[Summary] Meiji Tokyo Renka: Izumi Kyoka


For lots of reasons I wasn’t able to get this out as fast as I wanted to but I finally finished Kyoka’s route! It’s the usual short summary followed by review at the bottom ^^

I went into this route expecting to fall for him straight away (a friend on twitter said i’d probably throw Shunsou away once i’ve played Kyoka’s route). Surprisingly it did not go this way but instead I have a lot to say about this route.


“To cut the main plot short. Our heroine Mei runs into a weird magician during a festival called Charlie who puts her in a trunk that sends her back in time. Awakening in the Meiji era minus her memories she’s greeted once again by Charlie. The pair hungry and penniless sneak into a party hoping to find food and instead end up running into all sorts of people.

Mei insists on Charlie sending her back but he can’t and she has to wait until the next full moon. Charlie disappears for the most of it after that OTL” [Copied from my Shunsou review]

With Charlie gone and Goto hot on her tail Mei turns to Otojirou and Kyoka for help. Otojirou unable to leave a damsel in distress is right on it causing a ruckus with Goto. Before things can escalate Kyoka steps in cutting the lights and telling Mei to run.

Mei does so ending up far away with nowhere to go. She runs into a woman who takes her in simply referring to herself as oneesan. Oneesan works as a geisha at a bar (not quite a bar but restaurant wouldn’t be correct either….perhaps pub?) where she later on gets Mei a job there working as a waitress. (It’s later revealed that oneesan is actually Otojirou dressed up as a woman.)

It’s at this bar that she meets Kyoka a young play writer who’s afraid of; germs, dogs, thunder, etc. An acquaintance of Otojirou he dislikes unfamiliar people touching him and doesn’t take too kindly to Mei to start with.


All that aside he loves rabbits and is accompanied everywhere by a mononoke in the form of a white rabbit given to him by his deceased mother. Like Mei he is a tamayori.

One day Mei is out and about town with Otojirou when they run into Kyoka. Using Kyoka’s fear of dogs against him Otojirou suggests that Mei accompanies Kyoka around for a bit because there’s a pretty big dog lurking about (there isn’t) whilst he goes off to which Kyoka reluctantly agrees to. From then on the pair have many instances where Mei runs into Kyoka and the pair end up spending time together.

On one occasion Mei ends up following Kyoka to a lake. Kyoka spots her and tells her to reveal herself. Coming out of hiding Kyoka decided to tell her the reason behind him frequently visiting this lake. It turns out a mononoke in the form of a dragon had escaped from one of his play scripts and he was trying to get it back. Every night he’d visit the lake singing to the spirit hoping it would return to his script but it was no use.

One day having been chased by Goto, Mei ends up by at the lake with Kyoka. This time the dragon spirit appears in the form woman.


Kyoka tells the spirit to return through him and commands Mei to stay back whilst the spirit charges at him. Unable to watch Mei runs to Kyoka’s side and everything goes dark. Shiro usagi appears at this time and guides Mei back to Kyoka’s side before disappearing. The spirit returns in the end and that puts an end to the main plot.

Having been caught up in all the commotion the pair completely forgot that Goto had been chasing them. Hastily they dive into a love hotel to hide where things get awkward.  It’s here that he finally confesses to her.


Somewhere during Kyoka’s route Mei confines in him and tells him the truth about her situation. As he starts to fall for her he tells her not to go back and to stay in the Meiji era with him instead.

The route concludes with the return of shiro usagi. Mei points out that Shiro usagi has returned to Kyoka’s side but Kyoka’s lost his tamayori powers making him unable to see mononoke but even so he tell her it’s okay, he can feel Shiro usagi’s presence.

Stay ending: Mei still works at the Geisha bar but Otojirou no longer does and travels Japan working as an actor instead. One day he stops by to see Mei and Kyoka bringing gifts from his latest travels. As usual he gets far to drunk and goes into over protective Father mode. Shortly after he leaves for American to explore the world (revealed in a letter Kyoka gives Mei a little later on).

It is the night before their wedding and Mei walks through the park on her way home from work. Suddenly she starts crying unable to figure out why she gets hit on by a sleazy old man. Kyoka shows up saving her from the guy and starts to lecture her on the dangers of wandering around alone when he notices she’s crying. He starts to panic and frantically blubbers on in an attempt to make her stop but Mei just keeps crying. Regardless he tells her it’s too late to back out of the marriage, even if she cries they’re still getting married tomorrow. Mei then realises she may have marriage blues. Kyoka really doesn’t get what this marriage blues thing is and Mei elaborates explaining that it’s essentially a mixture of nerves, worries and a general sense of unease. Kyoka tells then he has ‘marriage blues’ to, much to Mei’s surprise. But it’ll be okay because they’ll have each other.

Come the day of the wedding everything goes well and the game ends with the two of them posing for a wedding photo together~

Go back ending: No longer in the Meiji era 3 years go by. Kyoka is now a famous play writer and the couple are walking hand and hand down the street reminiscing. Kyoka talks about how this road holds fond memories for the two but Mei had forgotten. Kyoka gets mad at her for forgetting after they promised to remember but caves in eventually forgiving her.


Bad ending: Like in Shunsou’s route Mei meets up with Charlie at the festival. Having made her decision she goes back into town looking for Kyoka to say goodbye. He tells her not to go and asks her if she remembers the promise she made not to leave him. Reluctantly they part ways and Mei returns to the future.


I went into this route expecting A LOT. I knew he was going to be a cute tsundere mess and indeed he was. Unlike Shunsou’s route I did not fall in love with him immediately, he was more of cute little brother but as the game went on I gradually fell in love with Kyoka’s character. I could really see the progression of Mei and Kyoka’s relationship it all seemed very natural and well paced. This made the route very nice to play and the bad ending even more painful.

The dummy head mic in this route isn’t as well utilised compared to Shunsou’s route but there are a few good dummy head mic scenes (all of them in the latter half of the route).

I really liked Kyoka he’s adorable and his love for bunnies is on par with Shunsou’s love for Cats. There’s one scene where Mei and Kyoka go shopping together and she points out a store with lots of cute bunny accessories. Kyoka goes mad and buys pretty much everything www

As for the other characters I don’t remember running into Ogai or Shunsou at all. You run into Goto a few times, never usually a good thing, often involves running away. And you come across Yakumo a couple of times but that aside it’s pretty much all Kyoka and Otojirou.

The soundtrack in Kyoka’s route is equally as nice as Shunsou’s and I found myself singing tora tora a lot OTL

CG wise you get the same amount and as for the Japanese I found Kyoka’s route harder? It could just be because I was always playing at 3am but I definitely found Shunsou’s route easier language wise.


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