seems to just go along with it. Boss lady tells them this is their last chance to debut and if they don’t take it they get nothing making them reluctantly accept the offer. They’re then told that their debut date, stage and name have already been set thus starting the game.

After this scene you’ll be directed to individual character choices between the four M4 members. Each member has a private and idol route which depend on your choices. There are 4 endings in total, a good and normal ending for each route.

Aru’s Route

The boys start practising right away for their upcoming debut single. Aru seems to be having difficulty with some of the moves and feels even more self concious and nervous with Yue watching. Atom suggests that they all take a break to which Rui remarks that that’s the only thing Atom ever says. Atom then starts to talk about his dreams to which Rui remarks that talk is cheap when Atom doesn’t even put the work in. This leads to the two of them arguing making the others feel awkward. Aru jumps in at this point suggesting a training camp to help them strengthen their bond as a group because he wants them to become more of a group.


During the training camp things aren’t getting any better between Atom and Rui but it’s bearable to say the least. As it starts to get late the others call it a day one by one except Aru who’s still practising. Yue tells him not to stay too long because rest is important before heading back.

Yue arrives early the next day to see everyone there and getting along well. Rui’s helping Aru out and overall the atmosphere is pretty good. Yue’s surprised but relieved that they’re getting on although they won’t say why just simply that they had a long talk last night and it ended up like this.

She decides to head out to pick up a few things for the boys when Aru runs up to her. He wishes to tell her about what they’d discussed last night although they said they wouldn’t say but Aru values her as a part of the group so he wants to tell her anyway. It turns out that Atom and Rui had gotten into a fight last night and somehow it had turned into a heated discussion that resulted in them talking about their hopes and dreams for the group leading to them finding a common ground.

Hearing this makes Yue happy and she asks Aru to continue helping them get along better as a group. Aru says to leave it to him comparing it to quests and guilds within his online games. Although she doesn’t really understand what Aru’s going on about she knows he’ll be a good leader.

Shortly after finishing the training camp there’s not much time until their debut stage. The company boss drops in on them practising to see them perform. Aru messes up from the beginning getting his place wrong and bumping into Atom. They’re told to stop because it’s useless to let them continue like this. Their first stage is approaching and she expects much better from them. Without another word she leaves hoping that they’ll show her something much better next time.

They’re left frustrated and downhearted and call it a night. On the way home Aru asks if they’ll all come over to his to play video games. None of them are particularly up for it with their debut stage coming up all they want to do is get better but he eventually talks them into coming over, seeing as sulking will do them no good if they don’t know where they need improving. Yue feels that it’s good for them to take a break since they’ve been working so hard lately and sees them off but Aru stops her from insisting that she comes along too.

At the twins’ house Aru puts on an action fighting game assigning party members for each of them. One by one they go off doing their own thing fighting monsters and getting themselves killed even after being warned not to run off. Aru being the only one left says that he can’t win on his own and needs all their help asking to try again. He explains what each of their character’s strengths and weaknesses are and by supporting each other they clear the game defeating the boss. By working together they were able to overcome great challenges that they weren’t able to overcome by themselves. He compares Marginal 4 to their in game party saying that as a group they have to stand as one and through the game he was hoping to convey this since he’s not very good with raising his voice or words. All the members understand how Aru feels and the group agree to move forward towards their debut stage as one.

Their debut stage is a big success and shortly after their second single has been decided. Marginal 4 get busy with preparations and getting their name out there. In the dressing room Aru’s lost in his own little world as Yue addresses them. Eru brings him back to the real world and Aru apologizes for not paying attention. Yue notices the sketchbook in his hands and asks if she could see it. Although embarrassed Aru lets her see, he had drawn all the Marginal 4 members. Yue tells him he’s good but he says he’s really not and that he should just stick to it as just a hobby. But even so he’s happy when they all complement his drawings.

Practising for their second single Yue comes in appearing more cheerful than usual. She reveals that a director had approached them wanting Marginal 4 on their show. Ever so happy with more TV work they assume it’s for a music program but Yue reveals it’s actually for a variety show! They’re all in disbelief and seem troubled having never done a variety show before. Although a great chance to get their name out there Atom starts to panic saying he needs to start working on gags right away. Eru comments that Atom and Rui would make a good comedy duo with how they are usually and Rui jokes that he agrees. But Atom’s serious about them doing it leaving Rui speechless. The back and forth between Rui and Atom lighten the atmosphere easing the tension in the room but Aru still seems troubled. Eru reveals that he’s probably thinking that he has no special skills to talk about during the talk segment and he’s right.

Eru says that Aru has games and Yue agrees but Aru feels that it probably isn’t enough or people won’t want to hear him talk about games for too long but the other two disagree. Eru says that Aru’s well known to his fans as a gamer and that as his fans they probably expect and want him to talk about video games. Listening to what Eru has to say Aru decides that he’ll talk about games after all.

On the day of the variety show Aru is still nervous backstage and it’s finally time for Marginal 4’s segment. They’re all told to introduce one by one what speciality they’ll talk about or show. When it gets to Aru he says he’ll be drawing surprising the host who was told beforehand that Aru would be talking about video games.

During Aru’s individual segment he’s so nervous he can barely speak and his drawing doesn’t turn out too well with him running out of time. The host tells him to continue anyway joking that this is Aru’s talent after all before going on to compliment Aru’s work as ‘incredible; to have a flower with legs growing out of it. Unable to hold back the host starts laughing and the crowd joining in hurting Aru who can only laugh along with them.

After the shoot Aru is pretty down. He declines Eru’s invite to hang out after in favour for resting up alone. He runs off to the car before Eru can say any more leaving Eru and Yue worried.

Yue gets a call in the office from the variety show asking for Aru to appear again as an artist. Yue is hesitant to accept the offer but heads to the practice room to ask Aru anyway although deep down she’d rather he didn’t take it.

When she arrives Aru is clearly still down over the TV appearance. Sensing that something’s bothering her Aru approaches and asks if it’s him. Her silence is all he needs to confirm it. Yue reveals that the TV show had asked for Aru to make another appearance following last times good reaction. Aru agrees to take the offer for the sake of making Marginal 4 well know but Yue is still against it although as a manager she knows she should be accept any offer they can get at this stage. Struggling to voice her objections Eru speaks up saying he’s against it. Aru goes on and on about doing it for the sake of Marginal 4 so Eru proposes that they, Marginal 4, vote on the matter. Atom and Rui side with Eru saying that Aru should turn the job down. Seeing as they have to prepare for their single they’re too busy with dance and singing practice so he wouldn’t have the time anyway and skipping them would be no good.

Seeing everyone’s responses Aru turns to Yue and speaks how he really feels apologizing to her because he’d like to refuse the offer. Finally speak his mind makes Yue more than happily to phone back to declines the offer.

On Marginal 4’s day off Yue’s working in her office when she receives a mail from Aru asking if she’s free for a bit to talk so she agrees to meet up. The four of them are waiting for her having finished up at school with the truth being that they had called her out to see them in their uniforms, since she’s never seen them properly and because starting from today Rui would be going to the same school as the others. [Although his first day Atom had already managed to embarrass Rui orz]

Since it’s been a while since they’ve all had time off they ask if Yue would be free to hang out for them. Although she has work she says she can spare a few hours and just finish up later. One by one they name what they want to do but can’t seem to decide on something to do as a group. At that moment Aru receives a text from Kira inviting them to a Lagrange Point live. They all head to the live excited and are blown away by their senior’s flawless performance. Waiting backstage after the show the boys are buzzing with excitement eager to perform again they start to talk about their dreams of becoming top idols just like their seniors. Aru is silent through all of this which Lagrange point notice straight away as they walk into the room.

The next day Aru appears in Yue’s office and asks to talk to her. He wishes to step down as Marginal 4’s leader. Having seen Lagrange point’s live the day before and listening to all the others talk about their dreams he feels unworthy as a leader with no ambitions to work towards he feels that he can’t lead them to the goals they wish to achieve and because of that he wishes to step down. Yue can’t quite believe it and asks Aru if she could think it over for a bit. Aru leaves and Yue quickly gets in touch with Chang and the company head.

They arrange a meeting without the boys to discuss Aru’s future. They consider that perhaps it would be best for Aru to step down. A leader with no drive would be no good for Marginal 4 or Aru. But deep down Yue knows that that’s not entirely true. Aru had previously said he wanted to work hard together as one with his members. The company head reveals that Aru didn’t actually want to be an idol to begin with. Eru had been scouted and Aru just so happened to be there at the time and gotten dragged into it. Yue asks for a little more time before they make a decision.

The practice room is tense with the company head having called the boys there to talk about something. She arrives and Aru feels that it’s probably about him but instead she reveals that they have a job offer. Aru can’t quite believe what he’s hearing but the company head shows no sign that she knows about Aru’s thoughts. Unable to bring it up Aru asks where their manager is instead. The company head reveals that Yue’s not doing to well and has been ordered to rest at home. The boys are quick to worry wishing to see her but the she doesn’t allow it insisting they focus on their job instead. Unable to talk back they are forced to hear her out. The boys have been chosen to take part in a TV show segment where they have to live off 10,000 yen for a week. Seeing the boys worry she tells them that Yue will be fine so they agree to take the job.

During their first day Atom and Rui go out to buy groceries. The twins are slightly worried about Atom but reassure themselves that Rui will keep him in line but when the pair get back all they seem to have is yakuniku. Reality then hits them that this won’t be as easy as they thought. They all start to get disheartened leaving Aru no choice but to step in. He asks Atom if he could have the money and sets to work quickly sectioning up their remaining funds and offering suggestions and alternatives to help them save money. The other 3 are stunned but eager to do whatever Aru says so they can complete the challenge.

With 3 days to go they realize how hard it is even more so without Yue to look after them. Aru suggests they right a letter to cheer Yue up since she’s not doing well. They all agree to the idea and write her a letter asking the company head if she could pass it on to Yue.

As the week comes to an end they arrive on set for the TV recording where they go through their week long ordeal. The host then announces that they successfully completed the challenge and the boys celebrate.


Backstage Yue is waiting to see them. She reveals that there isn’t actually anything wrong with her it was all a lie and she apologizes but the boys are more relieved than anything. She had watched the whole thing and congratulate them on succeeding. All of them say it’s thanks to Aru but Aru says he didn’t do a thing it was everyone’s victory. But the others insist that it couldn’t be done without Aru.

Wrapping up the show the boys go back to training and Yue calls Aru out for a talk. She asks him if he still feels like stepping down as a leader and he doesn’t. He still has a long way to go as leader and although not the best he’ll continue to work harder to become the leader they deserve.

At the studio recording for the second single they take a break to do an interview to which everyone including the interviewer comments on Aru’s change of character saying he’s become more leader like compared to the first single.

Getting back to the office that day Marginal 4 get a job offer for a music program. The company boss doesn’t seem overly keen on it and calls Aru into her office without Yue knowing. She requests that Aru keeps an eye on Yue and avoid leaving her alone with the producer.

At the shoot everything seems fine but near the end the producer in question approaches Yue and gets close. Seeing this Aru interrupts claiming it’s for work related reasons dragging Yue away. He reveals that the company head had asked him to keep an eye on her because they suspect the only reason he’d asked them to appear on the show was just to see her.

Later that night Yue receives a phone call from the producer at work asking to meet up with her to discuss work matters and she agrees going to tell Aru in the practice room before heading over. Aru gets mad unable to understand why Yue would willingly meet up with such a dangerous person. Yue reassures him it’ll be fine because they’re meeting up at the studio but Aru refuses to let her go alone and ends up tagging along.

Things seem shady the moment they arrive at the studio and Yue’s relieved that Aru came along although the producer isn’t too pleased to see him. He asks Yue how she feels about becoming his girlfriend before grabbing her hand. Aru tries to intervene but the producer stops him. Being an influential producer he can make or break artists. If they really want to sell and do well he suggests Aru not interfere and thank their manager later for helping them. Aru jumps in to save Yue refusing the producer’s offer saying he doesn’t need his help for Marginal 4 to become famous.


Grabbing Yue he runs with the producer yelling at them to stop. He vows to stop them get any more work as long as he’s around.

Aru continues to run and Yue stops him suggesting they go back. Aru knows that Yue doesn’t want to and can’t understand why she’d go back. Yue explains that he is a very well know producer and for Marginal 4’s sake she wishes to hear him out but Aru doesn’t want fame like that if it means sacrificing Yue to get it. The pair call it a night and the next day Yue apologizes for causing Aru so much trouble. Aru apologizes too for being so rash but Yue insists that he has nothing to apologize for. He explains that as a man he wants to protect things dear to him.

Boss lady walks into the office whilst they’re talking praising Aru for being able to protect Yue well. She reveals that the producer in question has a reputation for having casual sex with women in exchange for work favours, that’s why she had asked Aru as the leader to look after her.

Time passes since the incident and Marginal 4 are finishing up a photoshoot for their 2nd single. They hold one last live prior to their second single release which goes smoothly. As the live comes to an end someone jumps the stage and lunges for Aru. Shocked security run on stage to apprehend the guy. It’s the producer who’s reputation has been ruined. He blames Aru for all of it so came here with the intention of harming him. Security drag him off and the hall is filled with gossip and panic. Aru recovers the situation by telling the fans not to worry, the guy that had jumped the stage was actually a fan that really wanted to give Aru a present. Hearing this the crowd relaxes.

Yue convinces Aru to go to the hospital to get checked up shortly after and the Marginal 4 boys rush into his hospital room worried. Aru insists that he’s okay and the doctor has given him the all clear so he’ll be going home tonight but they’d all feel much better if he stayed the night. While they’re all talking Yue feels faints losing conciousness.

When she comes around she’s lying in bed with Aru by her side. He was so worried after she passed out he stayed by her side until she woke up. It’s revealed that she’d been overworking herself recently and passed out because of that. Aru fetches the other members who had left the room so Yue could rest and they all insist she stays the night too. But Yue says she has too much work to do to rest. The boys continue to push and Yue has no choice but to give in.

That night Yue and Aru share a room. Aru is too nervous to sleep and ends up staying up the whole night. When Yue awakens the next day she notices how tired Aru is and he says it’s because he’s not used to sleeping in a new environment although the truth is it’s because he’s sharing a room with her.

After that Aru refuses to sleep worried that Yue will start working when he falls asleep but minus her laptop she assures him it won’t happen. In the end he decides not to sleep in case something should happen to her. Yue asks Aru if he’d like her to buy a sketchpad then since he’s not going to sleep and can’t play games. Aru happily says yes and Yue heads out to get one. With the sketchbook in hand Aru looks really happy and Yue can’t wait to see what he draws. He suggests that Yue draws something too and although not that good she decides to give it a try. Looking around the room Yue can’t seem to find anything she wants to draw. Noticing this Aru asks if she’ll draw him and he’ll draw her and so they do so. The boys barge in whilst they’re drawing to see how the pair are doing. When they see that they’re drawing they pester Yue to show them her drawing. Aru tells them that she was drawing him but after seeing it it doesn’t seem quite right…but Aru’s happy anyway considering Yue worked so hard on it. She ends up giving it to Aru who promises to cherish it.


Idol Route

The second single finally gets released and offers begin to flow in along with a third single in the works. Along with the third single Aru gets a solo offer to appear on TV. It appears to be due to his previous variety show appearance. He thinks it through deciding to take the offer leading to the day of recording.

Aru and Yue arrive abroad and with time to spare before recording so they take a look around. Aru gets really excited and really wants to draw fortunately for him Yue brought his sketchbook along. Whilst Aru is drawing a Japanese man approaches him and compliments his drawing. Aru is happy and the man stays with them until Aru finishes. When finished the man asks if he could have the drawing. Aru is hesitant because Yue really likes his drawing and he’s never shown his art to anyone besides her and his members but with a little more persuasion he hands it over. The man then asks Aru if he could sign it as an artist signing his work is a part of it so Aru does and the man leaves happy.

They head back to the hotel after and shooting goes smoothly. With filming over a staff member approaches Yue and asks if it would be possible to get Aru to draw something referring back to incident on the variety show he featured in. Yue doesn’t particularly want to but with the constant pleading she says she’ll talk to Aru. Because it’s for work Aru agrees to do it telling Yue not to worry. He finishes it handing it over to the staff who are amazed at how good he is compared to that time. With that everyone finishes up and heads back to Japan.

The day after they get back they get called into the boss’ office along with the other members to try on their Masquerade outfits. Unlike before preparations for the 3rd single are moving ahead at lightening speed to get this new different image out. Besides this the company head has something else to discuss and hands over a letter for Aru.

The letter, from a foreign country appears to be an invitation to a fancy dress party abroad thanking Aru for giving someone a drawing. Thinking back Yue and Aru remember the old man they encountered whilst abroad and it starts to make sense. As to how he knew how to contact them, Aru recalls signing his work with his name.

With their third single coming up so soon Aru says he can’t afford to go with rehearsals and preparations going on but they all talk Aru into going and so he decides to but the invitation says to bring a girl with him. Yue being the only girl they really know gets asked to go with him and she agrees. The next problem is coming up with a costume in such a short time. Yue suggests that he could wear his masquerade outfit so they go with that.


When they get there Aru is nervous but quickly gets over it admiring all the art and décor. They enjoy the party unable to find the old man and just as they’re leaving the old man runs after them.

He asks Aru if he’d consider enrolling at his academy. He’s aware that Aru’s an idol but feels that Aru is a talented artist and it would be a waste not to showcase his talents. He tells Aru he doesn’t have to decide now but Aru’s already made his mind up. Aru declines the man’s offer saying he’s more than happy as an idol along with his members. The old man understands but refuses to give up, his doors will always be open should Aru choose to change his mind in the future.

Normal ending: Arriving back in Japan everyone bombards Aru with questions about the party. Aru doesn’t bring up the academy offer and had asked Yue before hand not to mention it because it’ll worry every one.

Yue checks Skitter which seems to be busier than usual, news is circulating amongst the fans claiming that Aru will be withdrawing from Marginal 4. Yue heads to the practice room to find the other members questioning Aru. Atom had heard from Skitter about the news including Aru getting offered a place at the academy. Eru tells Atom to calm down and allow Aru to explain himself. Aru tells them how he had turned down the offer because Marginal 4 is what’s most important to him at this moment in time. He didn’t want to worry the members so he didn’t mention it because he’d already turned it down.

With everything cleared up they have to decide what to do next. Atom talks about how fans have been fighting on Skitter, some claiming that Aru is quitting because of the other members.

They all gather at the boss’ office to discuss the matter and Aru apologizes for not saying anything explaining that he had told Yue not to tell everyone. The company head then suggests they do a press conference to clear up the misunderstanding. Yue suggests that they announce their third single. Given the amount of attention they’re getting right now it would be a good thing to steer their attention into a better light.

Those at the press conference can’t quite believe what they’re hearing as Aru goes on to introduce their third single. The press start to question Aru on the studying abroad matter to which Aru refuses to talk about it having come here today as Marginal 4’s leader.


They continue to press Aru on the matter but he declines to comment. When asked what his members mean to him Aru says they mean everything to him and they have a dream together that they aim to achieve hoping that their fans will stand by them.

Good ending: Aru is still thinking about the offer the old man gave him back at the hotel. Yue and Aru tune into the program Marginal 4 are appearing on without him back in Japan. Overall they aren’t as coordinated as usual without Aru but they manage fine.

When they get back to Japan Aru tells them about the old man and how he’d offered Aru a position studying abroad. He then tells them that he’s turned down the offer because it’s his dream to stand upon the best stage as Marginal 4.

Working towards their dream stage they begin recording for their third single. Shortly after recording they have an interview where Aru mentions their dreams of performing at a famous stage (I can’t remember the name sorry >.<). The interviewer believes in Marginal 4 and feels that they’ll get there one day. Aru thanks him for his support and promises an invite when the day comes.

Yue receives a message from the company head on day asking to see Aru in her office regarding a job offer. When they arrive they’re greeted with men that wish to make Aru and Marginal 4’s dream of performing at that big stage true.

Everything gets confirmed and the time comes when Aru is allowed to break the news to his members. First up he announces their best of album but there’s more, they’ll be performing on the stage of their dreams.

On the day of the concert, surrounded by a sea of penlights, Marginal 4 takes to the stage.


In the epilogue they’ve just finished their concert and backstage they have a special guest. Aru had invited the old man that they had met overseas. He explains that no matter what he wanted the old man to see them at their best and says it’s thanks to the old man that he’s standing here. When he had offered Aru the opportunity to study abroad it got Aru thinking about his own hopes and dreams. It was then he realized that this is what he wanted.

The man compliments them on their performance making Aru happy but this isn’t the end they’ll get even bigger and more famous aiming for the top.

Private Route

Since she passed out Aru has been helping out a lot more. He doesn’t want Yue to push herself too hard and end up in hospital again so he offers a hand whenever he can.

Aru gets a solo TV offer but because it’s in a different region of Japan and the other members still have their schedules back here he’ll have to go alone without Yue. A little reluctant to go Eru asks if Aru would rather turn down the job offer, but for the group’s sake he’ll take it making the others promise not to cause Yue too much trouble while he’s gone.

It’s the day of recording and Yue sees Aru off. He makes her promise not to push herself too hard. But with Aru gone Yue’s running around doing the boys odd jobs and favours. She thinks back to what Aru said and decides to takes a short break worrying about how Aru’s doing on his own.

The day of Aru’s return arrives and they’re all waiting at the company. Everyone’s happy to see Aru but looking over to Yue he notices something’s not quite right. With a hand on her forehead he deducts that she has a fever.


The others hadn’t noticed up until now and Yue insists that she’s fine but Aru doesn’t buy it. He reminds her that he made her promised not to push herself too hard on numerous occasions before he left. Eru has to jump in to stop Aru from getting too carried away. Aru apologizes then leaves. Yue goes to run after him but Eru stops her. Saying it’s probably best to leave him alone for a while.

Having escaped to the park Aru feels bad for how he’d spoken to Yue. He didn’t mean to be so harsh he was just worried. He really wanted to be more gentle. This was the first time he wasn’t able to control his own feelings. Something’s not quite right with him but dismisses it as being caring towards their manager.

The next day Yue is feeling better and even the staff around her can tell she looks better. Aru spots her in the hallway and asks to have a word. He’s still worried about Yue considering how she was yesterday and insists that she should go home and rest. Yue thanks him for his concern but she has too much work to do to just go home for the day. She tells him not to worry, she’s feeling better. Left with no choice Aru goes to talk to the company head.

In the morning Yue gets called in to see the boss. She reveals that Aru had come to her and requested that Yue gets time off as their manager. Even the company head feels like Yue should rest up and tells her to get well soon so she can return to Marginal 4 but until then Chang will watch over them.

Aru can’t help but worrying about Yue even though she’s at home resting. By this point Eru’s realized that Aru has feelings for Yue since she’s all he can think about with this in mind Eru gives Aru a push in the right direction.

Yue decides to go out for the day to get some fresh air and overhears a group of Marginal 4 fans talking. Missing the boys she sends them a mail to see how they’re doing and heads back. On her way home she notices that her key is missing and goes back to the park to look for it. With things getting late she calls Aru but hangs up. Aru calls her back asking what’s wrong. She tells him it’s nothing really and apologizes for calling him. Aru asks her to stop lying to him and to tell him the truth because if she doesn’t he won’t be able to focus at work. Yue caves and tells him the truth. Upon hearing this Aru tells her to wait at a local cafe whilst he finishes up at work then hangs up.

Aru offers to stay with Yue until the locks have been changed and she can get back into her house. But Yue reveals that they won’t be able to change the locks until tomorrow so Aru asks if she’d like to spend the night at his house. Yue panics and somehow ends up agreeing to spending the night at Aru’s house.

Normal ending: They arrive at Aru’s house and Aru goes to call on Eru to tell him that Yue will be staying the night but Eru doesn’t seem to be in. It turns out Eru’s at Atom’s house. Flustered Aru explains that there’s two rooms so she doesn’t have to worry and that she can use his room and with that he leaves. Yue can overhear Aru on the phone to Eru asking him to come home soon. Eru understands how he feels and that’s why he can’t be alone with Yue because he likes her.

Realizing that Yue might be able to hear Aru ends his call with Eru and asks to come in. Yue panics trying to remain calm as Aru comes in. He asks her if she heard what he said but Yue denies hearing anything and things become awkward between the two of them as they try to find things to talk about.

Aru ends up confessing saying he got mad at her because he was worried. It’s because he likes her that he worries so much and is always watching out for her. Yue doesn’t know quite know how to react and says that maybe she should stay the night at a hotel instead but Aru stops her because it’s dangerous this late out. He promises not to say any more so she should stay the night.

The next day Yue’s finally able to get back into her apartment and starts to think about what Aru said the night before. She eventually returns back to work and gets called into the boss’ office where it’s revealed that Marginal 4’s third single has been decided on, although she had probably heard by now. It’s an important time for the boys and she expects management to be on top form so she’s counting on Yue. With such an important time coming up Yue feels like she needs to sort things out with Aru soon.

She calls Aru to a cafe and reveals her true feelings. She likes Aru but it won’t work out because he’s an idol and she’s his manager. Aru refuses to accept this reasoning but Yue explains that they’ll continue to get busier with the third single coming up and that they wouldn’t have any time to date between working and resting. Because she wants to see Marginal 4 rise to the top she can’t date Aru right now. She’ll keep her feelings to herself and work hard to get them to where they deserve.

When they reach the top if Aru still feels this way she’ll consider her feelings once more. Aru understands and says that when that day comes he’ll take her away so until then he asks her to wait for him.


Good Ending: At Aru’s house Aru prepares Yue hot milk to help her relax. Yue comments on how welcoming and nice Aru’s house feels and notices that Eru doesn’t seem to be around. Aru tells her that he’s spending the night at Atom’s house making Yue very self concious of the fact it’s just the two of them.

Yue apologizes for what happened and for not looking after herself properly after all of Aru’s constant reminding. Even though she promised him she ended up sick and caused everyone trouble. Aru tells her there’s nothing to apologize for as long as she starts to value herself more.

Aru tells Yue that he’s constantly thinking about her. Up until now he didn’t know why but now he’s certain it’s because he likes her. He kisses Yue on the forehead saying he’ll wait for her reply before leaving the room for the night.


Morning comes and Yue has spent the whole night thinking about Aru. Aru comes in having prepared breakfast for them both, they sit down and eat together.

Finally able to go home with thoughts of last night still lingering, Yue starts to think back to all the times Aru has been there for her. She returns to work where everyone is glad to see her back to her usual self. In the office she’s making small mistakes, her mind too preoccupied with Aru’s confession. The company head notices that she looks troubled and asks if something happened whilst she was away. Yue opens up to her and tells her about Aru’s confession. She hears Yue out and asks if it would be okay if Yue wasn’t Aru’s manager then. After talking it through Yue decides it’s time to face Aru and phones him up, the pair agree on the park.

Aru comes running and Yue gets straight to the point. After Aru’s confession she had thought about it a lot and now she’d finally come to a decision. She’s quitting as a manger, she’ll be working as the boss’ secretary instead. She’ll no longer be Marginal 4’s manager but she’ll still be by Aru’s side. She’s sorry it took so long but she likes Aru.

Lost for words Aru can’t quite believe this is actually happening. When he finally comes around he’s overcome by joy and embraces Yue confessing over and over before kissing her. He then asks if he may kiss her again and she lets him. Kissing her he tells her he loves her once more.

In the epilogue Marginal 4 are busy with work but Aru finally has a day off so they arranges to meet up. The pair choose to go on a walk through the park with Mayuge. Holding hands Aru promises to always protect Yue because he’s her knight.



Compared to Eru and Rui, Aru’s private normal ending is actually really cute. Where as the other two made me cry TAT.

I’m not gonna lie I got bored near the end of the Idol route. The Private endings were a bit similar too. The overall route was cute but it wasn’t as good as Eru and Rui’s routes sadly.

The highlight of this route for me was seeing Mayuge (Idk why but I have a strong attachment to the twins’ dog OTL)

I don’t really have much else to say apart from MUST PROTECT ARU TAT. Oh and I got really mad at Yue during the sleazy producer arc -3-


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