[Summary] Meiji Tokyo Renka: Hishida Shunsou


Shunsou is EASILY in my top 5 otoge men. Wow dummy head mics are deadly OTL Short summary followed by thoughts and a review at the bottom ^^ It’s more of a general review of the game rather than Shunsou’s route though >.<; MeiKoi is by far one of the most enjoyable games i’ve played in a while. It hasn’t got a lot of plot but what it lacks in plot it makes up with fun and amusing characters. Summary

To cut the main plot short. Our heroine Mei runs into a weird magician during a festival called Charlie who puts her in a trunk that sends her back in time. Awakening in the Meiji era minus her memories she’s greeted once again by Charlie. The pair hungry and penniless sneak into a party hoping to find food and instead end up running into all sorts of people.

Mei insists on Charlie sending her back but he can’t and she has to wait until the next full moon. Charlie disappears for the most of it after that OTL


[At the party Mei accidentally bumps into Ogai, quite literally. Through a series of events -and Charlie abandoning her- she ends up living at Ogai’s house]

Now onto a quick summary of Shunsou’s route and endings. Shunsou is an artist that lives with Ogai Mori. His art style is often criticized but he’s really good! He has a huge obsession with cats even if he won’t openly admit it image

and one day the cat he’s drawing disappears (the actual picture not the cat). It’s taken on the form of a spirit escaping from the picture and for some reason it keeps appearing in Mei’s room before disappearing off into the night. image

Mei spends a lot of time chasing after this cat when she realizes that she can see spirits. But although she can see them Shunsou can not. (In the end the drawing remains unfinished, although by that point it’s no longer needed and Shunsou ends up drawing Mei instead).

Later on Ogai asks Mei to pretend to be his fiancée to get his family off his back and enters her in a beauty pageant to prove her worth as his bride. Along the way Shunsou realises he’s in love with Mei again something he won’t openly admit but Ogai knows and spends a lot of his route winding the poor boy up and getting close to Mei just to annoy Shunsou, of course he means no harm though and often gives Shunsou a push when needed so the couple can have alone time.

Come the day of the pageant Mei unfortunately loses out to another girl but Ogai won’t accept this and insists that Mei should’ve won. Even though she lost Ogai says he’ll still marry Mei. Unable to take it anymore Shunsou grabs Mei’s hand and the two run off together. It’s then Shunsou confesses his feelings for Mei and the two live happily ever after, or so you’d think.

It turns out Shunsou’s sight hasn’t been too well lately but he refuses to go get it checked out because he’s scared. In both good endings his sight gets better thankfully ^^

Stay ending –

Shunsou and Mei set off to America together because Shunsou can’t bare being apart from Mei for a whole year (In the bonus scene he has her up against the wall and even asks her to marry him //flings self at Shunsou). image

There’s a really cute part where Shunsou’s all pouty because Mei was calling out another man’s name in her dreams (It’s only Charlie though www) and Ogai’s parting words were something along the lines of “If you ever get sick of Shunsou feel free to come back and live with me”…Shunsou was not impressed.

Go back ending –

The pair are seen together in a park with Shunsou going crazy for all the stray cats photographing them left right and centre. Mei gets pouty because Shunsou’s so preoccupied with the cats but he fixes that with lots of kisses and cute word. The scene ends with the pair taking a photo together.

Bad ending –  /final ending/why does this even exist ending. Mei runs back to find Shunsou and tells him she’s remembered everything. Shunsou tells her that truthfully he had hoped she’d never remember because then she wouldn’t have to leave him. It’s a bitter sweet goodbye as he tells Mei that he loves her before she returns to the park and Charlie sends her back to her time. Life goes on with Shunsou and Ogai realising how quiet it’s become now Mei’s gone //flips tables.


I really enjoyed Shunsou’s route, some of my favourite scenes include Shunsou’s telling of his first time meeting Ogai (The guy practically chased him naked around the house www) and the first time Mei runs into him outside the house being enchanted by the beauty of a stray cat (his obsession with cats is really cute too gosh he’s like a kid in a candy store).

The use of the dummy head mic in Shunsou’s route is really well executed. I was so broken every time KENN started whispering in my ear it was worse than when I played Diabolik lovers. I was such a fangirling mess OTL.

The only thing that ruined it for me was the kira kira stars that would appear right before the start of a dummy head mic scene. I could not stop laughing to begin with, it just seemed so cheesy but I got used to eventually and surrendered myself to KENN.

Unrelated to Shunsou there’s a really cute scene where Mei encounters Kyoka who’s pleading for his life because he’s afraid of dogs. The pup is TINY but he won’t thank Mei or admit he’s scared of them instead he totally bigs himself up until Mei’s like “Well maybe I should let the dog loose” to which Kyoka goes back to being a cowering little shota pup.

You don’t really encounter the others much in the game after the initial party, besides Ogai. I remember encountering the other guys only once each outside of the party x.x

CG wise there is quite a fair amount given the length of the game although the art is a little sub par compared to games from labels such as Otomate and Rejet but I really like it. Plus the soundtrack is REALLY nice, possibly my favourite.

Japanese wise the game is on the more difficult side in my opinion. Sometimes the kanji was near impossible to read and a few of the words and terms used went straight pass me. Fortunately they provide a nice little dictionary and I have my own trusty dictionary so it isn’t too bad. It’s definitely not a game I would recommend to beginners in Japanese but if you really want to i’d say go for it!


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